SDCC Armchair Coverage:
NECA Preview Night

As I mentioned in my “What I Want to See” article the other day, NECA was the company I would be really looking forward to when I was watching the SDCC Coverage. Even with just the Preview Night reveals alone, they didn’t disappoint!

The Dutch & Alien figures I reviewed for NECA Week are some of the best toys I’ve purchased this all year. So much so that I even bought a second, Muddy Dutch. I didn’t think I’d need two Dutch figures, but along comes Preview Night and I find myself wanting a third Dutch. I don’t know what to call it? I think I’ve read Thermal Image Dutch. Basically, it’s Dutch as seen through the Predator’s infrared mask. More to the point, it looks like a figure made entirely of Trix Yogurt and it’s a figure that really separates the fans who know how to have fun from those that don’t (and I sincerely hope there are more of us who know how to have fun)!

And don’t think we’re done with Dutch just yet, as a Dutch & Jungle Hunter 2pk is also on the way as a TRU Exclusive. The 2pk is pretty much a “Final Battle” 2pk and will featured bloodied decos of the two figures. Two more Predators rounded out the Wednesday night reveals including Wasp from Dead End and a Battle Armor Lost Predator.

After I calmed down from my Trix Yogurt Dutch high, there were also some new Aliens figures on display. Some we knew about previously like the Marine vs Alien 2pks which will feature the Marines and Battle-Damaged Xenomorphs (they look pretty cool to me). But we did see some new figures as well, a light-up egg with a bendy facehugger, a bluish-tinted Xenomorph repaint, an all-new figure based on the Alien from the original movie, and Colonial Marine Sgt. Craig Windrix. Er… who? In what is easily the best story from SDCC so far, this new Colonial Marine a tribute figure to NECA sculptor Randy Windrix’s brother, who is battling stage 4 stomach cancer. AFi is reporting that Aliens is Craig’s favorite movie and that NECA got special permission from Fox to included him in the line as a Colonial Marine. Is there any doubt left that the folks at NECA are amazingly cool?

Since next year is the 35th Anniversary of the original Alien film, we will see more product based solely on that classic. We already mentioned the all-new original Alien, but there was a teaser in NECA’s booth as well: Jonesy the cat. Who will Jonesy be included with? I’d hate to get my hopes up, and I’ll take just about any of the Nostromos crew, but I think we all knew who we’d like that cat to come up with. Hopefully, we’ll know before the weekend is up.

I’m going to skip ahead to one of my favorite things that I’ve seen so far at the con: the quarter-scale figures. NECA’s been doing a killer job with these oversized figures and this year’s crop is on different. Dutch & the Elder Predator are joining the group along with some new Avengers (Thor & Battle Damaged Iron Man), and I’m still ready to buy the Keaton Batman the first day he’s available! The real gem this time is the ’66 Batman though. I really want a nice version of the Adam West Batman on my shelves. I found out this week that I won’t be getting it from Mattel in 6″ form, so do I go Hot Toys or NECA’s quarter scale? Both are gorgeous and NECA would be better for my wallet..

Gremlins & Pacific Rim figures were also on display. I’m not as well versed on what NECA’s been working on for those two properties, but I can’t argue that the 18″ Gipsy Danger looks amazing. And if I were collecting Gremlins, I imagine I’d be a happy camper!

There was plenty more on display at the NECA booth that I’m not covering here, so here’s a list of links with some great NECA coverage!

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7 thoughts on “SDCC Armchair Coverage:
NECA Preview Night

  1. I’m all for fun toys. If Thermal Image Dutch had come out back in ’87, kids would’ve been nuts about him! Heck, even the Neon swords included in the upcoming MOTUC Weapons Pak can be viewed as “what if He-Man had still been around in ’93?” Toys need to be fun and that’s what we’re looking at here.

    Kudos to NECA and Fox for making the Craig Windrix figure happen. It’s stuff like that which makes me damn proud to be a collector.

  2. I have up until now never heard of Trix Yoghurt, I now find myself simultaneously intrigued and repulsed.

  3. Dammit, NECA! Don’t you know I don’t have enough money for you, too?!

    Seriously, that Thermal Dutch literally made me say “wow…” as I stared into my monitor on Wednesday night. The recent Predator series have been phenomenal and it looks like they’re not going to let up any time soon. NECA was a company I was aware of, but wasn’t on my radar until they released RoboCop figures. Now I have there figures all over the place, including Rocky figures for my brother.

    In fact, they’re the only company that has sold me on SDCC exclusives this year. I ordered the Albino Pred (to go with Big Red) and the NES Jason the first night they were made available! Needless to say, I’m in for the Wasp Pred, thermal Dutch and several of the Aliens releases.

    AND I still have to figure out a way to fit ED-209 into the budget. First world problems…

    1. Oh, as far as Adam West Batman goes… um, yeah, Mattel hooked me in. It was their Batmobile. How can you resist it?!

  4. I really hope their 1/4 scale figures are amazing as that’d be a great way to get Keaton Batman and West Batman without breaking the bank at Hot Toys.

  5. I thought that was a cosplayer for a second on that West/’66 Batman head. I had to scroll down some more to see his shoulder joint to make sure. 😉

    (Whatever happened to Mauled Vader, anyway? I forgot his real name and was going to ask Scott Rogers if that was him and his son/Robin he snapped a pic of on the floor.)

  6. The reveals of “in progress” stuff Randy threw down in this Pixel Dan interview pretty much ripped loose a synapse or two:

    So NECA has 1/4 scale Avengers Hulk (in scale), Arkham City Origins Batman and LEDGER JOKER in the works? (Well yes, Hulk was already rumored.) I haven’t bought a 1/4 NECA figure yet, but Ledger Joker is a must and possibly Thor and the others may push me. For those of us that can’t always foot a Hot Toys bill all the time, these are a great alternative.

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