Ask Matty
August 16th Edition

Ask Matty – Aug 16th Edition

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ItsAllTrue.Net: Since GB2 Winston (w/ slimeblower) appears to be a WIP can we expect to see the full chest harness for the slimeblower on the final figure?

We’ll have the harness on the 12” but not the 6” at this time.

ItsAllTrue.Net: The proton streams look fantastic, but what about previously released figures? Will Mattel offer extra proton streams (either as pack-ins or separately) for the figures that we’ve already bought?

We would love to get to a GB “Weapon Pack” down the road, but nothing right now. It would be great once we have enough gear.

MOTUClassics.Com:We love the Roboto attachments in Trap Jaw’s colors, but it begs the question will we ever see Trap Jaw’s accessories in Roboto’s colors? For that matter, will 2011 have a weapons pak?

We very well could do Trap Jaw’s weapons in Roboto’s colors. There’s nothing to announce yet and no news on a 2011 Weapon Pak, but maybe down the road.

DCClassics.Com: Will the Tuxedo Joker shown at Comicon simply be a black repaint a la Alex Ross or is there some hope for a Red Hood accessory?

All of the TRU All-Star figures are repaints only. No room for tooling right now, but a great suggestion for down the road!

DCClassics.Com: With SDCC revealing the last of the 2010 product, the Super Powers lineup is still one short of being complete. What happened to Samurai?

Our Super Powers tribute is far from over…

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21 thoughts on “Ask Matty
August 16th Edition

  1. On that last answer, did someone put the answer guy and a magic 8-ball in one ofd the teleportation machines from the fly?

  2. Ha! Now I’m really glad I didn’t sign up for club Ecto-1.

    Thanks for keeping the line subpar, Matty.

  3. Just proves how dedicated to existing tooling mattel is. Can’t even glue a new chest on winston. This is why we have shitty RGB figures. ugh. and i’m the a-hole buying lab coat ray today. f*** me.

      1. Are you a subscribed a-hole too? I feel like we need a support group. I can’t vent on the GB boards, because there if you don’t love something that’s ghostbusters your obviously not a fan.

  4. The GB line is the worst line ever.

    The Super Powers tribute is far from over could mean Samurai is infinitely delayed right?

    1. Seconded! I don’t need figures based on how different artists draw the same character. Leave those kinds of variants to DC Direct.

  5. Yep, Matty continues to reinforce my dropping of GB.

    “Hey fans! Keep buying all of our mediocre figures. Buy enough mediocre figures and you MAY be able to eventually cobble together ONE decent set of four GBs. Stay tuned!”

  6. Hey Mattel! You are doing the same thing to Ghostbusters that you did to MOTU 200X! THAT didn’t work so well either! If you make WANTABLE figures then people will WANT them! If you make crappy variants, then they won’t, and your line will fail. HOW HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED THIS BY NOW?!?!?!?! WHY ARE YOU STILL IN BUSINESS?!?!?!?!

    1. Barbie and Hot Wheels is why they’re still in business. All this “action figure” nonsense is just a sideline.

  7. I guess that question about re-using the Public Enemies buck comes next time…maybe?

  8. This was posted elsewhere but is pretty interesting. They won’t be reissuing She-Ra even with the 18 minute sellout because the extra figures being sold at SDCC year didn’t sell out. Trap Jaw sold out one minute longer and is getting a reissue this month. Yet they give us this excuse of not MattyCollector and Comic Con booth sales as the reason for not reissuing She-Ra. I think both are very much fan anticipated figures, it makes no sense to not reissue her.

    Some people have also concluded they may start lowering production runs again. All the non-subscribers are going to get ticked as usual.

    I guess Moss Man and Evil Lyn are the only real guaranteed reissues of regular figures now with sellouts in less than 10 minutes. That is if they start selling magically found extra stock at cons between now and next year.

  9. from experience the wonder:
    “DC Super Friends > Any plans or interest in producing a blank female buck for your Super Friends line? One key member is missing from the set.

    Right now Super Friends is found in the Imaginex Fisher-Price line and females really are not big with the infant age group for which this line is targeted. We understand some collectors also buy this line, but they make up a small segment of the Imaginex customers compared to moms and kids. Females are tough for us to do in a line like this. Maybe one day. ”

    now, this leads me to 2 questions:
    kids aren’t generally in the know of characters outside batman and superman at imaginex recommended age range… they are as aware as their parents make them. this is part of the problem w/ kids toys ranges, we as adults are told kids won’t play w/ them so toys can’t be made, but toys that don’t get made CAN’T be played with!

    2) isn’t this precisely the kind of scenario that mattycollector is for?

  10. There were pretty babes in the DC sections at SDCC trying to convince people to buy Ecto-1 subs. I wanted to find-out how great the subs really are but I wasn’t convinced at all. And it wasn’t the babe’s fault, she didn’t have much material to work with anyway. How can you possibly talk people into being forced to buy the same figure over and over, and not even be able to answer a potential customer’s questions because they weren’t informed? Har harrrr

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