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Love him or hate him, Mo-Larr has joined the ranks of MOTU Classics. If we have to take sides, I’m Pro-Mo-Larr. I have to be – some of my favorite MOTU characters are giant bees, cowboys, elephant firefighters, and glowing skeletons. How could I turn away from an Eternian Dentist?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I take He-Man seriously. I mean you have to – he can kick my ass – but the Classics line is about fun. Being a creation of the television show Robot Chicken and not Mattel, I understand the folks that don’t think Mo-Larr belongs. Those fans look at MOTUC like I do DC Classics. With the Green Lantern Classics sub-line, the Four Horsemen are being given an amazing opportunity to create a brand new Red Lantern for the second wave. That’s awesome. I know they’ll do a great job and I’m sure I’ll want it as soon as I see it. But there’s a lot of GL characters that I’d like to have and I think I’m always going to feel like the 4H Red Lantern stole their spot if some of them don’t make it. I suppose that’s how some people might feel about Mo-Larr. But just like I will enjoy the 4H’s Red Lantern, I hope everyone will come around to Mo-Larr.

One other thing I want to get out of the way in the beginning of this review is Skeletor. As happy as I am to own Mo-Larr, I feel a bit taken for my money since he came in a $40 2pk with a Skeletor. Skeletor does feature a new toothless head (which is funny), but he’s otherwise identical to the original release . I think Mattel would have been better served to charge $20-25 for Mo-Larr and toss in just the new Skeletor head and save fans some money. On that same note, I love the packaging and I’m going to make use of it for this review as Mo-Larr’s office (it’s really part of Snake Mountain). So while I wish Skeletor hadn’t been included and the price been upped to $40, I do have to say that I appreciate the overall piece as a collectible.

Like most MOTU figures, Mo-Larr is built economically. He’s primarily a He-Man buck with Hordak’s gloves and features a new lab coat along with a unique head. The lab coat is made of a pliable plastic similar to the Adora dress. It does limit the articulation, but no more than the dresses and some of the armors in the past. It’s got plenty of detail, front and back, and fits right in with the line. Some customizers will be able to make some good use out of this piece.

The head sculpt is perfect. Throughout the line, the 4H have had to update older sculpts and give them more realistic details. With Mo-Larr, his new head certainly gives him more personality than his Robot Chicken counterpart. He seems friendlier somehow and I couldn’t help but make him a nicer guy for this review. At the same time, the sculpt says to me that he could go rogue at any minute and then Grizzlor better watch out…

Mo-Larr included five accessories: drill, mirror, forceps, probe, & floss. The floss is the first accessory that jumps out at me. I like it , but there are two negatives: Mo-Larr can’t hold it and that the rope/floss is just loosely placed inside instead of being on a spool. I still like it; I just wish it were a little better. Continue to Page Two for more accessories, articulation, and paint.

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Mo-Larr Review

  1. I have to say it: if Mo-Larr had been around originally or in ’02 as opposed to first introduced in a lame Robot Chicken sketch, I’d have picked him up in a heartbeat.

    I think the joke captions you did were funnier than what Robot Chicken did.

    And yeah, I’m not too keen on a 4H concept Red Lantern CnC; I want a reason to want the piece; now if it were Sinestro Corps Anti-Monitor, I’d be sold in a heartbeat! πŸ˜€

  2. I haven’t gotten mine yet.. but I agree, I think he’s a great inclusion to a toy line with names like Buzz-Off, Stinkor and Man-E-Faces (who’s an actor.. so why not a dentist)

    if anything, I just wish there was actually a dentist chair and not just “chip art”

  3. I think your point about leaving Skeletor out of the equation is pretty much universal fact. I waffled long and hard about Mr. Dentist-Man on order day (which equates to about .5 milliseconds in Matty time), but in the end, I couldn’t bring myself to pay another $20 for another Skeletor. If Mo-Larr was by himself, or even if they just included the gag Skeletor head as an accessory, I’d have done it.

    They probably would have gotten tons of customizers into it too. That corny head could work as an Eternian lawyer, game-show host, realtor, car salesman, spiritual advisor, life coach…

    1. I’m going to put his head on a wwe agression body with suit to make a new Horde member – “SIN-A-TOR” Evil master of Legislation!

    2. Yeah, my only real problem was the double price for Skeletor AND the killing they have to be making charging $20 for these guys with the production has to be 2-3 times higher than when they decided the MSRP needed to be $20…

  4. I just about had a fit when I read the initially released $50 price. $40 is appropriate for the amount you get and it is a huge box, but the content is limited by how useful another Skeletor and a one time joke character are.

    I’m glad I got it though. I haven’t opened it yet, but my Skeletor’s face is almost entirely green, reminding me of how I lucked out with the regular version.

    It’s a dumb complaint, but despite its show accuracy, the giant white tooth could use some yellow highlights.

  5. I gotta say Noisy, that if I had a website like this one, and your talent for concocting hilarious strips, then Mo-Larr would’ve been an easy purchase. πŸ˜‰

    But “Eternian dentists” aren’t a necessary part of the MotUniverse by any stretch of the imagination.

    I don’t want an “Eternian candy shop owner” either.

  6. I took the skelator out of the package pop’ed his head off and switched it with the old one that i had… the ankles and joints were much tighter and he actually stands up… i then put the new head on the old skelator and put him back in the dentist chair because i think it looks better in the box.. and now my skelator wont be taking a nosedive every time the AC kicks on

    1. I use the TRU Skeletor as my main Skelly – I just love his colors, so I can’t switch anything with it. I did steal Keldor’s cape for him though! πŸ˜€

      And it does look really good in the box…

  7. LOL! Awesome work, ND.

    I think I would have been better served by buying this set instead of Orko. The Orko/Adam set is cool and all, but it’s not my favorite part of the mythology and I think the “Classics” Orko doesn’t fit-in with the rest of the line. He looks too cartoony to me.

    Anyway, I think the idea of Mo-Larr with just “Missing Tooth” Skeletor’s head would have been a much better deal. I already have 2 Skelz, couldn’t justify the cost for a third.

  8. Mo-Larr’s thought commentary was the greatest you’ve done yet!! I’m at work and had a co-worker give me an odd look for laughing as hard as I was.

    1. Well, I think some people take MOTU seriously and there’s just not room for them to have as much fun with as some others can have. I can understand that.

      1. Or, conversely, we LIKE to have fun, and too much silliness ruins that fun. πŸ˜‰

        The same way pee, fart, and dog-humping jokes ruin it for TF fans who want a fun movie. :p

  9. Looks like Nurse Adora is a hit!
    Was she pre-planned for this or a quickie custom for this bit?

  10. Great review. My Mo-Larr just got here today! I haven’t opened him yet, but the packaging is kinda cool.

  11. Mo-Larr is awesome (mine had ankles looser than a Drunk Count Marzo) and all of his weapons with black handles leave black chips on his hands…
    SkeleBenoit on the other hand had really tight ankles, but weak knees.

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