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Robot Chicken's Mo-Larr, the Eternian Dentist

I’m just going to leave this here:

16 comments to Robot Chicken’s Mo-Larr, the Eternian Dentist

  • Hank Henshaw

    Why are you just leaving this here?

  • Doormatador

    I don’t get it either.

  • TomB68

    I’m stumped. Did you find this funny?

  • App Jaw

    Overnight, there was a lot of rumor and speculation about the celebrity SDCC exclusive and the Noisy Devil must know something or he wouldn’t show us the video.

    I’m not upset by it, but I hope they don’t make him with a cloth costume. No cloth in the classics line please. And they need to offer it on MattyCollector.

  • Jor-El

    He-Man.org guys reckon someone mentioned it at the show as an Adult Swim/Mattel SDCC exclusive.

    Not a bad idea for an exclusive, because you can take it or leave it. Much better than having an uber-hard to get exclusive of say, I don’t know… Gleek. 😛

  • If this is happening it will be an Adult Swim exclusive, not a Mattel exclusive in the same way the AFX has their own SDCC figures each year.

  • RageTreb

    If this was the celebrity exclusive, I would be EXTREMELY happy as I’ve been considering making a Mo-Larr custom but had not idea where to start.

  • Ebonhorn

    I’ll sign up for one right now….

  • JediCreeper

    oh yeah… sign me up… I’d happily buy an eternian dentist… and I hope the WWE exclusive is Dr. Issac Yankem DDS (he was a wrestling dentist.. played by the man who is now Kane, no less)

  • Arnote

    This would be awesome.

  • I’d get that figure even with my eyes closed and my wallet covered in finger-eating leeches.

    The only question I have is where will he go in the display? Dentists ARE evil, so he must be an evil warrior… But on the other hand he fights Skeletor… Hmm Decisions, decisions…

  • Victorina

    Thank you for the information provided. I hate my stained teeth and this has given me ideas to do something about it!