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Gallery 1988: Great artwork, some hints, new accessories, and the May Club Eternia Figure!

Last week, many fans were anxiously awaiting the opening of G88’s MOTU Art Show on Friday night due to a tip from Matty that one of two SDCC Exclusive figures would be revealed there. Unfortunately, Matty informed us on Friday morning that a complication had arisen and that SDCC reveal would not be possible. Luckily, Mattel was able to recover and did not disappoint – unless you’re one of those folks that takes the term “Classics” literally when it comes to MOTU Classics! We at IAT see the entire line and all past incarnations as one giant MOTUverse and we’re not afraid to say we were excitedly exchanging texts and phone calls as the images rolled in. Let’s just say Matty gave us more than a few goodies to make up for the missing SDCC figure.

First up, Evil Lyn was on display with additional accessories. The previously revealed dagger, long staff, and short staff were present, but there were two orb tips shown in the display when she is believed to only come with one. I could be wrong, but the orbs in the display look bigger than the ones shown in ToyFare. She will also include Screech (the 4th repaint of the Mattel eagle/falcon) along with his harness and perch.

The second, and biggest, surprise was the previously unrevealed May figure being part of the display. We now know that May’s Club Eternia figure will be Optikk from the New Adventures of He-Man! So far, fan reaction has been split. While some fans are unhappy with any New Adventures characters being included, many fans, like us, were excited by the reveal. Frankly, he looks great. Hise distinctive look seems to have been captured well with smart re-use of Trap Jaw parts along with some new pieces. Judging from the images, he will include an updated version of his classic “Photon Neutralizer Gun” and two interchangeable eyes (heads?), one with a green iris and one with orange.

Finally, the last suprise the cases contained was four accessories from figures that will be coming soon to MattyCollector.Com: two shields, a vial, and a power sword. The first shield is a dead ringer for an updated version of She-Ra’s shield. The vial most likely belongs to Keldor. The power sword, cast in a gold/yellow (clear?)color could possibly indicate a Thunder Punch or Laser Power release of He-Man, but that seems doubtful with Battle Armor He-Mancoming out this month. I think there’s more to the sword that just another He-Man version. The second shield, however, was not as readily identifiable. It’s the basic He-Man shield, cast in gray or metallic silver plastic with black-painted rivets and white-painted insets. Fan speculation has ranged from it being one of the tweaked King Grayskull accessories to it simply being part of the proposed weapons pack. We’re not sure either. If fans don’t come up with the identity on their own, we’ll likely know in about five weeks at New York Toy Fair.

For pictures from the event we recommend ActionFigureInsider and we thank them for their coverage. If you’re a member of He-Man.Org, you can also view this thread at He-Man.Org for a few more angles as well as some great shots of the artwork from the show. Credit for those images goes to Man-At-Arms-Length of He-Man.Org who was also kind enough to loan us the picture of Optikk here to the right. Thanks again, MAAL!

We’d also like to thank Mattel for saving the night from being a disappointment after they were unable to show the SDCC figure. I don’t know if the items we saw were last minute replacements or they were always planned to be there, but either way they really turned the night back around and gave us a little taste of SDCC in January. A big thank you to all the folks at Mattel involved with MOTU Classics!

And, as always, this latest information has been added to our MOTU Classics Checklist and Reviews page.

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