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Fun Facts about the Four
Horsemen’s Raven Kickstarter!

Power Lords: Next Big Thing
from the Four Horsemen!

Remember a few months back there was that strange teaser about the possibility of Power Lords returning? Well, that big ol’ doomsday clock has reached zero and the curtain has been lifted. Power Lords will be making a triumphant return to collector’s shelves in 2013 courtesy of

Four Horsemen Update:
FanEx, SDCC, New Site, & More


The Four Horsemen are nearing the end of their tenth year in business, and they’re gearing up to make the next year one of their most productive years ever! Not only are they going to continue to handle the creative duties on Mattel’s DC Universe Classics,

DCUC15 Added to the Checklist! (Large Images)


After months of rumors and speculation, Mattel has revealed the details on DCUC15.

DC Classics 16 Pre-Orders & Green Lantern Classics??


BBTS and ETC are were taking pre-orders for DCUC16 (DCUC15 will be unveiled in a few days). Interestingly, these pre-orders are for a set of 7 or a case of 8 with one All-Star, so we’ll be seeing some changes to how the waves are

Who are The Outer Space Men?


This weekend, the Four Horsemen announced the acquisition of their first license, The Outer Space Men. The 4H provided some images of the figures in the line and, as usual, amazed us with their work. While we were looking at all the pretty pictures though,

Four Horsemen acquire
their first licensed property…


Forty-two years ago the space race between the United States and Russia was in full swing, and a full wave of action figures known as “The Outer Space Men” was released that caught the imagination of a generation. Although the initial salvo of characters was

Ask Matty - May 1st Edition


Ask MattyMay 1st, 2010

DC Direct Blackest Night Series 7 & 8


As part of Monday’s DC solicits, DC Direct announced two new waves of Blackest Night figures, wave seven in November and wave eight in December. With wave six already on the schedule for November 3rd, that’s going to make for an avalanche of new

Ask Matty - April 15th Edition


Ask MattyApril 15th, 2010

Attack of the Show - Mattel SDCC Exclusives, Part I


Attack of the Show’s Blair Butler visited Mattel to find out what they have in store for Comic-Con 2010 and it’s a doozy. Part I of that exclusive is available now…

Ask Matty - March 15th Edition

Ask MattyMarch 15th, 2010

Merry Moss
Man Day!

It’s finally time to order those authentic Moss Man ear muffs, now only available with the “small quantity” of Moss Man that come with flocked ears! I have no idea what will happen today. Mattel says that “server capacity has been taken to the

Matty's Full March-June Schedule! Hordak, Mer-Man, & Faker Reissues

On the MattyCollector News page, Matty has updated their full March through June schedule. Most of it is the same, but we do get our first word of reissues for Hordak, Mer-Man, and Faker.

I spy... Optikk in Package - Update with Vintage Bio

Early this morning on Facebook, Matty showed pictures ofOptikk in package along with our first look at his bio…

Toy Run #3: Case of the DC Classics TRU Exclusive Batman (Review)


You know the drill. You get up and you think you could get lucky today. You get ready and put on some nice clothes so you can at least feel presentable if you happen to get checked out. You hop in the car and travel

DCUC Checklist – Wave
14 Added & Wave 12 News

Matty on Facebook: Evil Lyn in Package!

Today on Facebook, Mattel posted images of the April Club Eternia figure, Evil Lyn:

Ask Matty - January 15th Edition

Ask MattyJanuary 15th, 2010

It's Adora Day! And that means IAT added a... forum?

To MOTUC Collectors across the globe, I wish you a Happy Adora Day! Or is it a Happy Battle Armor He-Man Day? Not to knock the Princess, as I’m happy to get her, but this is the “Sellout Race” I’ve been most curious about since SDCC and,

Matty on Facebook: A Tale of Subscription and Bonus Figures in MOTUC

Today on Facebook, Matty made a few statements about the role of the bonus figures in MOTUC. The full quote is available after the jump, but here’s the gist:

Gallery 1988: Great artwork, some hints, new accessories, and the May Club Eternia Figure!

Last week, many fans were anxiously awaiting the opening of G88’s MOTU Art Show on Friday night due to a tip from Matty that one of two SDCC Exclusive figures would be revealed there. Unfortunately, Matty informed us on Friday morning that a complication had arisen and

MOTU Classics: Where's the King?

Here at IAT, we split up our MOTU ordering duties this month. I paid for the subscription Randors and Vaulted ordered the Goddesses. Both of our orders were shipped to us on Wednesday and they should arrive here tomorrow. We happily thought that King Randor went

Matty on Facebook: DC 2010 Packaging

Matty:“Hey DC toy fans!

As we get close to 2010 we wanted to reveal the all new look for DC Universe toys from Mattel! Every DC Universe Classic and Infinite Hero figure in 2010 will be in an all new package which will include a DC

Matty on Facebook: Some Skeletors Missed the Boat

SKELETOR UPDATE: To let all He-Fan knows, not all units of old bonehead arrived in time for yesterday’s sale. While this shipment of Skeletor sold out in record time, we’ve now confirmed more are coming (similar to Mer-Man back in April). Hopefully the remaining order will be here in first

DC Classics Wave 13 – Retailer Images

BBTS has placed Wave 13 sets and singles up for pre-order as well as providing images of the figures. I’ve grouped the images together below and resized them evenly, but scale may not be accurately represented.

I have one nitpick that I have to point out. For

Four Horsemen Holiday Sale & Swimsuit Queen Alluxandra

The Four Horsemen have a great sale going on at their online store, StoreHorsemen, that will be active until the end of the year. And, just in time for Christmas, they’ve added a new variant of Queen Alluxandra in swimsuit attire!

ToyFare 150: Blackest Night is the DC Direct line that won't die

ToyFare #150 went on sale yesterday (12/9) and among it’s pages we saw the world premiere of MOTUC Evil Lyn, some future Wal-Mart exclusives DC 2pks (via ActionFigurePics.Com), and an article on the future of the DC Direct Blackest Night line (be sure to

Matty on Facebook: Wave 11 Slightly Delayed, MOTUC & DCUC News in ToyFare #150

Yesterday on Facebook, Matty brought us up to speed on DCUC Wave 11

Ask Matty - December 1st Edition

Ask MattyDecember 1st, 2010

Dark Knight toys headed back to Retail

Mattel has provided an update on the future of the Movie Masters Dark Knight line:

Packaged Wave 11

If you’re one of the lucky few that is caught up on DC Classics (Ha!), your vacation is coming to an end. Thanks to Fwoosher tsr, ActionFigurePics has a first look at the packaged figures from wave eleven. Now, these have not hit retail yet, but soon, fellow collectors, soon…

Ask Matty - November 2nd Edition

Ask Matty November 2nd, 2010

Matty on Facebook: DC Classics 2010 Fan's Choice Figure Announced

Last night on Facebook, sandwiched between a litany of unhappy Teela buyers, Matty revealed the winner of ToyFare’s 2010 Fan’s Choice Poll…

Ask Matty
October 15th Edition

Ask Matty October 15th, 2010

Mr. Rant to
Playmates: “Do It Right!”

Some of the bigger news popping up from the 2009 Dallas Toy Fair, you know, the one not meant for us to see, is the announcement that Playmates is going to continue and expand the Star Trek license. For those who hadn’t seen the news yet,

Ask Matty
October 1st Edition

Ask MattyOctober 1st, 2010

Matty on Facebook: Goddess Revealed

Today on Facebook, Mattel posted images of the December Masters of the Universe bonus figure, the Goddess! And we were in for a little surprise in regards to her color palette. Her bio and some commentary after the jump…

DC Classics Updates
and a Gleek Mini-Review

Some folks tend to avoid the internet on the weekends. If you’re one of them and you collect DC Classics, you might have missed a few important news items. On Thursday, we relayed Matty’s message about DCUC9 shortages and then watched as the prices on eBay climbed

Matty on Facebook: 2009 Updated Shipping Schedule

On Facebook, Matty has updated their shipping schedule for the rest of the year. There’s a lot of moves, but we’ve got all the new dates on our MattyCalendar Release Schedule. The most notable changes are the Color of Fear 2pk and 12″ Egon Spengler being moved from October back

Matty on Facebook: A Vision of Scareglow

Today on Facebook, Mattel posted images of the November Masters of the Universe figure, Scareglow!

IAT on the Road: GI Joe Con ’09
Kansas City – Final Round Up!

JoeCon is over and the ItsAllTrueCrew couldn’t have had a better time. From the parachute drop, to the various panels, to some of the coolest new Joes, and to meeting Larry Hama, it was really one thrill after another. We’ve got pictures from all the major

IAT on the Road: GI Joe Con 2009
International Jump Jet 2pk Review

When the ItsAllTrue crew decided to hit up JoeCon, we weren’t thinking about exclusives. We knew about the Crimson Strike Team and we liked it, but they were out of our price range. We’d seen the promotion images for the other exclusives, but as we packed up and made the

ItsAllTrue.Net on the Road:
GI Joe Con 2009 – Hasbro Panel

We had a great time at Friday’s Joe Con, but probably the most exciting part was the Hasbro panel. Here’s my rundown of what was revealed and the details on some of the awesome figures we’ll be seeing into next year.

For those of you who haven’t

Kansas City here we come!
GI Joe Con 2009!!

Today, we’re suspending our normal features. We’ll bring you more SDCC Exclusive goodness tomorrow and into next week. Friday Five will return in seven days. Why you ask? Well, the ItsAllTrueCrew is heading for Kansas City to attend JoeCon 2009!

But we’re not going to leave

Matty on Facebook:
Packaged Wave 10 Photos

Amid all the flocking discussion today, Matty posted a tidbit about the future of DC Classics Wave 9 (& beyond) on MattyCollector.Com:

DCIH Crisis 4pk & JLU
Shazam 4pk – On-Sale Aug 17th!

Mattel has given the release dates for the 4-figure Crisis of Infinite Heroes set.

ItsAllTrue Overseas: Tokyo Figure Show

Our partner site in Japan, Tokyo VR Studio, has provided us with more of their unique coverage. This time they’ve taken their cameras to the 2009 Tokyo Figure Show.

The 2009 Tokyo Figure show is a showcase put together by dannychoo.com to help showcase

Mr. Rant says I thought we were past “female figures don’t sell”.

Apparently, it’s 1950 and boys don’t play with girl action figures. At least, that’s the way Mattel still sees it for a few of their lines.

If you are a fan of the Secret Saturdays or Batman: Brave and the Bold, don’t get your hopes

ItsAllTrue Overseas: A Unique View of Wonder Festival 2009

ItsAllTrue.Net has partnered with Tokyo VR Studio to bring a unique view of Wonder Festival 2009 to our readers. Tokyo VR Studio specializes in high-quality virtual tours and they’ve brought their equipment to WonderFest to get us as close to being there as is possible over

SDCC Armchair
Coverage RoundUp

Do you find yourself back at work on Monday morning after a long toynews binge? Not sure if you might have missed something important while you were reeling from another panel’s announcements? It’sAllTrue.net has you covered.

First, we’d like to thank everyone that kept checking in

SDCC Thurs RoundUp – Armchair Coverage Day 2

With Preview night being the first reveal of new product and Fri/Sat hosting most of the panels, Thursday seems to have gotten a little lost in terms of new links. And if you’re a regular over at AFI, they’re dealing with a DDoS attack. If you can’t

Matty on Facebook: Live
MOTU Sculpting Event at SDCC

Go! Figure’s Tokyo
Toy Show 2009 Coverage

Matty on Facebook:
MOTU Subscription Details

Matty on Facebook:
SDCC Update

MOTU Classics:
It’s Duncan Day!

DCUC: The Price
Ascent Begins…

Wonder Twins
Packaging from SDCC

TheFwoosh has the names for
this years DCUC Fan’s Choice