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DC Classics 16 Pre-Orders & Green Lantern Classics??

BBTS and ETC are were taking pre-orders for DCUC16 (DCUC15 will be unveiled in a few days). Interestingly, these pre-orders are for a set of 7 or a case of 8 with one All-Star, so we’ll be seeing some changes to how the waves are constructed. But, perhaps more interesting, is the now removed pre-order for Green Lantern Classics. Though things can change at any time, this assortment looks to be six figures (8 to a case), DCUC compatible, and will include a Collect & Connect. Expect details of these assortments to be revealed at SDCC and released in the Fall. Needless to say, we’re excited. We just hope it can be Crabmask time now…

27 comments to DC Classics 16 Pre-Orders & Green Lantern Classics??

  • Adrian


  • HalJordanFan

    I have been saying they could do this since day one. There are simply too many GLs then could fit into the DC Classics line normally. This is the same thing as why the Batman and Superman families are only well-fleshed out because of of the S3 line that came before. Hopefully, Mattel can keep GLC going on through the movie’s release next year. 4-5 waves of all Green Lanterns and their villains will make me one happy collector.

    Any bets on Arkillo for the first C&C?

  • Kilodog

    I am all over these!

    Also, limiting the waves to less figures is GREAT. That will really help when you have a chance to buy the whole wave at once.

    • I agree. It sucks that I’ll be spending the same money as before with less figures, but keeping it under $100 per wave is a welcome change.

  • Keith

    But how are they gonna make Mogo in just six C&C pieces? 😛

    • An in-scale Mogo would be hundreds of miles in diameter. Failing that, they should probably skip him. 😉

      Maybe they can make a Marble one and we can say it’s really, really, really far in the back and pretend it’s in scale.

  • HeFan026

    Are these going to be based on the movie though? I can’t get excited by Mattel sight unseen.

  • dayraven

    dudes, if the GLCU uses the DCUC bucks, you guys should boycott both products barring a return to 12 dollars a pop… or maybe 10. cuz essentially, they’re doubling the output on existing molds, which should half the costs… but i’d bet my left nut the price tag won’t budge one red cent.

  • Teamon

    That logo is awesome!

  • Oh come on, No REAL super hero would ever wear a crab mask. 😛

  • Nicholai

    Even if they’re going to have movie based figures I’ll be happy since just like Iron Man and the other Marvel movies they’ll undoubtedly have “comic” characters and designs too which I can then put together with my DCUC collection.

  • JediCreeper

    this should be interesting… but see… I want some of the smaller guys too.. ch’p, dex-tar, leezl-pon (who would be pretty small, being a superintelligent strain of smallpox..) also.. if I don’t finally get a green man figure, I’ll be pissed…

  • Lay Ze-Man

    Looking forward to more GLs, they are fun as heck to collect and make for an awesome team display that’s hard to rival!

  • GL’s WOOOOOOT. This will undoubtedly make me wish I was rich

  • Snowglare

    I hope this somehow gets us a singlecarded Guy. Maybe a modern version with Red Lantern variant?

  • Chris

    the fact that the Atom was included with the Giganta series gives me hope for the smaller pack in figures.