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Outer Space Men Infinity
Gamma-X, Fourth Dimension Review


Last Days for SDCC Gothitropolis Ravens Pre-Order

Checklist Updates!
Star Wars, 4 Horsemen, Ghostbusters, & Batman

Superdoug: Power Lords
Ggripptogg & Grabbtargg!


Adam Power &
Lord Power Review


Outer Space Men Infinity
Jack Asteroid Review


Power Lords Ophidian
& Slate Zone Soldiers


Ggripptogg & Ggrapptikk
Grunts Review


Outer Space Men Infinity
Colossus Rex Review


Four Horsemen Interview:
4″ Scale Mythic Legions!

2013 Galactic Holiday Outer
Space Men Available Now

Power Lords Elite Soldier
& Power Soldier Review


4H Reveal PowerCon
Power Lords Exclusives

Fun Facts about the Four
Horsemen’s Raven Kickstarter!

Outer Space Men Waves 6 & 7:
Alpha Phase Pre-Order

Outer Space Men Cyclops
Review (Infinity Edition)

While I’ve been busy rushing my way through 2013 (April? Really?) one thing that’s fallen by the wayside is our Glyos & OSM coverage. While I still owe them a review for two of the 4H Cosmic Creator figures (Sorry, guys!), the 4H were kind

Closer Look at Four Horsemen’s
Upcoming Ravens Figures

I’ve been eagerly anticipating the Four Horsemen’s Raven ever since seeing the first images of the gray prototype. Sure he makes a great addition to Scarabus and the expanding world of Gothitropolis, but damn if he isn’t just a fantastic looking figure all

Toypocalypse 3: ExtraTOYrrestrial
Armchair Coverage

While technically not part of a Toy Fair proper, Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse 3: has quickly become one of the most anticipated parts of the weekend. I’m honestly sadder I missed it again this year than Toy Fair itself. I made it up for it by finding

Power Lords: Next Big Thing
from the Four Horsemen!

Remember a few months back there was that strange teaser about the possibility of Power Lords returning? Well, that big ol’ doomsday clock has reached zero and the curtain has been lifted. Power Lords will be making a triumphant return to collector’s shelves in 2013 courtesy of

NYCC 2012 Outer Space Men Beta
Phase Available for Pre-Order

I’m running a little behind this week. Someone told me it was October the other day (I’m still pretty sure they’re wrong), but I digress… This weekend, the Four Horsemen put up a pre-order for the newest Outer Space Men, the NYCC 2012 Beta Phase versions

New York Comic Con 2012:
Armchair Coverage Round-Up

Another convention has come & gone and that means it’s time for a little Armchair Coverage here at IAT! I was away this weekend, but I came home & dived in to the news, taking some notes along the way. Some lines had big news

Vault Review: Outer Space Men
Infinity 2.0 Waves 1 & 2 (21 pics)


My last review of the week is the 2.0 Infinity Edition of the first two waves of OSM. These are a reissue of the four figures that started the line. You may not notice it right away, but there are some subtle changes that

Outer Space Men: SDCC Alpha
Phase Wave 5 & Cyclops Review

I’ve gotten behind on indy, “Seventh Market” stuff of late. To counteract that, we’ve got a Week of Glyos-Related reviews scheduled, but I still wanted to get to one for Reviewapalooza. The Four Horsemen must’ve read my mind, as they sent over some review samples of the

4H Say ‘Some’, Design Says ‘Two’

Amid the excitement over the possibility of the DKR Batman utilizing a MOTUC buck, I was privately getting worried that we were setting ourselves up. Unable to determine scale, I thought we might just be looking at a new “chunky” DC buck. I’m happy to report that

Vault Review:
MOTU Classics Draego-Man


We’re a little behind on our MOTU reviews, so I thought I’d end this week with a look at the first figure in the 30th Anniversary sub-line: Draego-Man! This guy so impressive, he’s easily become one of my favorite figures in the line

Outer Space Men Cosmic Creators
Series: Birnkrant Edition (21 Pics)

You’d be forgiven if you thought Seventh Market Thursday reviews were all going to be Glyos reviews. The January & March drops have swelled my Glyos collection quite a bit, but the Seventh Market is a big umbrella and one of my favorite things under it is

Four Horsemen Announce
New Outer Space Men Releases

I lost track of time while working on the site redesign, so there’s no 7th Market review this week, but I do have some exciting news to share. The Four Horsemen recently updated their site with the announcement of three new Outer Space Men waves (and a

Birnkrant Edition Outer Space
Men: Available Monday Night!

If you’re like me and were unable to attend the Four Horsemen’s Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro Gallery earlier this month, then you also missed out on a set of exclusive Outer Space Men figures. Luckily, this set, featuring new color schemes by the legendary Mel Birnkrant, is making

Outer Space Men Wave 4 Review
& Toypocalypse News! (20+ Pics)

With Toypocalypse just a few days away, the 4H have announced an OSM poster featuring all thirteen characters… could it be that the final three will be unveiled at the show? I’m getting a little ahead of myself though- I still need to review Wave 4 featuring

Outer Space Men Wave 3 Comet
& Mystron Review (20 Pics)

It looks like we made it! No, I’m not singing along with Barry Manilow (not that I’ll admit to anyway), but Review-A-Palooza concludes with our tenth review and we saved a pretty sweet set of toys for last: the Infinity Editions of Outer Space Men Wave 3:

Spy Monkey Creations
Armory Series 1 Review

Over the weekend, Spy Monkey Creations officially unveiled their all-new weapons lineup for 2012 featuring Glyos compatibility. While the new swag won’t be on sale until February 3rd, the gang over at Spy Monkey Creations was kind enough to send a set of SMC Armory Series 1

2011 Retrospective:
Highlights & Disappointments

Our 2nd installment in the IAT 2011 Retrospective is here: Highlights & Disappointments. Instead of doing separate lists, Vault and I tried a more back-and-forth round table article about what we liked and what we didn’t. It was an interesting effort, even though there wasn’t much

2011 Retrospective:
Our Five Favorite Figures

This week, Vault & I will be looking back at the figures of 2011, what we enjoyed, and what we didn’t. Today, we’re kicking things off with a simple top ten. Vault and I have split the duties, each crafting a list of our five favorite

Outer Space Men Waves 3 & 4
Galactic Holiday Edition (18 Pics)


I was hoping this Christmas would see another release of OSM with vac-metal accessories. I loved the 2010 set and was excited at the prospect of Waves 3 and 4, with their much cooler weapons cache, getting the same treatment. The Horsemen didn’t disappoint, but… lavender

Bubble Power She-Ra (2.0) Review


DC Classics.Com Batman Legacy
Batgirl & Catman Review


Last week, I’d planned to do a big write-up on Batman Legacy Wave 2, but the Golden Age Batman stole the spotlight during the photo session and he scored his own review. Now, it’s time to finish off the assortment with a quick look at the Silver

Spy Monkey Creations 2012
Teaser #3 added to Virtual Builder

Updated 12/13! Last summer, the folks over at Spy Monkey Creations put their storefront on hold while they made plans to retool their product line and expand their operation for 2012. As the New Year draws nearer, some teases for 2012 are starting to pop on

Four Horsemen Announce Galactic
Holiday Outer Space Men Waves

Waves 3 & 4 of the Galactic Holiday Outer Space Men figures have shipped from the Four Horsemen’s factory and are scheduled to arrive in their New Jersey warehouse late next week, so they’re going to be taking pre-orders at Store Horsemen for them beginning Monday, December

Snout Spout Review


4 Horsemen: Gothitropolis Busts,
OSM News, & Cyber Monday Sale!

Four Horsemen Studios has three big announcements for you this weekend: the first packaged shots of the Outer Space Men Waves 3 & 4 (Cmdr Comet, Mystron, Electron+, & Alpha 7), an all-new line of made to order Gothitropolis Busts, & a giant Cyber Monday Sale at

MOTU Classics.Com:
Man-E-Faces Review


As most of you know, Matty’s August high jinks cost us our Club Eternia subscriptions here at IAT, not to mention the August items, Man-E-Faces & Megator. With so many new toys being released since then, Man-E-Faces fell by the wayside until an IAT reader wrote in

Infinity Edition Outer Space
Men Waves 3 & 4 Pre-Order

While we happily snapped up the Alpha & Beta Phase versions of the third and fourth waves of Outer Space Men, we’ve been (somewhat) patiently waiting for the much anticipated, fully painted, Infinity Editions! The pre-orders for the full color set kick off Friday night in a

NYCC Exc. Beta Phase Outer Space
Men Waves 3 & 4 (20+ Pics!)


It wasn’t that long ago that convention exclusives were a rare commodity. These days, collectors have to plan for multiple exclusives from multiple shows. It kinda sucks, but I do enjoy when we get cool toys for our trouble. Case in point: the NYCC 2011 Exclusive Beta

SDCC Exclusive Alpha Phase
Outer Space Men Waves 3 & 4

Admittedly, I’m a little behind on reviews. I’ve got a few I’ve wanted to get to for awhile, but my schedule’s been rather hectic since SDCC. Yeah… I’ve still got SDCC Exclusive reviews… scary, huh? Let’s knock one off the list today: Alpha Phase Outer Space Men

MOTUClassics.com Vault
Review: Hurricane Hordak


Each of us have that one specific character we can’t wait to be recreated in the Classics line. Believe it or not, Hurricane Hordak is the figure I’ve been anxiously anticipating since the very beginning. I just never expected him to be released so soon

Vault Review: Megator


August’s bonus MOTU Classics release gives us Megator. Now Tytus finally has someone to spar with and we get to add one more soldier to our Preternian Horde army. We also get an alternate head based on his zombified resurrection in modern Eternia. Now if he

Scarabus Week, Day Five:
Haures & Azazel


Day Five of Scarabus Week is here! Today instead of focusing on a particular aspect and ending on the figures, I’m going to start off with some thoughts on Haures & Azazel and then move into some final thoughts on all the figures, some images of

Scarabus Week, Day Four:
Melchom & Nergall (18 Pics)


Day Four of Scarabus Week focuses on accessories! Some of you might have noticed that I did a little rewrite to the Day 3 review because I wasn’t satisfied with it. I realized the pictures could tell the story without my commentary. So today, I’ve decided

Scarabus Week, Day Three:
Thothos & Horos


Day Three arrives and there’s been a slight change in plans. I absconded to the studio late last night to take pictures of Horos & Thothos for the paint article, but the colorful figures had other plans. They (or maybe me) wanted to focus on articulation

Scarabus Week, Day Two:
Demon Fire & Dormant Form


Day Two of Scarabus week may be running a bit late, but I hope you won’t mind once you see the pictures. Today, I’m focusing on the sculpt and since that’s the one aspect that any picture can show, I thought I’d try & spice this

Scarabus Week, Day One:
Scarabus & Anubos


Do you remember the last time you were captivated by a new toy? I don’t mean rediscovering MOTU in its Classics form or finally seeing the appeal of Golden Pharaoh when he’s been realized in six inches. I mean a new toy – no cartoon or

Vault Review MOTU
Classics.com: The Faceless One


I love getting the non-traditional characters in the MOTU Classics line. So June was actually a pretty exciting month for me. Not only were we able to pick up Teela in here non-canon DC Comics barbarian swimsuit look, but we also got an original 200X

They’re Back! Mel Birnkrant’s
Newest Outer Space Men Exhibit

Hopefully, you’ve all taken the time to explore the wonderful MelBirnkrant.Com since the Outer Space Men returned to Earth for last year’s San Diego Comic Con. It was always a great resource for the history of the Outer Space Men, but Mel has put together a new exhibit that celebrates their return and looks to their future!

Scarabus “Dark Deities”
Pre-Orders Begin Sunday!


The “Dark Deities” multi-pack will feature three Egyptian inspired variant versions of the dark lord of Gothitropolis – Anubos, Thothos, and Horos! All three figures available at one time, and all three feature full articulation, spectacular paint applications and tons of accessories, including special war armor for Scarabus’ evil little minions, the Time Keepers!

Vault Review: Light & Dark Talisman Scarabus


I was so excited for the upcoming Fantastic Exclusive Scarabus figure by the Four Horsemen, that I decided I couldn’t wait for the official release. So I saved up a little bit of extra money and placed an order for the Light & Dark Talisman set that debuted at the Horsemen’s Toypocalypse showing.

Scarabus & Multi-pack
Pre-Orders Begin Tonight!

Single ‘Scarabus – Lord of the Resurrected’ figures (Scarabus’ main form) and the first Scarabus variant multi-pack, “Evil’s Reign”, will go up for pre-order this coming Saturday night (March 19th, 2011) at 9:00pm EST at the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet -Store Horsemen!

Four Horsemen’s Scarabus
10pk On-Sale March 1st!


Scarabus figure 10-packs will go up for pre-order this coming Tuesday night (March 1st, 2011) at 9:00pm EST at the Four Horsemen’s online retail outlet: Store Horsemen. Each Scarabus 10-pack contains one of each of the Scarabus variants, including Scarabus himself, as well as a

Dark & Light Talisman Scarabus Sale + Four Horsemen Checklist!


The Four Horsemen’s extremely limited Dark & Light Talisman Scarabus figures will go on sale this Saturday night at StoreHorsemen.Com. They’ve sent along all the info you need as well as a look at what makes this run unique. Plus, we figured this would be a good time to unveil our newest IAT checklist: Four Horsemen Properties!

4H Toypocalypse Gallery:
Packaged Scarabus Exclusives


The Four Horsemen have released packaged images of their Light Talisman Scarabus and Dark Talisman Scarabus figures. This set of figures will be exclusively available at the Four Horsemen’s upcoming gallery show, TOYPOCALYPSE: A Four Horsemen Retrospective at the TT Underground Gallery in New York City.

4H Toypocalypse Gallery:
Exclusive Scarabus Update


The Four Horsemen have sent some new information regarding the exclusive Black & White Scarabus. They’re still debuting at Toypocalypse: A Four Horsemen Retrospective show, but the Four Horsemen will make some sets available online for fans that can’t attend the gallery. Details after the jump.