Power Lords Ophidian
& Slate Zone Soldiers

It’s my turn to take a look at some of the Four Horsemen’s new Power Lords.  Noisy’s already reviewed a couple of these soldiers, but it’s my first time even getting any.  So I’ll probably be covering a lot of the same territory he did, but in different colors!  After all, that’s half the fun with these guys.


Power Lords is one of those toy lines I really don’t remember from when I was a kid.  I’m not sure if I ever ran across them at the store or maybe I just didn’t like their designs enough.  Of course looking back on it now, that seems a bit crazy.  Going through the archive of toy pictures I see plenty of strange and even crazy designs that really push that line to the forefront of weird.  We haven’t quite hit that crazy stride with the new line yet.  The new Power Corps soldiers are probably some of the most vanilla designs out there.  Some of my favorite GI Joes as a kid were generic troops in cool uniforms, and that same idea is really appealing to me with the Power Soldiers.


The Power Soldiers all share the same body, a “futuristic” sci-fi ribbed bodysuit.  The sculpted details include an armored collar and knee pads, and some cool circuitry running down his arms, legs and chest.  He’s also apparently wearing a sort of cargo pants, which everyone knows is the official pants of the future.


The big difference between the two soldiers is the different head sculpts.  The regular soldier has the full dome covering the majority of his head with the sides and chin covered in armor.  It’s a decent looking sculpt, but the smooth dome makes him look bald to me.  I know, I’m strange.  The other head sculpt is for the Elite Soldier and has a more traditional space helmet look (or maybe even a futuristic gas mask).  It’s definitely much more intimidating than the other soldier.  Continue to page 2…

17 thoughts on “Power Lords Ophidian
& Slate Zone Soldiers

  1. Great review, Love the dialogue inn the pics. The helmet doesn’t remind me of early pattern baldness, but it does have very cool hint of Iron Man / Daft Punk to it.

  2. Ophidian is red? huh. I would have pegged the blue one for obvious reasons if you look at your last group shot there. 😉

    I remember this line mostly from the back cover of comics. I think I only saw them once or twice in stores?

    I do recall reading somewhere a comic origin tie-in? Basically, the main guy, Adam Power was recruited/Spocked into being the leader of some rebellion against the ugly evil aliens, and his Spock-ish heritage meant he would turn from a normal guy in an orange jumpsuit into a “Power Up” blue-skinned alien/Adam Warlock knockoff that doesn’t like shirts. also, the figures had some sort of action button on the back of the belt, and Adam’s flipped him from “human” to “alien” and he had two thumbs, so you could just twist his arms around and ignore the other color. and thumb.

    ooh, look, a secret mountain base!
    and IAT pimpage! yay!

  3. As much as I love and appreciate the Revell Power Lords, these excellent-looking updates do nothing for me. :^(

  4. Excellent review, pics, and comics, as always.

    Shame I won’t be getting these (I can’t spend my life online waiting for limited figures to go up for sale, and there are also money and space issues), as they’re pretty dang cool.

      1. Only problem is, I’m a rabid completist. I’m trying to cure myself of it, but it gnaws at the back of my mind that I’m still missing out on something. Must be strong.

  5. Cargo Pants. The official pants of Rob Liefeld.

    Great pics, as usual. Loved the review.

  6. OMG! Thank you! I thought I was the only person who thought the domed soldier looked like he had male pattern baldness.

  7. Well, I have a full head of hair, so maybe I’m not as fixated on the balding thing. But if I was going bald I’d probably be looking at hairlines all day long, I’m guessing. 😉

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