DC Collectibles Batman the
Animated Series Reveals

This was a nice surprise today!


MTV posted an exclusive look at five new figures in DC Collectibles’ line inspired by Batman the Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures.  While we’ve already seen mock-ups of Two-Face and Mr. Freeze, this is the first look at them in their full plastic glory.  This is also the first time seeing Joker, Robin, and Poison Ivy.  Check out MTV’s blog post for a closer look at each figure.

If these figures scratch that itch for classic DC goodness, then head on over to BBTS, where they’re already up for pre-order along with Batman and Catwoman.

And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for when DC Collectibles reveals the final figure in wave 2.

12 thoughts on “DC Collectibles Batman the
Animated Series Reveals

  1. I hope they go back and do versions of the characters from both series, TAS and TNBA.

    Having a stylized Batman next to a more “realistic” Robin would irk me.

    1. They’ve said a TAS Batman is in the works. The groupthink was that he would headline Wave2, but it doesn’t seem like he should be the reveal they’re saving for special by itself. We’ll see.

      1. I’m hoping for a TAS/Sub-Zero Batgirl, but it’s probably going to be Harley, wouldn’t you think?

  2. The blending of the two different styles is a bit irksome. This almost feels like two figure lines, BTAS and NBA, rolled into one banner. And those are two lines I would happily buy, I’d just prefer to be getting two complete sets of characters in their respective styles. I just hope this isn’t a case of “plan to spread out all the characters in their different incarnations over many waves and then cancel the line before either set is complete.”

    1. I think it’s better this way – the TAS fans don’t have to wait for TNBA to be done or vice versa. We’re never going to get them all, that doesn’t happen anymore (it never really did), I just hope my faves get out before this little subset dies off (particularly since I’m not going to buy them all like Vault seems to want to do).

    2. Yeah, half BTAS and half-assed in each assortment is just flat-out annoying.

  3. oh man, the Poison Ivy is really nice! If not a tad better than the Catwoman! Very cool!
    Really weird how DC Collectibles got me lured back into wanting their figures again – i’m screwed!

  4. DCC has really stepped up their game with DCUC gone. The level of articulation seems to be getting better and better with every wave (looking forward to the Capullo Signature Series soooooo much) and these sculpts are amazing. You can do nice sculpts with usable articulation (looking at you McFarlane Toys) The prices have been steady as well, so they have a new customer in me that is for darn sure.

    I like that they are mixing BTAS and TNBA so we are not stuck with any one series. A mix is the only way to get a real balance of both cartoon, so I think this is the way to go.

  5. My guess is that with most of these, they’re going with what they think is the stronger design for each character. (I’m a little torn on Mr. Freeze; I prefer the BTAS head but the TNBA body.) I’d been thinking this since they decided to go with the BTAS Catwoman.

    (For the most part, I though the TNBA designs were improvements, but there were a few, particularly Catwoman’s, that were real clunkers. It was clear that they wanted to reduce the number of colors per design, but that wasn’t an improvement in every case.)

    I wonder which Riddler they’ll choose. BTAS, if I had to guess.

    Anyway, I’m cautiously optimistic about these, but I’m not going to commit to purchasing until I see some out-of-package reviews. S.H. Figuarts and Figma have spoiled me on my expectations for adult-collector action figures.

    But what’s with Poison Ivy’s GIANT HEAD? Eek.

  6. I can honestly say I plan on buying alot of these. Batma. Is replacing the one Legacy wave one I have. Justvawait a nice review to tell us how joints are. Also I’m hoping to see this line sell well. Superman animated anybody? Justice League, dare I even say Stat *KAPOW* okay I shut up there. LOSH TOYS!

    1. Forgot this, hope they have extra hands. Joker needs holding hands cause love to pose him with the fish and cards that came with the DCUC fig.

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