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MOTU SDCC Figure to debut at Gallery 1988 (Update: Maybe Not)

Update: Matty has let us know via Facebook that the mystery SDCC figure will not be debuting tonight as originally planned:

No no NO!! We just got the word that we CANNOT reveal our SDCC exclusive tonight. We’ll still have an awesome display with every figure in the line through Moss Man, but due to powers beyond our control (Skeletor, is that you??) we can’t reveal the new figure. We’ll let you know as soon as we get the go-ahead.

Original Follows: Today on Facebook, Matty made this comment as part of the Moss Man debut:

Also, for those in the LA area, be sure to head over to Gallery 1988 this Friday night for the Art of MOTU show opening. Not only will this free event feature some of the hottest artists interpreting the world of MOTU, but we will be revealing one of our SDCC MOTUC items at the show! Full details for the show are in the news section on Mattycollector.com!

Originally, the use of the word “item” led me to believe that it wasn’t a new figure, but something else, perhaps a second art book since it was debuting at G88’s MOTU Show, but then Toy Guru added with this statement at the .Org:

The figure shown on Friday will be one of two MOTUC SDCC items. This one is more of a celebrity figure for fans. The other MOTUC figure will be revealed in April along with the rest of Mattel’s SDCC items!

So it will be a figure debuting this Friday. But not only that! It’s one of two MOTU figures that’s going to be at SDCC! My wallet is already quivering at the thought. For now, I have no idea what the celebrity hint means. I couldn’t even hazard a guess. Surely, some LA-based MOTU fans will pass back the identity (and hopefully images) of the figure when it debuts.

Update: Matty has added this update to the Facebook page in regards to Moss Man complaints, Digital River, and

Hey everyone,

So a few quickies. First we hear you on Moss Man and the ears. Fans seem split but here is what might be possible.

Mossy is already in production. If (and that is an ‘if”) we can effect a change it means some fans will get flocked ears, some no flock. And it will be random. Are you okay with that?

Second, we had a great meeting with Digital River today and it looks like the bugs have been worked out. We’ll also be updating the FAQ on the site to review the return policy as well as offer more information. If you are still having issues with an order, post your order number on Facebook and we’ll get it resolved.

We’re still looking into new shipping options and overseas distribution, but first we need to get all the kinks worked out before expanding to any new areas. The last thing we want to do is rush things.

The Retro Action Green Arrow is almost sold out. More Retro figures will be out this Spring at Toys R Us and other online retailers. We’ll have wave 2 to show at NYTF in Feb.

And if you are in the LA area, be sure to check out the MOTU art show opening this weekend. Aside from some great artistic interpretations of the MOTU world, you can also check out a display of all the MOTUC figures as well as some upcoming releases and a new figure to be revealed Friday night! (hint: it is a celebrity figure and will be one of our SDCC MOTUC items). Full details are in our news section.

That’s it for now!


I really hope fans will just insist Mattel to leave Moss Man alone. That has disaster written all over it.

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