MOTU Classics Moss Man

Who could have guessed that Moss Man would end up as one of the most controversial MOTUC figures? He debuted at SDCC with flocking that Mattel couldn't mass replicate. When they changed it, they covered his ears and all hell broke loose. That resulted in two variants for the sale day. Mattel cleared a path of bandwidth and warned us to get in and order as quickly as possible. Moss Man went on-sale at 10:57 local IAT time and both versions were gone in a little over five minutes. Somehow, amidst all the hubbub, I got exactly the Moss Man I wanted.

Merry Moss
Man Day!

It's finally time to order those authentic Moss Man ear muffs, now only available with the "small quantity" of Moss Man that come with flocked ears! I have no idea what will happen today. Mattel says that "server capacity has been taken to the max", but they're also warning of impending doom. So much so, they're encouraging fans to pay multiple shipping charges by buying the items individually (don't do that, by the way). As a subscriber, I get my first day off since September and I bequeath my unsused bandwidth on whichever lucky reader happens to get it. Here's a link to the central ordering page for March. I hope that all of you get whichever ears you think best fit your collection and that today isn't a total... clusterflock.*

MattyCollector.Com Updates: DCUC12, Moss Man, & Walter Peck

While I was busy being enraptured by the crazy speculation going on at the Org over the latest 2pk news, I left out some important updates from Matty via MattyCollector.Com regarding items on sale in March. And I may have to change out this Matty graphic. Since the forums have opened, all these updates are from MattyCollector.Com and not Facebook...

Matty on Facebook: Moss Man in Package!

Today on Facebook, Mattel posted images of the March Masters of the Universe figure, Mos Man! There's been plenty of controversy about Moss Man already, but I don't get it. I'm of that 1/5th minority that prefers the flocking to the carpeted version shown at SDCC, and I'm ambivalent on the ears. Speaking of, packaged pictures before we know what percentage of the ears have been "fixed"? That's not a good sign.