MattyCollector.Com Updates: DCUC12, Moss Man, & Walter Peck

While I was busy being enraptured by the crazy speculation going on at the Org over the latest 2pk news, I left out some important updates from Matty via MattyCollector.Com regarding items on sale in March. And I may have to change out this Matty graphic. Since the forums have opened, all these updates are from MattyCollector.Com and not Facebook…

Toy Fans,

Our March 15th sale features MOTU figures hailing from earth and sky, plus a pair of rotten rogues! At press time, here’s what’s on the roster:

  • Moss Man® — with his fresh evergreen scent, you can practically smell him coming!
  • Stratos® — everyone’s favorite winged simian lands with a new “The Original” burst on his package.
  • Scarecrow – this frightening Scarecrow figure from Batman Begins would have Dorothy screaming all the way back to Kansas!
  • DCU Classics Wave 12 Boxed Set – all seven* figures you need to build a wicked Collect and Connect™ 9” Darkseid, individually carded and packed into a single box.

Like always, the sale starts at at 12:00 noon Eastern/9:00 am Pacific, so be logged in and ready to click! If you’re not registered yet for an email reminder, click here and you can follow me on Twitter where I post reminders, too.


* – UPDATE: I e-mailed Toy Guru about the “all seven figures” mention here and he indicated to me that both Marys will be in the set for a total of eight figures.

Most of this had been known previously. Moss Man & Scarecrow are holding down their original dates while Stratos and DCUC12 are the recent additions. But there is an item missing: Walter Peck! Matty Twittered about his status today:

The Walter Peck figure from #Ghostbusters is moving to the 5/17 sale. He just wasn’t going to be ready in time to ship for the 3/15 sale.

And finally, there won’t be just one Moss Man on sale, but two…

MOTU Fans,

You overwhelmingly asked for the ears of Moss Man® to be unflocked and we listened… we stopped production of the flocked ear version, made a change, and Moss Man™ will forevermore have unflocked ears. Now, all 2010 Club Eternia™ subscribers will automatically get the version with unflocked ears as their March figure!

But because we produced a small quantity of flocked ears before making what’s called a “running change,” we will sell both the flocked-ear and unflocked-ear versions as separate items on March 15th. That means there will be two separate product pages, one with flocked ears and one with unflocked ears, so you’ll need to be careful that you order the one you want. Again, there’s just a small quantity of the flocked-ear version available, and we’re expecting them to go quickly.

Other than the flocking, the figures are identical. Both versions will have an evergreen fresh scent and an alternative 2002-inspired head designed by the Four Horsemen. Your chance at both happens right here at at 12:00 noon Eastern/9:00 am Pacific!


So, to sum up. Most things are according to plan, Walter Peck’s gonna be late, there’s a chase variant Moss Man, and subscribers get first dibs on the unflocked ones.

We’ll have the appropriate updates to our Matty Release Calendar and our MOTU Classics, DC Classics, and Ghostbusters Classics resource pages later tonight.

25 thoughts on “MattyCollector.Com Updates: DCUC12, Moss Man, & Walter Peck

  1. Seven figures for wave 12? Are we getting both Mary Marvels like we did Steppenwolves or are they just going with 7 figures this time? Will the price drop accordingly?

  2. If Mattel would stop listening to MOTU fans, I’d be a lot happier.

    Meanwhile, Ghostbusters fans are going on – what – six months with no toys? If Venkman were out, that line would be dead.

    And DC fans continue to have their concerns unanswered. Even this MOTU/DC 2pk – the MOTU fans get a new version of He-Man a la repaint. DC Fans? We get the same Superman that’s been out twice. Spectacular.

    1. I don’t think they regard the MOTU fans all that highly.

      Who’s the bigger red-headed stepchild? The DC fans or the MOTU non-subscribers?

      1. MOTU non-subscribers could start to be up there if all the 2010 figures sellout in thirty minutes, I guess.

        But you have to admit that Moss Man ears, the Panthor flocking, picking the solution for neck articulation, getting the alternate heads packed in, etc is nice if you’re in the majority as a He-Man fan.

        Us DC fans are paying almost as much for smaller figures with less accessories, we have to hunt for them in stores, it tooks months and the persistence of this blog to get the neck articulation issue addressed, and we still don’t have any of the paint corrections we’ve asked for and been told we’d get.

        Oh, and Gleek and the 5th Plastic Man accessory.

        DC fans have got a pretty good hold on the red-headed stepchild title if you ask me.

        1. Ssssooooooooooooooooooooo gotta second this emotion! Scot coddles the MOTU fans and gives the DCUC fans the finger! Not only do we get stupid design/ engineering changes mid-step, when it happens, they act as if they know nothing about it! Neck joints, missing articulation (Blk Canary, Kilowog, Brimstone), missing variants (Red Tornado, Penguin, DrFate???), flagrantly missed variants, NO, I mean, NO alternate heads whatsoever (looking at the PE line!), accessories, LEAD PAINT!, etc, etc. Yes, we are the bald-headed stepchildren of Mattel, there’s no doubt about that. It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t know the MOTU fans have it so good. I guess we owe them a bit of gratitude because if it weren’t for them, Mattel would still be telling us that it takes two series of figures to correct paint, broken/stuck joints, and that “running changes” actually dont exist! (anyone ever SEEN the packaged all gold Dr. Fate that they claim to own?)

          1. the only thing i will say in the motu fans defense is, look what we’re paying per fig… we SHOULD be getting better figs, we’re dropping damned near 30 bucks a pop for our fix, you DC geeks are still only dropping half that.

            BTW, as an aside to the DC fans… you know y’all f$%ked up right? you demanded better access to figs, so they started improving distribution in B&M stores… and also offered to put them on matty collector. so now you morons are adding shipping charges to these figs, which are getting easier and easier to find at retail w/ half a week’s worth of patience, that you DON’T have to pay!! you’re already overpaying for what you’re getting, you add shipping on and it’s like going to a prostitute and REQUESTING she have herpes and turning down the condom. i predict, the more popular the figs get on matty, the harder and harder it’ll be to find them at retail… what motivates mattel to try harder if you buy the figs anyways? as a great example of this, let’s see how fast they fix that neck… that they janked up in the first place.

            1. The DCU figures are easier to find? Where? Look around and you’ll find plenty of fans with incomplete Gigantas Chemos & Imperiexes. I’m not seeing these distribution improvements you’re talking about.

              As for DC fans being morons, I paid $8 to get wave eleven sent to my house. Can’t imagine how much gas I would’ve wasted looking for them but I guess I’m a moron to have saved money? Right.

              Anyway, back to topic…

              You should be getting better figures but you’re not because MOTU makes a lot less money for Mattel than DCU. There are less units per character and substantially less characters in a year. I’d say the individual figs are on par for the most part. You get more accessories, but you do get less new parts per figure.

              But this is about treatment not figures. It’s about getting options and being heard. If you want to make it about money I’d imagine DC fans spent at least twice as much as MOTU fans in ’09 because there is much more product to buy so money favors DC fans too.

              1. Tom said it right…this is not about quality of product. This is about the attention, or lack thereof, to the fan base.

                It has nothing to do with MOTU fans vs DCUC fans or the price of one product over another.

                This is about them listening to MOTU fans about losing or not losing the articulation on Mossman due to the flocking. While at the same time, they eliminated the articulation on Black Canary for the stockings and didn’t even mention it to fans let alone ask em how they felt about it O_o

                This example was the exact same situation so why was it handled so differently? I didn’t know Black Canary’s hips was modified until I saw someone had broken theirs trying to get it to work properly only to find out it never worked at all…and none of em do. 🙁

  3. I don’t think MOTU fans are coddled at all. Look at the cuts to production over subscription, or the subscription exclusive itself. And if you buy them sub you’re forced to buy figures of Adora and Optikk that you don’t want. They’re out to get MOTU fans either way.

    They may listen to us on specific quality issues, I admit it, but that’s the end of it. After that, we’re just like any other fan.

    1. I would agree with you but DCUC fans get the same deal…just not through a subscription. If you don’t want a figure you get in the subscription, you can trade, sell it or whatever. We HAVE to buy figures we don’t want IF we want the BAF/CNC figures. Then you can sell the fig for a loss as now its open and missing something (O_o) !!!!

      And at least they listen at all. Like DCfett said, they claim to have samples of this “running change” on modern Dr. Fate, but they’ve NEVER shown any pics of it!?!?!? One can only assume it has gone the way of the modern Red Tornado, the variant Penquin, the never developed modern Guardian and the never shown Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

  4. We shouldn’t be squabbling between fanbases, guys. I collect both lines and while I do think I have a louder voice as a He-Man collector than a DC collector, it’s not between the fans. It’s about Mattel and their uneven treatment.

    They should be listening to all their fans. Fighting between ourselves just dilutes our voice.

  5. Oh this is just fun sibling rivalry. Albeit true, there’s not ill will toward MOTU fans AT ALL! Dont read any emotion into these texts, it’s all in fun. Just pointing out an obvious inbalance. The MOTU product is very awesome and long overdue and you guys took some lumps to even get to this point. It’s just hard to see the DCU line suffer, but that doesnt mean anyone’s unhappy for the MOTU folks.
    All the best…

  6. 🙁 at the chase version. I’d be getting 2 of those hopefully, but still there’s a chase variant of Mossman 🙁

  7. I collect both MOTUC and DCUC, and both are a MUCH bigger pain than they should be.

    There is absolutely no evidence that one is favored over the other.

    My feeling is that we should strive to make sure Mattel stays on their toes with regard to both lines, as both still feel like a work-in-progress in a lot of ways.

    1. Yes both lines are a pain but DC fans can get Mattel to make changes. We tried for over a year to get Dr. Fate all gold and it never happened. Moss Man was effectively changed the day the prod sample was shown. DC Fans saw neck articulation removed and were told “nothing has changed” until fans PROVED that it had changed. MOTU got one bobblehead and within the month Mattel created two bad solutions and let fan choose one.

      MOTU fans get choices and responses. DC fans don’t. If the neck articulation is back in wave thirteen or fourteen I’ll send a case of beer to the guys here at IAT and count that as Mattel responding to DC fans, but until MOTU fans get Gleeked I think they’ve got it better.

    2. You mean other than the fact that Scott N. has said that MOTU is his pet project and because of that he will be turning DCUC over to a fairly newly minted DC fan Mike (whatshisname) but he will continue in his current role at the helm of MOTU

      You’re right, besides that…and a ton of other instances, there’s absolutely no evidence at all :/

  8. I bet Moss Man will get delayed at the last second with the whole flocking only, unflocking and flocking again bit.

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