MOTUClassics.Com: He-Ro Review (SDCC)

He-Ro is the first MOTU Classics figure that doesn't have a childhood connection for me. I didn't have the original versions of all the previous MOTU Classics releases, but I knew about them as a kid. He-Ro's an exception because his vintage version never reached store shelves. Very little is known about the character, just bits and pieces that have leaked out of Mattel since he went into toy limbo. He was an ancestor of He-Man from Pre-Eternia, got to ride around on cyborg dinosaurs, and was going to be used to reveal the origin of the Powers of Grayskull. Pretty cool, right? But it never got a chance to bear out because the line was cancelled. The last mini-comic, featuring He-Ro in a small capacity, left fans and He-Man asking the same question, "but who is he?"