Ask Matty “November 1st”
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Ask Matty – “November 1st” Edition

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: For Toy Guru: What “concept” figure are you most bummed about having to cut out of the road map?

Scott Neitlich: It is just too hard to make a call on this since we don’t know how many or few slots we will have next year. Ideally I hope to get to everyone on the original roadmap and more in time. But we will prioritize vintage and important animated figures for 2014.

DCClassics.Com Asks: Black Mask’s figure looks great but some collectors are having trouble with how the knife and cowl accessories are supposed to interact. Was their a change made to these between debut & production?

They fit in his hand. They do not fit together.

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: The “He-Ro, Son of He-Man” faction sticker is cool, but with the current state of the line is there a chance we’ll ever see it used again after King He-Man? Should the sticker give us some collectors hope for that faction to grow despite the change to the roadmap?

Anything is possible. We’ll have to see how many skus we get in 2014.

MOTUClassics.Com Asks: If the Pre-Order goes through, does the Castle’s robot/armor have increased chances of getting made? It’s time to move beyond the sticker!

We can’t do the Robot as a figure (with the castle) but are looking into possible ways to include him. Nothing to confirm but it is on our “want” list if we can get it in somehow.

DCClassics.Com Asks: Does Mattel have a list of what retail stores will be carrying DC & Batman Unlimited. Many stores have reset without any room for DC 6″ figures in their current planograms.

This line will be at TRU, Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart and other major retailers.

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14 thoughts on “Ask Matty “November 1st”
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  1. With the “Robot/Armor” you mean the old sticker in Castle Greyskull? I saw a custom doing a search called “Protector” pretty cool with some reused parts

  2. MC – fingers crossed for a Morrison JLA Huntress over Jim Lee’s Hush belly window!

    Elkk – WHA? TDKR case set??? When did this happen?? – already sold out, it seems? no pics. 🙁

    One question I would like answered: When choosing the look of a character, re: Jason Todd as Red Hood, why was the choice made to go with his brief “superhero-y” look versus the longer lived jacket version, which would have used the Mr. Terrific/Animal Man jacketed body mold? After some research, I find the cape version was apparently only worn in ONE story arc, while the jacket has several years of stories, before and after the Flashpoint reboot. I’m not a Batman family fan (Nightwing excepted), but even I would have made the jacket version long before the one story appearance with the cape, especially in the subscription line. While I’m asking, is there a chance for a second, domino mask head for Jason?

    1. That Walmart TDKR set has been known for a while now. I don’t think it has ever shown up in stock on the website yet. You’ll likely start to see it hitting shelves around Christmas time. I mean come on, it’s a perfect gift set.

      As for the Red Hood question, I think it all comes down to money. It was cheaper to make that version. The only thing new is the head, and possibly the cape and guns. If they made the biker version they’d need a new head, torso, and fully new legs.

      I’ve seen people suggest using the YJ Sportsmaster legs on a Mr. Terrific body, but Sportsmaster is much smaller than Mr. Terrific. His legs would not fit on that body. And if they’re going to be accurate to Red Hood, they’d need a new torso with the zipper piping.

      But at the very least they’d need to make a new head and lower body.

  3. well, the question takes the wind all out of the sails of the “can we please have a snake-man pack in different colors” crowd… ouch.

  4. Funny how it was answered nice that it was possible in my greatrebellion post. Yep same guy as jasonlee718 there. Sometimes I wish they would read the whole question. I still think we will see a repaint set down the road.

  5. Did the Snake Men sell horribly or something? It makes perfect sense to put out a repaint because more than likely just about everyone who got the first set would get the second.

    1. I don’t think it sold horribly, but in general (according to Mattel) all of their reissues have sold horribly, except for He-Man.

      I don’t think they understood the question as they were talking about a repainted set. But I guess Matty still considers that a reissue.

      Personally I think it’s ok. That means if they ever do another Snake Men 2 pack, maybe we’ll get two new body molds/heads with different colors.

  6. Again, another round answering very little I actually cared about in a satisfactory manner, with a lot of vagueness and evasion. Bloody typical.

  7. I am surprised they went with that version of Red Hood considering his short amount of comic time. The helmeted/jacket version would have been easy to do (as many customs of him have been made ) without having to do much additional tooling. I think they could have used a mix of existing tooling the make it work. It might not have been 100% accurate like John H mentioned (zipper piping on jacket, etc), but I thing it would have been close enough to make people happy to get the figure. Maybe the Batman Unlimited line will see him made…

  8. Also, based on what had been shown, that Huntress will probably be the Jim Lee Version. They might eliminate the exposed stomach and legs (terrible costume design considering her line of work and just an excuse for Lee to show more skin), and the Morrison mask is very different than the Jim Lee mask which that is more like Marvel’s Firestar.

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