Vault Review: Nickelodeon Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles Metal Head

I was lucky enough to run across the new TMNT Metal Head on my trip to Target last weekend.  So instead of another Transformer Prime figure, I decided to make this Tuesday a Turtles review and rush him to the top of the pile of toys that’s still waiting to be done. Those figures aren’t in any hurry anyway!

Metal Head was always one of my favorite figures in the original Turtles line.  With his glowing eyes, chrome body, and interchangeable hands, this mecha-turtle was always at the top of my list when picking toys to play with.  So it was never a question whether I was going to pick up his newest incarnation, especially after how much I really enjoyed this new line.

I was disappointed when I saw pictures of the figure people were finding in stores.  The retail Metal Head was lacking a gun arm, grimacing face, head antenna, and a large amount of detailing in the wires along his torso.  These were the details shown on the prototype at the 2012 Toy Fair, but for some reason they didn’t make it to the final version.

Some of the changes from the prototype I understand.  Although I particularly liked the scowling face, it’s technically not as show accurate as the new head.  I think the antenna was probably cut because it would have been small and easily broken, since these figures are definitely meant to be played with.  But what really kills me is that they took away his gun hand.  That had such a great look, and would have been a fantastic alternate hand feature.

But even with these new changes, I still really like how this figure looks.  Accurate to the show, he’s smaller than all the other turtles.  But Metal head clearly makes up for it in bulk with his stout tank-like look.  Even against larger villains like Shredder, who towers over him, Metal Head still has the mass that makes him look like he’s impossible to knock over.

This figure may not have all the details of the original, but there were still enough to make me happy.  The tubing and wires in his torso are a good start.  I also really like the armored plates that cover his wrists and knees.  Just like on the show, he has a power display on the top of his head.  But my favorite detail on this figure is his shell, which was made from a New York City manhole cover.  I love that these turtles scavenge material from their environment.  Continue to page 2…

19 thoughts on “Vault Review: Nickelodeon Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles Metal Head

  1. Seen these all over along with the other new figs and they look cool but just not what I want to collect. Loved his show ep though. Won’t spoil if haven’t seen. I did lol a few times.

  2. I’d paint him and pose him with the NECA Turtles… Something about a mini-Metalhead makes it look cute! The episode was great!

  3. Not to nitpick, but there was no gun arm. What you saw in that proto was the rocket launcher missile that’s still very much in this figure. It looks like a “gun arm” because everything is gray in the wax proto. If you look, the hands weren’t completely sculpted on either hand but particularly the “gun arm”, giving it a more “gun” appearance.

    If you look at the specs for Metalhead from the creators, his fingers “retract” just a bit when he shoots his hand missile to become a gun arm. The early proto reflected that a bit more than the final, but he still had fingers in that version as well.

    1. At least, that’s how I see it. Don’t want to sound too dickish. I guess you could make a case either way. I’d rather have a hand myself.

      Actually, if we were going with swappable parts, I’d rather had the detachable fist rocket.

  4. Saw Metal Head this weekend, didn’t pick him up. The lack of paint, simple articulation, and that hole in the arm just kill the figure for me.

  5. For those still looking for Metal Head, keep checking your local Wal-Marts. Nearly all of the Wal-Marts in my area have been setting up HUGE mid-aisle displays (to prepare for the holidays I assume) with dozens of TMNT figures. In the displays, there are rows with nothing but Dogpound, Metal Head, and Fishface. One I checked on Monday had 4 or 5 Metal Heads in a single row, and plenty of others scattered among the display.

    1. Because of the surplus in my area, I’m in no hurry to pick him up. While I intend to grab him eventually, each time I see him, I can’t help but think of the amzing and highly-detailed original figure. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Vault that this figure has a certain charm, but it’s kinda a bummer that a figure that’s over twenty years old is superior to this modern interpretation.

  6. His lack of good elbow articulation disappointed me but he’s still a chunky, cute figure and I find that I like him. I just wish he moved more.

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