October Review Index Update
& Top Reviews for October

It’s been a busy behind-the-scenes week to close out the month here at IAT, but we’ve got some housekeeping duties to get out of the way. With October over, we’ve updated both the IAT Review Index and Battlegrip’s. We’ve also got a quick look back at the top reviews of October.

There weren’t as many reviews in October as we normally like to offer, but Vault and I did manage to crank out a solid dozen. That means our usual Top Ten list will really be a study in which two didn’t make the cut…

Here are the Top Ten for October in order:

Two previous reviews cracked the “overall” Top Ten. The Glyos System Venjorun Armorvor still saw quite a bit of traffic in its second month, and, again, the March review of Marvel Legends Future Foundation Spidey is still chugging along (it might end up being the most visited review this year – is it just that he’s in the default banner?).

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Club IE & Club Eternia dominated the list, but Vault should be happy to see King Ghidorah do so well at No. 5! The Unicron import also did surprisingly well, particularly when compared to the Darkness Megatron (one of the two that didn’t make it into October’s Top Ten). Finally, Metal Head is in the no. 9 spot, but as a late review, we’ll no doubt be seeing him on the November round-up.

We featured no theme weeks in October, but we’ll be kicking November off with one next week. It turns out there are a ton of unreviewed MOTUC figures laying around…