Vault Review: Transformers
Prime AM-19 Gaia Unicron

This week, I’m looking at the Transformers Prime Gaia Unicron.  This is the first Prime import that I pre-ordered before the press images were even released. I’ve been pretty happy with Takara’s exclusive figures so far, so I thought I’d take a chance on this guy. If only I knew then what I knew now…

Transformers Prime has an interesting take on Unicron.  For untold ages Primus and Unicron fought.  Neither being was able to gain the upper hand and claim true victory until Primus created the Thirteen.  The Thirteen defeated Unicron and cast him into the depths of space.  Unconscious, Unicron drifted through space.  His immense body’s gravity gathered matter toward itself, creating a planet, while taking up a stable orbit around a single star.  It wasn’t until millennia later that the Autobots discovered that Unicon’s broken body made up the core of their adopted home, Earth.

At the end of the first season, the gravitational forces of a planetary alignment stirred Unicron from his slumber.  Unicron’s body was slowly reactivating, threatening to destroy the entire planet, but his mind was already awake.  He could use his powers over the planet to create stone avatars out of rock.  Optimus and the Autobots fought them off as best they could, but it wasn’t until Megatron came to their aid that they were able to teleport to the center of the Earth and beat him back into unconsciousness.

This is why Gaia Unicron looks a bit different from other versions of the character.  While his avatars seemed to be made entirely out of rock in the show, the figure is an interesting mesh of geological and cybernetic components.  These aspects work really well together in robot mode and give him a look that’s mostly in line with his look on the show.

My favorite aspect of this figure is the pumpkin colored metallic bits on his chest and legs.  It almost has a foil-like texture to it, and definitely gives off a different kind of shine than the chromed parts on Darkness Megatron.

I also really like how sinister his huge shoulder spikes and demonic wings look.  I even like the giant Uni-face on his back.  Unfortunately, how the figure looks in robot mode is about as good as it gets.

I’ve heard two different descriptions for Unicron’s alt mode.  Some people say it’s a funky space ship, or a tiny lopsided volcano with his face on it.  I’m not really sure whether he’s a space ship or a volcano (a sentence I’ll probably never repeat in my life).  Honestly, it doesn’t really matter because his alt mode is a mess either way you look at it.  There are just no other words for it.  Continue to page 2…

21 thoughts on “Vault Review: Transformers
Prime AM-19 Gaia Unicron

  1. wow. that alt-mode is even worse than the previous earlier Megatron “Cyber-kibble-ship” modes.

    *IF* I were to get this guy, I’d try to turn his back-face out and rearrange the rest of the figure so it looks like his front. just forget about the alt-mode entirely, but the last shot you have of it (as volcano?) does look better than the one on the flight stands. (are they included? or from something else entirely?)

  2. Wow. Just . . . wow. Great review, excellent pictures, horrendous toy.

    The look of the thing was enough to make me pass on it initially, but after this review, I don’t think I’d accept the thing as a gift.

    Does anyone else remember those ads on TV that tried to get you to order a weirdly-shaped sheet of red-and-blue foam with snaps in it, that you could fold and snap into various origami-like toys? THAT’S what this Unicron reminds me of: a weirdly-shaped mass that ends up not really looking like anything in any configuration.

    1. there’s a part of me that wants to make a hot rhodes scholar joke, and a part of me that hurts of even thinking of that… so i won’t. 😛

      plus, maybe i’m an old fuddy duddy, but shouldn’t a planet unicron be huge? honestly, any unicron under a foot tall is a waste of time from where i sit. hasbro should get to work on a build a former wave and crank out the biggest, most detailed unicron ever made.

      or you know, something that is like what the 3rd party guys are doing, but too large scale to ever be concievably affordable from them… kind of a co-operative thing. imagine, for a second, if you were paying TFC prices to hasbro, what kind of huge, well made ‘former they could crank out. for the cost of hercules, the “official” unicron could literally be playset sized. we’re getting a huge castle grayskull from mattel that, while it doesn’t transform, is still less than half the cost for the TFC hercules and the upgrade pack… think about what hasbro could do here, the lesson they could learn, the bill they could charge, from a unicron who literally ships in pieces, labeled “continents”, assembled from 5 pieces are that each a transformer, and once combined, form a 2 and a half foot robot mode, or an alt mode that is a literal city that the deluxe class guys could use as a real playset. fudging swank my friends… swank to the 9s.

      1. Always on board for a way to get a huge Unicron.

        I thought the best way to do a massive Unicron would be to take the 2010 Takara version, crank the pantograph and tooling up to 200% so it would end up about three feet tall, modify the ring-wings to 300% size and add some ratchet joints in at the bases so they’ll hold a pose.

        But that’s just me.

  3. That . . . I have no words to describe it. The story kinda reminds me of the BWNeo story though. Just a tad.

  4. If his alt mode was supposed to be the head of Unicron, it’d make a little more sense. Other than that, I burst out laughing when I saw that roller coaster harness mode on Megatron.

  5. Mount Unicron… If I were to get this he would stay in robot mode, cause dang! that alt. Mode is horrendous!

  6. Great Review! Great Pics! Terrible looking transformer!
    man oh man does this Unicron look like garbage..I don’t like a lot of the Prime designs but this takes the cake

    1. I know they can’t all be gems like Breakdown or the Vehicon, but holy salted crap on a stick, this Unicron is just appalling. It makes the original Ironhide and Ratchet look sophisticated and well-engineered. Nice vac-metal, cute mini-con, but everything else about it is a festering bowl of dog snot.

  7. Great review, horrible toy. I mean it. This is why I’m not fond of the current iteration of Transformers, this corporate-enforced need to try and blend the G-1 characters with the Bayformers design aesthetic. Most of Vault’s other reviews have weakened me to the point where I actually look at the Transformers wall when I’m in a store, but this…this..

    I’m sorry. I guess I’m just reactionary or something. Unicron is a planet. A PLANET. A BIG-A** PLANET. Not a crab on fire.


    At least we all can share this joy.

    THAT is what Transformers should be. Dancing! 🙂

    1. I appear to have completely missed out on this whole “Gangnam Style” thing so far. Thank you for making my first exposure to it funny, Steve!

      Besides, we all know Soundwave can outdance the rest of those guys any day.

      1. you’re welcome! So my Transformers knowledge is spotty, who is the female ‘bot Optimus is enamored of at around the 1 minute mark? And why is she wearing lipstick? Do robots use lipstick?

        As good as this is, if you want to see a epic effort search for ‘Lo Pan Style’. Yes, it’s a complete mashup of Gangnam Style and Big Trouble in Little China.

        1. I just double-checked to make sure: that female robot is Elita One. A Google search comes up with a coupla pages on her.

  8. Really like the robot mode but wow what a mess past that….whoever thought that it would be a good idea to have his face still recognizable on his backside, where he expells used energon, should have his back side kicked! Awful!

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