NYCC 2012 Outer Space Men Beta
Phase Available for Pre-Order

I’m running a little behind this week. Someone told me it was October the other day (I’m still pretty sure they’re wrong), but I digress… This weekend, the Four Horsemen put up a pre-order for the newest Outer Space Men, the NYCC 2012 Beta Phase versions of Orbitron, Gamma-X, and Cyclops!

The Outer Space Men that were previously a shared 2012 New York Comic Con exclusives between Toy Tokyo and Action Figure Xpress go up for sale in VERY limited quantities tomorrow night at 9pm on the Four Horsemen's online retail outlet – Store Horsemen!

Only 100 of the Beta Phase versions of Orbitron, Gamma-X and the first deluxe OSM figure – Cyclops will be up for grabs for $65.00 for the set of three, plus shipping & handling.

So be sure to be there early so you don't miss out. Any orders accidentally taken over the 100 pieces up for sale will have to be cancelled.



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7 thoughts on “NYCC 2012 Outer Space Men Beta
Phase Available for Pre-Order

  1. Only one hundred available? Bugger that for a game of soldiers. Ultra-limited runs is the best way to dissuade me from collecting anything.

    Heck, I got my Metaluna Mutant* on the way from BBTS. The Jimi Hendrix Orbitron can go to someone else who can be bothered to scrabble for these.

    * Or, as Exeter would call it, a “Mute Ant.” They’re like your Earth insects. Larger, of course, and with a higher degree of intelligence . . . .

  2. Maybe this is the grumpy old man in me speaking but I’m not thrilled with these colour choices. Admittedly purple and orange are the most under represented colours in our collections but the alpha versions of these characters were pink and yellow. Maybe if these two were swapped it would have been awesome cause to my mind at least characters like commander comet and alpha 4 look quite boring when all the colour variants are similar shades. As for the black I just don’t like it (But I’m sure plenty do) maybe we will get him in red a xmas.

  3. He doesn’t like it! Hey Mikey! (Old LIFE cereal commercial reference)

    I’m 50-50 on the color choices myself. Orbitron is fantastic in that delicious purple, especially when the brains are swapped ( ), and Gemini benefits from a deeper color (note the lack of U) 😉 but I’ve never been a fan of the smokey grey myself. I like it when the Alpha, Beta and Holiday Phases have some contrasting colors to give the mash-ups some pop.
    I’d like to see a green Cyclops for Xmas, as I think we’re going to see a red Orbitron… upside to that is hopefully a blue Gemini, but time will tell.

    1. I don’t actually mind the odd colour (note the proper spelling with a U };D) choices on these things, as it’s very much in keeping with the ginchy retro fun aspect of the line, and I’m happy for translucent toys of any hue. (Also vac-metal. Beedo love shinies.) I especially like the smoky Cyclops; very shadowy and nifty. I’d also love to see Orbitron in his “original” light blue.

      I’m just sick to death of ultra-limited exclusive runs. It’s a move that says to me: You’re never going to have this, why bother to collect the line to begin with? It’s what got me to drop the Muppets and Evil Dead / Army of Darkness lines from Palisades after just one series, and why I also gave up trying to bag their Ren & Stimpy and ATHF stuff for my then-girlfriend. Quite apart from the very-easily-broken plastic of their stuff (not their fault, but the factories’, I understand), they had a crapton of limited exlcusives scattered all over the web, and it was just a chore to track them down, only to find they’d been sold out after five minutes or so. No wonder they went belly-up.

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