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Review Round-Up
(October 22nd-28th)

This week’s Review Round-Up played dirty pool! We’ve got our awesome mix of cool reviews of hot new toys and interesting reviews of toys that time forgot, but Toyriffic is on my naughty list! If not for them, I’d never have known about the awesome Halloween repaint of the Hot Wheels Ecto-1! Ugh! I need that!

This week the list has grown to include thirty different sites (two of whom went review-less for that week) and features an all-time high eighty-four reviews! Reviews are categorized by major brands, independent releases such as Onell or Spy Monkey are listed under the same “7th Market” heading we use for our own reviews (sadly no 7th Market review this week…), and smaller brands are grouped together under Miscellaneous… though Misc. is getting lengthy, I may need to change that up. As always, offsite reviews do not necessarily reflect the views of IAT or its staff.

DC Comics

G.I. Joe



King Kong


Marvel Comics

Masters of the Universe

Miscellaneous (cont.)


Star Wars



Transformers Third Party


Do you know of (or run) a toy site that you think I’d enjoy? Let me know!

10 comments to Review Round-Up
(October 22nd-28th)

  • Why oh why am I always up when the round up gets posted..I should sleep more!

  • Brainlock

    You can sleep when you’re dead! #InsomniaRules

    and I still want that X-Force 3pk real bad!

  • Beedo Sookcool

    Neat stuff!

    • Beedo Sookcool

      Man, those “Steampunk” Seekers look painfully cool. Just can’t afford the cash or space.

      If I knew then what I know, I’d not have bought buttloads of stuff in the past to have the cash and space available for all the stuff that’s coming out now. As soon as I get my hands on a time machine . . . .

      • You won’t regret getting them!

        • Beedo Sookcool

          As soon as I get me a time machine, I’ll get right on that, mate. Seriously, that is one kick-butt review you did of a kick-butt toy, but I just can’t commit to that kind of cash and space requirement, as obnoxiously sweet as those things are (even if I just went with one of ’em).

          Maybe if Santa gives me some money this year, I may splurge on one . . . .

  • Thanks for the Iron Man Metion guys, I appreciate it a great deal. Loving this idea helps save time from hopping around all those sites for new reviews.

  • dayuuum! this is quite a list! i dig it though, there are a lot of great web sites in the community that are on the periphery and i just don’t have the time to visit on a daily basis… but hilighting them helps give them some much-needed exposure.

    as a writer on team doomkick and an occasional guest contributer to poeghostal i know how much work can be put into a review and its disappointing to have all that work go unnoticed!

    plus i think it helps tighten up this community — while its nice to have a little diversity, its also nice to see some familiar faces on various sites as well.

    just a couple suggestions: jestergoblin over at jestergoblin.com does a lot of nice work. there’s also dorkdimension.com which i don’t visit too often but does have some quality reviews as well!