It’sAllTrueReview: DC Classics Wonder Twins (SDCC Week!)

Seventh in our ten part series featuring the 2009 SDCC exclusives, this review covers the DC Classics Wonder Twins.

The Wonder Twins. The very name can strike fond memories or loathing in the heart of any DC fan. They're the product of the 1977 All-New Super Friends Hour, one of the many incarnations of the Super Friends cartoon. When I was a kid, Super Friends had moved on to become The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians and had gotten quite a bit better. That said, I have fond memories of the show that featured Firestorm and Cyborg as the teenage sidekicks. The Wonder Twins, despite being on what amounted to a completely different version seven years earlier, still get some love from me. At least enough that I was excited to buy this set when I first learned about it.

So the box set has arrived, albeit Gleek-less, and it's their turn under the ItsAllTrue spotlight...