Matty on Facebook:
SDCC Update

On Facebook, Matty is asking if there were any lingering questions he could answer about SDCC:

Hey folks,

I want to make sure if their are any lingering questions about SDCC that I get all the info out there. Post your questions in this thread and I’ll check back later today to answer. Please try to keep the questions direct.
For the record, most exclusives will be limited to 6 per person per wait in line. Most items will be available after the show on on Aug 3 at 12:00 noon Eastern time.
Our two fan panels are both opn Friday in room 2. DC Collectables is at 11, and Mattypalooza featuring Ghostbusters and MOTUC is at 1.
See you at the show!


Then he came back with some specific answers to fan’s questions…

Okay, lets see if we can cover this!

The following will be sold at SDCC:

Egon with Slimer – $20.00… Read More
He-Ro with SDCC stamp – $20.00
CARS Firefighter Mater set – $30.00
JLU Green Lantern 3 Pack – $20.00
MOTU Art book – $50.00
Buzz Lightyear with chase ANDY on foot- $15.00
Wonder Twins with Gleek – $40.00
3 3/4″ AntiMonitor $10.00 or free with 50 points

Gleek, “SDCC Stamp” He-Ro and “Andy Foot” Buzz are only available at the show. The versions of these toys available on will be without Gleek (Wonder Twins), the SDCC logo (He-Ro) and “Andy” on the foot (Buzz). Make sense?

Sales will start on preview night. We may “sell out” of product each day, but we have divided all of the product into shipments for each day, so even if we sell out one day, we will get more the next to ensure as many guests can get these figures as possible.

We will have some other merchandise including the following:

DC Barbies
Simpsons Scene It
MOTUC He-Man, Skeletor and Beastman (limit 1 of each per guest on these due to limited stock)… Read More
DCUC, IH and JLU stands

Plus a few other surprises.

All sales will be at a new additional retail booth. We will have 8 different registers to help move the line along with a full staff to run this booth.

We will accept cash, Visa and Mastercard only.

We do have plans to re-release a non slimed version of Egon down the road, but it won’t be anytime soon.

We will start selling Preview Night and the goal is to have all items available Preview Night (but you never know what might happen, so we don’t want to make any false promises, but we will do our best to have all items ready to buy.

If the line goes beyond the ropes off area, we will hand out fast pass tickets for you to return to the line a few hours later. More details will be available at the show once we see how long the line gets.

We do highly encourage people to wait until Friday or Saturday to buy their items. Each year we have a long line on Wednesday night but by Friday most guests can just walk up to the booth and buy the same items. Please keep this in mind as you do your shopping. We can’t guarantee we won’t sell out of something, but we can guarantee the lines will be shorter!

We can not reveal production numbers, but we do have different shipments for the online sales. We are not just brining “whatever is left over” online. We have extra production above and beyond what is going to SDCC for online sales on Aug 3 at 12:oo noon Eastern Time.

The MOTU subscription for 2010 will go on sale at 4:oo PM Pacific on Wednesday night and run for three weeks. We will reveal more about what the bonus items are at our Mattypalooza fan panel at 1:00 on Friday.

Overall, mostly specifics for those attending the cons. He-Man and Beast Man will be available there at a limit of 1 per guest.

For non-congoers, Friday the 24th is the day to watch for all the Matty news. I’m glad it’s Friday, I have a Lego Store opening to go to on Saturday!

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SDCC Update

  1. They were holding out on us? I know that exclusives are usually always a safe bet for an ebay sale, but MOTU fans are in for the the thick of it this year!

    Think about it, a “reseller” can walk up and spend $130 for He-Man, Beast Man, Skeletor, He-Ro, and the art book. Then turn around and sell it for $370 on eBay minimum. And that’s not including picking up Gleek and Egon…

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