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Friday Five: Links You
Need to Know About

We’re moving our features around a little bit as part of our shakedown cruise. Friday will be the new home of our links feature. During the week, we see all sorts of cool or exciting things and we thought it would be nice to share those links here. Instead of updating It’sAllTrue with “go here!” & “look at this!” posts, we’re going to save them up for Friday and give you five all at once. If you were looking forward to another missive from Mr. Rant, don’t worry. He’s still with us and will be featured on Tuesdays. Now, on to this week’s Friday Five…

  • Darth Vader Star Wars 1/6th Scale Review – MWCToys.com
    First up, we had to go with Michael Crawford. We first met him years ago when he would post on our old site and we (along with everyone else in the know) have been keeping up on his excellent review site ever since. This week, he applied his in-depth reviewing and excellent photography skills to Sideshow Collectible’s 1/6th Scale Darth Vader. Head on over for great pics and the detailed review.

  • Show & Tell – Hellboy Comic Action Figures – PoeGhostal.com
    If you’re not checking out Poe’s blog daily, you oughta be. Poe’s site is updated daily with news, reviews, and editorials. This week, he hit a home run with an in-depth show and tell of Mezco’s defunct Hellboy comic line. It’s a complete look at the life of the line, with photos and reviews of every figure released. It will be the one-stop resource for anyone looking for info on that line for years to come.
  • “Insight:” Hasbro Action Figure Photography Book – Raving Toy Maniac
    One of the most exciting pieces of toy news to come out this week was the announcement of Hasbro’s Insight. The book features the work of Gianni Lopergolo, a Hasbro photographer that revolutionized how the company marketed their toys. Mr. Lopergolo lives with ALS and the book’s sales will help benefit ALS charities. Check out RTM’s News page for large images of his work and the info on when & how to pick up a copy.
  • Super Powers Highlight – Advertising Line Art – ActionFigureInsider.com
    If you don’t know about Chip Cataldo, let me give you the low-down. This is a man that loves Super Powers. I thought I loved Super Powers, but I was way wrong. I just have the figures, the vehicles, the carrying case, and the Hall of Justice. I thought it ended there, but Chip keeps proving that Super Powers had much more to offer than just toys. This week, he showcases a new item to his collection: original Super Powers Advertising Line Art. Follow the link to check it out!
  • Blackest Night Reading Companion- DCComics.com
    I love Green Lantern. I have a favorite GL that I won’t name, but he likes to tend bar, paint murals, and wash his hands while Hal takes care of the real action. Despite that annoying lack of respect for one of my favorite characters, I still am a faithful Green Lantern comic buyer. This week was the kickoff of the biggest GL story ever: Blackest Night. I read the first issue and even though I have overall reservations, it rocked! To accompany their mini-crossover, DC has launched a Blackest Night mini-site with everything you need to know to keep up on it.
  • That’s it. Our inaugural five! Please check ’em out and let us know what you think! And if you have a link that you think should be showcased, drop us a line at fridayfive@itsalltrue.net.

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    Need to Know About