Most Requested Year-End Poll: The Winner

Last year, we featured eighteen Most Requested articles asking for figures from all over the toy kingdom. The requests ranged from cancelled lines to current lines, from 2" Minimates to 8" Hellboy figures, and we even threw in a juice drink for good measure. At the end of the year, we decided to start our first annual tradition, a runoff between those requests to see which one was really the Most Requested Figure of 2009. We let our readers decide who deserved that top spot.

After two rounds, and over a thousand votes cast, we have the results and are ready to announce our winner.

Most Requested Year-End Poll: Choose Your Own

This year, we've featured eighteen Most Requested articles. And although we really wanted each and everything we asked for, we also want to know which of the Most Requested Figures really is the most requested. And the best part is, you get to decide.

Before we get into the nominess, we decided on one ground rule. The figure still must require a request - they can't be announced/scheduled in anyway. This disqualified Martian Manhunter as his barcode is present in the Wal-Mart computers. We considered disqualifying Ghostbusters minimates, as two of the ones requested are in the third 4pk, but we've left it in as there are plenty of others that could use minimate treatment.

Before we get to the poll, here again, are the nominees.