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Battleground Teela


Last year, IAT held it’s 2010 Most Requested figure contest. Last year’s winner was none other than “Blonde Bikini” Teela. Released under the less hilarious, but more appropriate Battleground Teela moniker, she’s quickly moved from our wish lists to our shelves as June’s Quarterly MOTU figure.

Most Requested
2010 Final Vote!

3 voting is over! With nearly 900 votes in, the last four finalists have been selected. Yeah, four. We ended up with a tie for 3rd place in Round 3! Vigo, Rescue, Blonde Bikini Teela, & the Crime Syndicate are ready to join the others in the final round. Come in and vote for IAT's 2010 Most Requested Figure!

Most Requested Figures: DC Fan Poll Results


And the Most Requested Round One Semi-Finalists are...


Last year, we featured eighteen Most Requested articles asking for figures from all over the toy kingdom. The requests ranged from cancelled lines to current lines, from 2″ Minimates to 8″ Hellboy figures, and we even threw in a juice drink for good measure. At the end

Most Requested Semi-Finals, Round One


Last year, our readers voted DC Comic’s Mera as the Most Requested figure of 2009. This week, DC Direct announced a Red Lantern Mera figure in their Blackest Night line. Coincidence? We don’t think so! And while we’re still waiting for a proper Mera to find

Most Requested Figures: Jimmy Fallon!

Most Requested
Figures: Dino Riders!

Most Requested Figures: DC Direct's Watchmen (Comic-Based)