Most Requested Figures: DC Fan Poll Results

Twice now, Mattel and ToyFare have teamed up for DCUC fan polls. I’ve made no secret that I’m not a fan of, uh… fan polls. I don’t have an inherent problem with them. It’s just that the characters are rarely selected with care. Often enough, the winner can be guessed before polling even begins. I don’t have any ill will towards the two characters that won their spots in DCUC; I wanted them too. But I also wanted to see Mattel do a fan poll where a savvy reader wouldn’t instantly know the outcome. I wanted some suspense!

And the Most Requested Round One Semi-Finalists are…

Last year, we featured eighteen Most Requested articles asking for figures from all over the toy kingdom. The requests ranged from cancelled lines to current lines, from 2" Minimates to 8" Hellboy figures, and we even threw in a juice drink for good measure. At the end of the year, we started our first annual tradition, a runoff between those requests to see which one was really the Most Requested Figure of 2009. Our readers chose Mera (DC Comics) for that honor. This year (with a little help from Geoff Johns) Mera is getting her first action figure from DC Direct.

This year, we've broken the voting into three semi-final rounds and over the last seven days votes have been pouring to choose which four of our first twelve requests will go on to the Final Round this December. With over 1500 votes cast and counted, it's time for the results.

Most Requested Semi-Finals, Round One

Last year, our readers voted DC Comic's Mera as the Most Requested figure of 2009. This week, DC Direct announced a Red Lantern Mera figure in their Blackest Night line. Coincidence? We don't think so! And while we're still waiting for a proper Mera to find her way into DC Classics to cross her off our list, we'll be looking forward to picking up DC Direct's Red Lantern Mera this winter. Around the time she's expected to arrive in stores, we'll be voting on the 2010 Most Requested figure. But, we can't get there without some finalists. Today, we're asking you to pick the first three.

Most Requested Figures: Jimmy Fallon!

We get a lot of the same names in our suggestion box every week (Deadpool? Really?) and we get a lot of requests that we've long wanted ourselves (Zauriel, we won't forget you), but every once in awhile, a reader sends in a request that we hadn't considered. One reader, identifying himself only as Munch, sent in a suggestion for a figure that caught us all by surprise this week.

Munch wants to see some action figures made of his favorite shows on television. Normally, that wouldn’t be a surprising request. Lost. Heroes. 24. Those all have toys, right?. Ah, but Munch is a self-professed late night talk show addict. Yep. He wants figures of his favorite late night hosts. He didn’t weigh in on Jay vs. Conan, but spoke highly of one in particular, Jimmy Fallon.

Most Requested
Figures: Dino Riders!

I’ve got the lead on this column again this week, so I decided to go big. One mere figure isn’t enough to satiate my toy needs today. No, instead I want the return of an entire line.

When I was a kid, I loved dinosaurs. I think that’s pretty normal. Dinosaurs were giant, ferocious, mysterious beasts. With thunderous roars, they stalked and stomped their ancient land, battling each other with armored and spiked hides. And I imagined myself right there along ide them. Maybe riding them, fighting Rulons, with a giant missile launcher or two. Well, that was when I was a kid, and things were much simpler. Now, of course, as an adult it might sound silly to think of humans riding dinosaurs decked out in tech and fighting against aliens and mutants, but I don't care. Nothing I've learned can take away from the awesomeness that was Dino Riders.