Most Requested Figures: Jimmy Fallon!

We get a lot of the same names in our suggestion box every week (Deadpool? Really?) and we get a lot of requests that we’ve long wanted ourselves (Zauriel, we won’t forget you), but every once in awhile, a reader sends in a request that we hadn’t considered. One reader, identifying himself only as Munch, sent in a suggestion for a figure that caught us all by surprise this week.

Munch wants to see some action figures made of his favorite shows on television. Normally, that wouldn’t be a surprising request. Lost. Heroes. 24. Those all have toys, right?. Ah, but Munch is a self-professed late night talk show addict. Yep. He wants figures of his favorite late night hosts. He didn’t weigh in on Jay vs. Conan, but spoke highly of one in particular, Jimmy Fallon.

“Oh no, he didn’t!” Yeah, I did. Jimmy Fallon. Really. Some of the other IAT staffers thought I was nuts to pull his name out of the pile. But I’ll tell you what I told them. Why not? Strictly speaking, what we have here is a guy that does 200 shows a year with more than a million people tuning in every night. If a run of 10,000 He-Man figures is sufficient for a successful toy line, then only .001% of Jimmy’s Late Night audience would need to buy the figure to make it viable. In fact, when I put it that way, I’m surprised that no one has tried making a line of toys based on TV personalities before. I feel like we’ve opened up a new door here at IAT and you can bet you’ll be seeing a few more requests along these lines in the future.

But why Jimmy, you ask? I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t ready to let Conan go when Jimmy came along. The biggest upside to the announcement for me was that I was going to get to bed earlier. Ouch. But then Jimmy started his show, and it was rocky at first, but then as the shows piled up, something happened. I want to say it started as early as 7th Floor West (and continued with Real Housewives of Late Night and LATE). I started staying up. By the time Conan came back, he and Jimmy became a one-two punch for me. And now, a year later, after all the Tonight show mess, I find some respite in Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Sure, I have to find something else to watch between him and the local news, but after that hour is up, I want to turn back to NBC and see what Jimmy is going to do. I know it’s going to be weird. I know it’s going to be ridiculous. I know I’m going to laugh. And that’s a huge turnaround. His show got me to give it a chance and it won me over. That doesn’t happen often. I think it’s because he’s fresh, he’s ambitious, and because… well, he’ll do anything. I just watched him cover himself in celery and get lowered into a giant bloody mary. I’ve never seen anyone be the celery stalk in a giant bloody mary. I’m not that rich. But Jimmy Fallon just did it for all of us for free. How could I not fall for this show? He wasn’t able to reunite the Saved by the Bell cast,* but he’s played Beer Pong with Betty White and covered the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as Neil Young. That makes up for it. He’s doing something different every night and I love it.

* – We’re looking at you Kelly Kapowski. We love you on White Collar, but why have you forsaken us?

Now, it’s not just Jimmy that makes the show great. I love the Roots and recognize the hard work they do creating so many original pieces. I love Higgins, Bashir Salahuddin, and A. D. Miles. I love the aforementioned parodies of popular TV shows. I love Thank You letters. I love the games with the guests. To reiterate, I love the show. Though, I admit to wanting to punch Vault in the face every time he starts his own version of Head Swap. Every silver lining has a cloud, right?

Essentially, Jimmy Fallon isn’t what I was expecting. As long as he stays innovative, I’m going to keep watching. And for that, he not only gets my seal of approval, but I’m more than happy to include him as a Most Requested Candidate for the April 16th vote. But that begs the question, what kind of Jimmy Fallon figure do I want?

Ideally, something near the six inch scale that has enough articulation to stand and sit. Being able to do a few signature poses from the Jimmy Fallon Dip wouldn’t hurt either. In a perfect world, I’d want Jimmy to come with a diorama of his set. Not a full one, but his desk, a chair for himself, and a chair for a guest. Think of all the possibilities… Jimmy could finally score an interview with Batman, He-Man, or yes, even Deadpool. The display opportunities are endless.

But we don’t want Jimmy just so he can interview our other favorite figures. He’s got plenty of things he could do on his own. He should come with his iPhone, two celebrity pictures for a head swap, a pile of thank you cards, an extra bandaged hand, and a high five hand at least. All of that would make for a pretty sweet Late Night Figure.

Ultimately, I think the world is ready for Late Night TV figures. I’m down with Jimmy Fallon leading the way. He’ll do anything, so I’m sure he’d be happy to be an action figure.

14 thoughts on “Most Requested Figures: Jimmy Fallon!

  1. I love the idea of it having the diorama. Five years ago, I could totally see this happening. I don’t know about now.

    1. There was a very nice toy period in the early ’00s. The Mummy had playsets, the McF figures were at a peak. Mezco had that (still) amazing Captain Nemo. Those were good times.

      I still think a smaller toy company could get a nice Jimmy w/ diorama set done.

  2. Got to do the Head Swap!

    I would even buy his limited edition translucent stealth mode.

  3. Hehe. I’d buy it. He should be movie masters scale so he can interview Aaron Eckhart, Christian Bale, and William Atherton!

    1. Back when musician figures were the rage, I was always secretly hoping for the Roots.

      I still don’t know why they’re on Late Night, but at least I get to hear something from them every night.

  4. #TeamAndy

    Forget Quints and Andy Barker, Andy Richter Rules the Universe is a MUST!
    Two Words: PUPPY SUIT!

    also, “Tina Turner” and the “NBC Sauna” skit (Matt Laurer sold separately).
    and lest we forget, Andy was the first to see The Robot during the Staring Contest.

    throw in a Masturbating Bear (unmasked JC head variant?) and we’ve got ourselves a line!

    oh, and that orange coiffed scarecrow, too.

  5. I doubt people would buy a Jimmy Fallon toy, because people don’t care about him that much. Now, Conan O’Brien, there’s a late night dude who could get a toy.

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