Most Requested Round Two
The Semi-Finalists are…

Another round of Most Requested is over. The selected reader requests were placed in a head-to-head vote and with nearly 2000 votes cast, the finalists going on to December have been decided. Which requests fell on deaf ears? Which requests will join our Round One winners? It's time to find out.

Round Two
Most Requested Semi-Finals

It's come time again to whittle down our mid-year requests and send them to December as semi-finalists! We've got a strange batch of candidates this round including a disqualification and the surprising return a Round One Runner-Up! Voting will be open for two weeks, but don't wait! Come in and cast your vote today!

Most Requested Figures: Jimmy Fallon!

We get a lot of the same names in our suggestion box every week (Deadpool? Really?) and we get a lot of requests that we've long wanted ourselves (Zauriel, we won't forget you), but every once in awhile, a reader sends in a request that we hadn't considered. One reader, identifying himself only as Munch, sent in a suggestion for a figure that caught us all by surprise this week.

Munch wants to see some action figures made of his favorite shows on television. Normally, that wouldn’t be a surprising request. Lost. Heroes. 24. Those all have toys, right?. Ah, but Munch is a self-professed late night talk show addict. Yep. He wants figures of his favorite late night hosts. He didn’t weigh in on Jay vs. Conan, but spoke highly of one in particular, Jimmy Fallon.