Most Requested Semi-Finals, Round One

Last year, our readers voted DC Comic’s Mera as the Most Requested figure of 2009. This week, DC Direct announced a Red Lantern Mera figure in their Blackest Night line. Coincidence? We don’t think so! And while we’re still waiting for a proper Mera to find her way into DC Classics to cross her off our list, we’ll be looking forward to picking up DC Direct’s Red Lantern Mera this winter. Around the time she’s expected to arrive in stores, we’ll be voting on the 2010 Most Requested figure. But, we can’t get there without some finalists. Today, we’re asking you to pick the first three.

Based on your e-mails and feedback, we selected twelve characters/properties for Round One and have featured them in this column since the beginning of the year. Today, it’s time for you to decide which of those twelve should make it to the final three.

Before we get to the poll, here again, are the twelve first quarter nominees.

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Crimson Avenger – Mattel/DCD General Hammond – DST Watchmen – DCD
Rita Repulsa – Bandai U.S. Agent – Hasbro Samus – Nintendo
Crisis on 2 Earths – Mattel Dino Riders – Mattel Jimmy Fallon – NBC
Panthor – Mattel Solomon Kane – Paradox Movie Masters – Mattel

For Round One, you’ll choose three of the above nominees (or a write-in candidate) to advance to the year-end finals this December. Voting for this round will continue until 11:59pm CST, Thursday, April 29th. On April 30th, we’ll reveal which three finalists your votes sent to the next round of IAT’s 2010 Most Requested Figure.

Finally, there is one ground rule in our Most Requested Contest. The figure still must require a request – they can’t be announced or scheduled in anyway. If any of the nominees you send to December are included in an announcement before the finals begin, they’ll be disqualfied and the next in line will take their place.

You can choose any three. If you want to choose three write-ins, simply write-in three characters (along with the company/line) separated by commas. If you choose write-ins, you should take a minute to campaign for them below and hopefully sway others to your cause!

Thank you for your participation and be sure to check back on the 30th to see which three made the finals!

33 thoughts on “Most Requested Semi-Finals, Round One

  1. This was a tough choice. There’s a lot of stuff on there I’ve wanted for a long time.

  2. Expansion of Movie Masters has to win. A vote for that is a vote for Gordon, Wonder Woman, Reeve Superman, etc. I’d vote for it three times if I could.

  3. i went w/ US Agent who needed a fig last decade, solomon kane who needed a fig last century, and i wrote in extendar cuz he’s FRIGGIN’ EXTENDAR!

    1. I wish Mattel would get to Extendar. To get to anyone that really needed some major tooling would be nice.

  4. Panthor’s a no-brainer for me, but he will get made. I vote Ambush Bug. Irwin Schwabb complete with the head of Julie Shwartz. Yeah.

  5. I could’ve gone creative and done some write-ins, but I went with the format.

    So I picked Movie Masters, Samus from Metroid, and Comic Watchmen.

    1. I didn’t want to do any write-ins either, but I did mail in some suggestions a few weeks ago. I’m hoping one of them makes it into round two!

      1. I’m opposite. I’m so glad I read the comments section and heard some folks write-ins.

  6. COTE also. Just make the ones that haven’t been seen in other lines like Superwoman and the headliners – Batman/Superman. Of course Matty would want his way with whatever WB will let him get away with and the shoddy QC.

  7. Samus because quite a few others are sure things, US Agent is an easy redo of Cap; Panthor will be a re-tool of Battle Cat. Samus has however has no big company backing and not counting a couple statues hasn’t seen the light of day

    1. You would think that US Agent is an easy redo of Cap, but would you believe that the only time a Cap figure was made into USAgent was in the crappy Toy Biz line almost twenty years ago? He hasn’t a had a figure since. No Marvel Legend, No Marvel Select, No Mavel Univese. Nada.

  8. i totally would have voted dino riders… were they not produced by mattel. i simply can’t endorse another line from them. i’m so tired of their crap, i’m done w/ mattel product for a long time once motuc and dcuc are over, no matter what license they pick up.

    is there a thread about this most requested vote in the forum? surely we could talk there more at length, right?

        1. wait a second, roll in the muck? we don’t even know if drude is hot or not! 😉

  9. DINO RIDERS!!!!

    SAMUS ( in different suits!)!!!!

    and watchmen….

    but really only the first two

  10. Rita Repulsa!!!!!! Why on earth they didn’t make her and put her in the Power Ranger multi-pack is beyond me.

    Panthor… because you HAVE to have him with Battle Cat! It’s the law.

    and Jimmy Fallon because it’s JIMMYfreakinFALLON. Does he know he’s in a poll to have a toy made of him? Does he know there’s a whole article on it? Someone needs to let that man know of this event… >:)

  11. Much more interesting choices than last time, in my opinion. Went with Samus (Figma, please!), Dino Riders and Movie Masters. Almost went with CoTE – just watched it and loved it – but I find I have little interest in the non-comic designs. Sure, they’re cool, but most were used on characters without speaking parts or spoken names. We do need a DCU Owlman, though, for starters, and NOT the Silver Age version.

  12. I voted for Dino-Riders, since the toy moulds already exist surely Mattel and 4H can’t ruin them….having said that, Mattel’s distribution will still be crap and they will try selling them at marked up prices or probably through Matty.

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