Most Requested Figures: Solomon Kane

April 16th is quickly approaching and with only two slots left in our first round of Most Requested Candidates, I wanted to take the next to last week for myself and nominate a character that I’ve been waiting on an action figure for as long as I can remember. This is a character that I feel has been much neglected in the action figure area, not to mention merchandising in general. Before Kull conquered and Conan barbarized, Robert E. Howard created the devout, wicked punisher, Solomon Kane.

First published in 1928, Solomon Kane was a different kind of “Sword and Sorcery” hero then that of Howard’s later barbarian characters. Self assured and rarely brooding, Kane knew his God given purpose in the world was to punish evil men and eradicate the hordes of Satan that walked the Earth. He wandered from his home in England to France, Germany, and Africa, rescuing damsels in distress, fighting bands of pirates and slave traders, dealing with evil sorcerers, and dispatching a legion of vampires and their Queen. And these are just in the stories that Howard wrote.

Since Howard’s death, Kane has lived on through the pens of others, taking his adventures in many forms. There have been more short stories and novels. In the 1970’s and 80’s Marvel published his adventures in comic book form. Currently, Dark Horse has comic publication rights and has published a mix of original and adapted stories both in print and on the web. Pinnacle Entertainment published a role playing game based on Kane and his world of dark horror. There’s even various fan projects out there, one of them a decently animated retelling of “The Return of Sir Richard Grenville”. Last but not least, is the live action movie, starring James Purefoy and directed by Michael J. Bassett. This movie seems to be in limbo in regards to a US release.

It’s been eighty-two years since Kane first swashbuckled his way off the page, but that hasn’t translated into merchandise. A few years ago there was a Bowen statue, which was cool, but I want an action figure. I’m not really sure why a company like Neca hasn’t picked up the license yet. It wouldn’t be the first time they grabbed a license for a one-off figure. Even so, where was McFarlane when they were doing those Conan the Barbarian toys? Or even from the Legendary Comic Book Heroes line. They planned for two versions of Conan from his Marvel comics’ days, but there were no plans for Kane before the line was discontinued.

The point is I want this figure, and I want it to be good. Got that toy companies? Like I said, I would prefer Neca to pick it up, they would do it justice in sculpt and detail. I want him to have a stone cold visage that would look great in an action pose, or just standing there being badass. He should have a removable cape and slouch hat for more options. He should come with his sword and dirk, both with sheaths. He should have at least two flint lock pistols that can be stuck into his belt. A rifle with a strap, so he can hang it over his shoulder. And, last but certainly not least, he needs his magic Juju Staff.

This is what I want, and I don’t think I’m the only one. If a toy company will just make it happen, I promise I’ll buy it.


6 thoughts on “Most Requested Figures: Solomon Kane

  1. Solomon Kane is a devil-slaying badass and the trailers for the new movie look amazing and really seem to do the literary work justice. I wouldn’t be surprised if Neca snatches up the license. A really articulated version like their new Dante’s Inferno figure would be perfect!

  2. I know! That movie looks like it was written by Howard, at least from the trailers I’ve seen. I can’t wait to watch it.

  3. i don’t hold out hope for great toys… has a howard property yet gotten really good toys… BUT the movie looks badassed and a half!

    1. The Conan figures from Legendary Heroes were pretty good. Even the McFarlane ones were good, they just were more like statues, like every other McFarlane figure.

  4. I’d be all over this. I pick up any REH-bad figures that come out, and Kane is among my favorites. I’ve been wanting an all-inclusive line based on the work of REH or years now.

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