Ask Matty – April 1st Edition

Ask Matty
April 1st, 2010

Please find below the bi-monthly answers to your “Ask Mattel” questions. Toy Guru is currently out of the office but asked us to provide answers on his behalf. We know he is the “Toy Guru” and an expert on all things Matty Collector so to keep the same quality of answers you’re readers are used to, we consulted with an answer expert…

1) Fans ask: According to TV Guide, Attack of the Show is set to debut the Mattel SDCC exclusives on Monday evening. Do you think fans will go crazy?

Signs point to yes.

2) Zebra Batman asks: Can I please be given a green light?

Reply hazy try again.

3) SDCC Attendees Ask: Will we be spending a lof of time in line?

You may rely on it.

4) Keldor asks: I used to have these really cool swords, is there any chance… y’know…

My reply is no.

5) Digital River asks: How fast do you expect Evil Lyn to sell out?

Better not tell you now.

As you’re probably already aware, our friends at Mattel decided to have some fun in the spirit of the day and let one of their famous products handle the answering duties. I’d say he did a good job, but… well, the truth is, we decided to play along and tailored some questions for his answers. Still give him a good shake the next time you see him. Enjoy your April Fool’s Day and be careful who you believe…

11 thoughts on “Ask Matty – April 1st Edition

  1. dude… this is bizarre… i guess… i just don’t quite understand the april fools answers… sure, matty is people too… but come on… oh well… in truth, they’re not realy considerably more obtuse than several of the answers matty gives… which makes the joke, to me, that much less funny.

    1. I find it less bizarre than the original questions, but yeah. It’s also weird that we received them from a different person. What I’d really like to find out is that someone at Mattel is punking TG and sending these out to cause him some grief. That would be hilarious.

      Hopefully, the real answers are forthcoming though. Otherwise, we’ll be resubmitting the same questions again I suppose.

  2. At least you’re making lemonade out of Matty’s lemons. This would have been funnier had Matty put any thought into the 8-ball answers and matched them up better. A lot of the questions ended up with maddening answers.

    1. Well, to be fair a Magic 8-Ball can’t always give appropriate answers. I’d like to think that the folks that answered had an 8-Ball handy and actually shook it 125 some odd times to get the answers! XD

  3. People get annoyed, but I’ll always love the Magic 8-ball!! (especially on the back of a leather jacket!)

    1. that leaked earlier so for now, yes, i’d assume that’s legit… odd, but legit.

      my house just blossomed… i’m drying some fresh bay leaves in a warm oven and ventilating heavily, but the bay just got warm enough to activate the oils… my house smells GREAT!!!

  4. Speaking of Keldor, someone should have asked if his armor’s shade of purple would match the single-card Skeletor or the “VS Luthor” version. I’m sure we could have gotten a “signs point to yes” or “my sources say no” answer.

  5. You know, it would explain a lot if there was a secret Matty 8 Ball answering the questions. “I can’t discuss character selection.” “We’ve retired the hyper-detailed anime style.”

  6. i hope though that you guys get actual answers today… poe apparently already did.

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