Most Requested Figures: Expanding Movie Masters

I don't have a lot of Movie Masters figures. I have Ghostbusters. I view them as Movie Masters. I have a "Ghoul" Batman and a Harvey Dent. I'd probably have more, but I'm not a fan of the slightly smaller scale they're in. That aside, there are more than a few characters that I would buy if they were Movie Masters. But I'm not sure what Mattel really wants to do with the line. I don't know if Mattel is sure. The Dark Knight rollout was... disastrous. I know that movie toys exist in a weird, separate reality from their licensed brethren, but very little seemed to go right from day one. It's a shame because I sit back and I can see the potential of a line of DC TV/Film figures...

Most Requested Figures: Solomon Kane

April 16th is quickly approaching and with only two slots left in our first round of Most Requested Candidates, I wanted to take the next to last week for myself and nominate a character that I've been waiting on an action figure for as long as I can remember. This is a character that I feel has been much neglected in the action figure area, not to mention merchandising in general. Before Kull conquered and Conan barbarized, Robert E. Howard created the devout, wicked punisher, Solomon Kane.