Most Requested
2010 Final Vote!

Round 3 voting is over! With nearly 900 votes in, the last three four finalists have been selected. Yeah, four. We ended up with a tie for 3rd place in Round 3! Vigo, Rescue, Blonde Bikini Teela, & the Crime Syndicate are ready to join the others in the final round. Come vote for IAT’s 2010 Most Requested Figure!

This year we featured 33 Most Requested articles with submissions ranging across the board. In April, August, & December, your votes whittled those 33 Requests into the eleven finalists you see below. The list is mainly a mix of DC & Marvel characters, but there are a couple classic TV & movie villains, two fondly remembered toy lines, and a classic MOTU character in a unique look. Which of these eleven will be the Most Requested figure of the year? You tell us…

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“Blonde Bikini” Teela Ghostbusters Vigo Iron Man – Rescue
Crisis on Two Earths Crime Syndicate
Dino Riders Rita Repulsa Freedom Fighters
DC Classics Gangbuster C.O.P.S. MU Invisible Woman

You may choose only one. Voting for this round will continue until 11:59pm CST, Friday, December 31st. We’ll reveal which the winner and IAT’s 2010 Most Requested Figure next week.

Voting has Closed! Check back soon for the results!

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2010 Final Vote!

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