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I don’t know how to start this article. For Scareglow or Man-At-Arms, I could regale you with memories of childhood past. For Goddess or He-Ro, I could talk about how it’s cool to discover these old characters that didn’t make the cut in my youth. For Zodak or King Grayskull, I could talk about my attitudes toward the 200x and how ready I am for an all-new character made specifically for MOTU Classics. But Wun-Dar? What do I say? He is all those things and yet none of them at the same time. As the Savage He-Man, he has a vintage toy, sort of, but he’s not part of the vintage mythos. As Wun-Dar, he’s technically the only original character in MOTU Classics so far, but not really. He’s really an homage to a legend; a tongue-in-cheek nod to a genuine MOTU mystery.

The vintage Savage He-Man’s origins are unknown and has been the focus of plenty of speculation. The primary discussion thread at He-Man.Org is a seven-year old, seventy page behemoth. Simply put, in the 90s a vintage He-Man surfaced. He sported a black belt, black boots, and brown hair. It was believed that he was offered as a mail-in with Wonder Bread, though neither Wonder Bread nor Mattel can confirm that. Now, various other bits of myth have been added or taken away through the years, including conspiracies about Conan, the black Zodac armor, etc. If you’d like to hear about all those details, I highly recommend this video by Jii Dee:

You can view part two here.

When Mattel decided to offer a subscription-only figure with the 2010 Club Eternia program, I imagine Wun-Dar seemed like the perfect fit. As a straight repaint of He-Man with Zodac’s armor and redecoed accessories, he’d require no new tooling. He was also a character that could be offered in the subscription without much uproar.

He was a good choice. I wasn’t sure about the subscription program, but I knew I wanted this figure and it was enough to push me over the edge and sign up. The figure may be a simple repaint, even simpler than Faker, but there’s just something fun about owning him.

In addition to being a re-colored He-Man, Wun-Dar includes the black armor and gun from Zodac (which, in turn, caused the Weapons Pak to have the lilac armor), as well as a black sword and half-sword. These accessories make for some interesting display options*. I’m having a hard time deciding between having him wear the armor and carry the pistol or running around in just his loincloth with his trusty sword.

* – Except for the half sword, I’m sick of it.

In one more nod to his mysterious origins, Wun-Dar includes a loaf of bread for an accessory. It’s a cute item, but it doesn’t really have a use. Plus, it’s a little darker than I’d like, so I had to give Wun-Dar the real deal. Well, at least a better plastic representation of the real deal. Continue to Page 2…

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Wun-Dar Review

  1. I had no interest in Wun-Dar until I saw a pics of him wearing the brown Beast Man armor from the Battle Pack. Damn, he looks slick.

    1. I saw that too. My weapons pack isn’t here yet, but I’m going to try it out.

      Oh, man I have a lot of work to do for that review…

    1. On eBay! The seller didn’t know the origins, but I think it came from a Tyco refrigerator set that was Barbie-complimentary so to speak. Mattel used to have something similar, but the were made of solid plastic piece and painted like a bag.

      I bought that bread back months ago when we thought Wun-Dar would be here in Feb. It’s been sitting here quietly, waiting to debut. I didn’t want to use it before he got here. LOL

  2. And I have to ask about that skeleton figure… There’s something about it that makes the design look familiar but that’s where I get lost.

    (BTW, that was a lot of fun to read and I’m not just talking about the photos!)

    1. Thanks!

      Below, Kyle is correct about the skeleton. It’s a GREAT piece. It’s technically too tall for MOTU but the dimensions work out with some of the armor and weapons. I keep it with my Mezco comic Hellboy stuff.

  3. Awesome pics! I loved the one with WD vs Scareglow. And the “why didn’t the Goddess…” are priceless!

    1. It was so hard waiting on those. We’ve been holding on to them since San Diego. And they kept pushing Wun-Dar back… LOL

      I’m glad you liked ’em!

  4. You’ve ruined Wun-Dar! He’ll always be the idiot He-Man after those last two pics!! LOL

  5. this stinkin’ repaint is growing on me… and i like the idea of a black sword of he… methinks i may have some mythosin’ to do… all these half-swords can’t ALL Be the sword of he!

  6. This whole ‘Sword Of He’ thing is crap….listen up Mattel, its ‘The Sword Of Greyskull’.
    Excellent review by the way.

  7. This figure is nice for novelty. But after the initial impression wears you’re just left with a boring He-Man repaint. Grayskull was at least a better exclusive and a far better designed figure with his intricate packaging.

    Matty seems to be going the extra mile with the joke releases as of late. Adam as an accessory for Orko, Mo-Larr, and Wun-Dar’s bread accessory. Makes me wonder what they have dreamed up for the 2011 figure. Is it really Vikor? Or Beast Man done in a more savage form (is that even possible?) as Red Beast from the original “fighting foe men” concept?

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