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Most Requested Year-End Poll: Choose Your Own

This year, we’ve featured eighteen Most Requested articles. And although we really wanted each and everything we asked for, we also want to know which of the Most Requested Figures really is the most requested. And the best part is, you get to decide.

Before we get into the nominess, we decided on one ground rule. The figure still must require a request – they can’t be announced/scheduled in anyway. This disqualified Martian Manhunter as his barcode is present in the Wal-Mart computers. We considered disqualifying Ghostbusters minimates, as two of the ones requested are in the third 4pk, but we’ve left it in as there are plenty of others that could use minimate treatment.

Before we get to the poll, here again, are the nominees.

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Modern Era Covergirl – Hasbro Hellboy Comic Line – Mezco Zebra Batman – Mattel
JLU Toyman – Mattel More 25th Joes – Hasbro Rocketeer – Disney
Ghostbusters Minimates – DST Xevoz – Hasbro/Stikfas Ecto Cooler – Minute Maid
Swamp Thing – Mattel Bruce Wayne – Mattel Doctor Voodoo – Hasbro
Samhain – Mattel Wind Raider Pilot – Mattel Mera – Mattel
Arkillo – Mattel Extendar – Mattel

The voting will be conducted in two rounds. The first round starts today and will run until 11:59pm on Tuesday, the 22nd. In this round, you’re being asked to choose three characters. And, in the event that you just can’t find three, we’ve included an “Other” option so that you can add your own.

Then, on the 23rd, we’ll reveal the results and the top three vote getters will go head-to-head in Round Two. Round Two will run from the 23rd until the end of the year. And on January 1st, we’ll crown our Most Requested figure/line of 2009.

You can choose any three. If you want to choose three write-ins, simply write-in three characters (along with the company/line) separated by commas. If you choose write-ins, you can campaign for them below and hopefully sway others to your cause!

Thank you for your participation and be sure to check back on the 23rd to see the results and vote in Round Two!

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