Most Requested Figures: Mera
(DC Classics & DC Direct)

Sometimes as toy collectors, we can look across our displays and, no matter how many toys we have, only see the ones that aren’t there. They are the missing figures. The characters toy companies never got around to, never thought were important enough, or worse – the figures companies felt the need to show us at comicon in the “We’re Never Gonna Make These” case…

There are superheroes I’ve always been drawn toward. My interest in Dr. Fate and Firestorm began as soon as I saw them and hasn’t waned in twenty years. And as I’ve continued with comics since my days as a wee tot, I’ve read on as new characters have been introduced and become a fan of many of them as well. But one thing that doesn’t tend to happen is being made to care about an old character. It’s unusual for a writer to take a character I’m already familiar with, and without retconning or warping them in some way, make me care about them when I hadn’t before. But Geoff Johns has done just that with a character in Blackest Night: Mera.

I didn’t dislike Mera before Blackest Night, I just really didn’t look past Aquaman to see her. And though I do have to give Johns credit for making Mera the hottest hero in the DC Universe, he did have to finish off what Bill Willingham and Kurt Busiek started and kill just about every other Aquaman family character first. That’s comics though, a little bit you love and a little bit you hate. Anyway, Mera is finally on the minds of almost every DC Universe reader. And many (including myself) would like to see her have her own limited series or even a monthly title. But even if she received a book, even though she’s a vetted, decades-old DC character with hundreds of appearances, the one thing she’d still be missing is an action figure.

Now, let’s be up front and point out that Mera has received some merchandise love before. Back in the great heyday of comics that was the late sixties, Mera pulled down a few 2″ figurines and a 12″ doll. And if you’re into them, Tonner has offered up two more 12″ dolls in recent years. DC Direct finally got in on some Mera action with a mini-bust, but I’ll be blunt: not good enough.

This is Mera we’re talking here. The wife (ex-wife? widow?) of Aquaman. She first appeared in 1963 as the queen of her home dimension, Xebel, and began aiding Aquaman in his adventures. One of the components of those sixties comics (that seems to be lacking today) was the relationships that some heroes had with their wives and families. Mera aided Aquaman frequently in his adventures and still found time to marry him and give birth to their child, Arthur, Jr., back in those sixties issues. Interestingly, the Ideal Company even chose to show the Aquaman family on the Super Queen Mera’s box art (see Doll Reference.Com for more info). For some reason, I find that really cool. I miss the days of heroes having actual relationships in comics and I wasn’t even alive when they were printed! Her relationship with Aquaman has been strained by various writers since then, and, like many female leads, she has been prone to being written out-of-character when she does show up in modern times. But for right now, that seems to be over.

In the Green Lantern crossover, Blackest Night, she’s taken the fanbase by surprise. I wasn’t expecting much out of her when BN started. Johns seemed to be leading us down the path that Garth was finally going to be Aquaman only to pull a switcheroo and leave Mera as the last woman standing. And even though they regenerate thanks to those black rings, Mera’s already delivered a couple good death blows to those nasty Black Lanterns. It’s been great to follow her character’s story arc so far and things are looking even better now that, along with Flash and the Atom, she’s poised to be in the core group of heroes that have to defend Earth from the Black Lantern invasion. On the DC message boards, fans are clamoring for her to receive her own series and for DC Direct to produce a figure in their Blackest Night line. Not bad for a character that many might have dismissed if asked six months ago.

Despite her newfound success, Mera’s already made it to the small screen a handful of times too. First, she was voiced by Diane Maddox back in 1967 on the The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure. She appeared “Timm style,” in what is still one of my favorite JLU episodes ever, “The Enemy Below”. And she’s already shown up briefly in a few scenes of Batman: Brave the Bold. Mera’s had some other non-comic appearances too, even her own Hostess Ad. How many DC wives can lay claim to that?

Finally, we have the strike while the iron is hot argument. It’s time for a Mera in action figure form. The character is hotter than she’s ever been and she’s on the minds of DC Fans everywhere. We’re shouting out to both companies currently creating DC figures on this one. For DC Direct, it would seem ridiculous to not have a Mera figure in one of the upcoming Blackest Night waves. Blackest Night fans are sure to pick her up and there’s plenty of Aquaman fans (admit it, we all like him a little bit) that wouldn’t mind finally having a Mera figure for their DC Direct display. While a DC Direct figure is sure to be tall and hopefully well-sculpted, it’s not going to let Mattel off the hook.

For them, Mera’s already mostly done. A standard female buck (no uni-boob, please) and the Jayna collar would complete most of the figure. A new sculpted head (and maybe flipper feet for those of you who really, really need them) would be all that’s needed for Mera. And while a DC Classic version is the one I want to see most, I’m sure the DCIH fans wouldn’t mind a bone thrown their way in that scale. And JLU fans would be happy to see an animated Mera as well. Basically, it’s Mera’s fifteen minutes, Mattel – make the most of it. Just don’t call her Aquawoman.

Readers, are you ready for Mattel or DC Direct to make a Mera figure? Which version would you be most interested in? What subtle costume details are important to you? White collar or green? Five-point crown or three? Flippers or no flippers? Let us know in the comments section!

51 thoughts on “Most Requested Figures: Mera
(DC Classics & DC Direct)

  1. I’m up for this big time. Blackest Night has been a-maz-ing so far and I’ll take as many figures as I can get from it.

    1. For DC Direct, I really hope they continue you with the more alien lanterns. I’d love to see Vice & Dex-Starr, Warth, Arkillo, Slushh, and others.

      And DC Classics needs to branch out and give us some rainbow Hals, Laira, Lyssa Drak, Parallax, Kylax, etc. that will be in scale.

      I think I’m willing to abdanon my want of Guy Gardner: Warrior as a variant, to get Guy Gardner: Red Lantern. Tough choice for me, though.

  2. Dude, you don’t have to write an entire article explaining why we need Mera.

    Red Hair and a bod like an Atlantean goddess, that’s we need to know!

    That and I’m sure everyone has fantasized about The Little Mermaid…no? Oh, okay then… >_>;;

  3. I’m ready for a Mera figure, and an Aqualad, and a Tempest, and a Dolphin, and an Aquagirl, and yeah, all of them is fine with me.

    I would rather have Mattel produce one since the DC Direct one will surely be too tall.

  4. This is your best more requested yet. A great DC character that’s on the bubble and needs pushed over.

    I probably would skip the 50ft tall Aquawoman that DC Direct would likely throw together, but I do want her enough that I’d willingly take a bow-legged, misproportioned DC Classics figure.

    And, yes, young fan, you do have to do the flippers. New feet are a must.

  5. That Hostess ad is HILARIOUS! Where do the pies even come from?! ROFL.

    And Manta Men… GAWD, I LOVED Dr. Thirteen! I want a figure of him!!!

  6. Let’s be honest here. Who cares? Yeah, she’s been thrust into something in Blackest Night, but she’s what? fourth tier? fifth tier?

    Maybe after we get Martian Manhunter and the other first and second tier characters that Mattel is abandoning, we can do something like Mera. But not before.

    1. If they made every first and second tier character first, then the line would be over. The point of this line is to make as many DC characters as possible. To do that they need to stretch out the heavy hitters so the people who aren’t going to buy every character will stay interested.

      Martian Manhunter is coming, but we need to make sure Mera is also.

    1. I knew of her, but the comics in my lifetime have never done a good job with the wives/girlfriends. You have to go back and read the old stuff to appreciate them.

  7. Ooh, Mera. Good call. I’d definitely be down for that. I’d kinda like to see them utilize some Big Barda parts and sculpt some new stuff in there and give her the scale mail outfit that she sometimes wears. I’d take a standard body re-use with a new awesome 4H headsculpt in a pinch, though.

  8. I would love to see an entire Aquafamily, Mera’s a good start though. I loves me some White Fish.

  9. I love this blog and totally want Mera in: DCUC, JLU, Action League. I’d buy her in DCIH, and I’d buy a DCD one too. Bring it!

  10. She looked in JLU. IMO, seems every JLU incarnation looked better than anything DC or WB can pull out of its ass these days. that includes Mattel’s half assed classics. Pure epic fail these Wave 10-13. I have no hope for this line in 2010.

    1. I did enjoy her JLU look. I liked her crazy hair in Brave/Bold too.

      I disagree about the upcoming waves of classics though. Well, I’m still not hot on wave 12, but waves 11 and 13 are great for me. Particularly 13 – it will be the first time I’m excited to buy more than three of the seven figures.

    2. I do kinda wish they would make Ambush Bug as he appeared in the World’s Finest Elseworlds story with Batgirl and Supergirl. Awesome armor on that bug!

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