22 thoughts on “Amusing Articulations: Another day, Another toy run…

  1. dude, those DCUC are on clearance, I’d totally pick up extras. Hell, everything there is on clearance.

        1. Oh, one of those.

          Most of the ones near me did this also, but I never saw anything on clearance.

  2. I saw this on 4Chan just now.

    I particularly like the Transformers Crossovers in the picture. Those are abominations.

  3. Looks exactly the same as three months ago when I last actually attempted to look for figures at Wal-Mart. How does it feel to be hanging with the “People of Wal-Mart”? You can stereotype action figure collectors and scalpers as white trash and illegal immigrants. Sad but true.

    And seriously, start buying stuff online. I can’t find even basic items at the local drugstore and its becoming more and more of a habit to get everyday things from the web.

    1. Well, the thing here is this is more of a shout out to all the frustrated fans than my own situation. This photo comes from an out-of-the-way Wal-Mart and not one of my regular ones.

      Where I live, the Wal-Marts are clean, the associates are generally helpful (at least the non-seasonal ones), and it’s not really hard to find newer toys.

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