Matty on Facebook: Evil Lyn in April, Wave 11 Details, & More

Today on Facebook, Matty gave us a big November update:

Hey gang!

Its been a while since I offered a general update and rather post a little bit here and there on fan forums, I thought a good posting on Facebook for all the lines would be best.

DC Universe world:

So lets see, sounds like Wave 11 has hit stores which is very exciting. And on top of that, I can announce that we will indeed have Wave 11 for sale on

It is unsure at this point if we will have it before the holidays, but when we get Wave 11 in, it will be sold as a master case of 8. You will get:

1 X Katmai Tui with constructs
1 X John Stewart with constructs
1 X Shark
1 X Cyborg Superman in Sinestro Corps uniform
1 X Steppenwolf (Red)
1 X Steppenwolf (Green)
1 X Deadman (standard version)
1 X The Question – fan choice!

And of course all the parts you need to make Kilowog! The only figure not included in this set is the clear chase version of Deadman. This version is exclusive to retailers.

Pricing and onsale dates will be posted in the coming weeks, but this is a first step to helping improve distribution!

In other DC news, we just got in the first test shots of 12″ Zod! Boy is he fantastic! We want to make a few small changes before showing to the public, but if you’ve seen our 12″ Ghostbuster figures, you’ll know the quality to expect. Zod will use the same basic body and packaging structure, but of course he will have all the details and accessories custom for him including an extra set of hands, Earth weapons for him to bend and melt with heatvision, as well as a stand for the pack out Oval Office setting! Overall an incredible figure is coming Dec 15th!

And speaking of Dec 15th, we’ll also have the first ever Retro Action 8″ Vintage Figure: Green Arrow! This is a preview figure for an all new line coming to Toys R Us and select online retailers in the Spring. Each figure is painstakingly created with the look and feel of the toys you knew as a kid. Who say’s they don’t make toys like they used to?

Now we did hit one snag, we won’t have our full order on Dec 15th. So much like Mer-Man, Green Arrow may sell out quick, but we’ll have a few more in within a week or so. But if you want this guy for the holidays, be there on on Dec 15th at 12:00 noon eastern time!

And JLU is shipping! You may have seen a few new 3 packs starting to trickle out. We’re working with Target now to clear out old sets and get more new sets in before the end of the year and we’ll keep shipping at least into the first few months of 2010 until we get caught up. JLU is still coming! This is one of my highest priorities!


Have you seen these toys! Wow, amazing stuff really. New Avatar 33/4″ and 6″ figures as well as 3 3/4″ beasts and vehicles are in stores now. We’ll also have select Avatar figures on on Dec 1st leading up to the movie launch. If you haven’t marked your calendars yet, Dec 18th will be a cinema experience like no other! (and wait until you check out the mind blowing iTags including with each Avatar figure – create virtual animated version of each toy, right on your computer monitor! All you need is webcam and the free downloadable software!)


The news is out and Mattel has WWE! Look for all new super star scale figures aimed at the discriminating collector everywhere Jan 1st. Wait until you see the Entrance Greats assortment! Some of the best figures we’ve ever done! And with WWE, we’re just getting started!


Lots going on in the MOTU world. We got in a new sample of Moss Man. Almost there. His fur is not quite the right color, so we’re going to hold off until we have a more finished sample on this guy before posting.

We also got early samples of Battle Cat in package in. Have a bit of an issue that his mask is falling off in package. We’re doing everything we can to fix this before the full production is finished. He’ll come in a box with a blister back (similar to the original toy) so worst case is the box can be opened without damage to slide the mask back on. But we’ll do all we can to avoid this!

As soon as we have a better sample we’ll post it for all to see.

And the big news, we’ve got our April 2010 figure all lined up. You can catch the first images of EVIL LYN in the next issue of Toy Fare magazine! Which version is she? You’ll just have to wait until Toy Fare’s 2010 preview in issue 150 to find out!


Oh, we’ve barley gotten out feet wet (or is that slimed) in Ghostbuster toys! New 12″ and 6″ will be shipping throughout the winter and spring. We’ve got a lot of new surprises in store for 2010, but you may need to wait until SDCC 2010 for us to reveal all of the new news, but it is in the works!

That’s the big stuff. Of course we have a big sale tomorrow on We’ve been working at length with Digital River to endure it is a clean easy sale. If any collectors do have ANY shipping issues at all, we’ll be monitoring this page carefully so we can address any order concerns. Please be sure to post your order number as a reference if we do need to jump in for extra customer service help. We’re committed to making shopping on the best experience possible!

Good luck tomorrow, there’s going to be some great figures up for sale!


The big question around here was “What color will Evil Lyn be?? Are we going to get blue/yellow toy colors? Classic filmation colors? MYP colors? Vault and Rant are going all-in on the yellow/blue version, but I’m convinced. What do you want to see?

Also, MOTU subscribers, everyone here at IAT received their renewal notices for Scareglow today (November 15th) as opposed to tomorrow. Ideally, Scareglow will ship out tomorrow and we’ll see him on our doorstep later this week! (One can hope)

25 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook: Evil Lyn in April, Wave 11 Details, & More

  1. I’m happy for most of this information. It’s good to know wave 11 will be on Matty and Evil Lyn is a welcome release (yellow? pale? I don’t know).

    No bone for the Movie Masters folks though. First, the newsletter email didn’t have give him a mention and again we have another announcement with no word.

    1. THANK YOU!!

      What is up with the Movie Masters stuff? If they’re not selling at least tell us what’s up with them. I hate not knowing.

  2. I hope they’re not too expensive on Matty. That would be a great alternative to the b&m chase.

  3. Glad to have the chance at wave 11 on Matty’s site and hopefully wave 12 too since they’re coming out so close together.

    On Evil-Lyn, I imagine one won’t look right because it’s not classic and the other won’t look right because the colors are kinda weird.

    1. From what I’ve heard, we might be seeing wave 12 in stores before Matty has wave 11 on their site. Gonna be another couple of crazy wallet months for DC fans.

  4. Hmmm you know the trouble is going to be whether or not to wait and try to get the whole wave from Matty (remember they said they were going to have wave 9 on their site at one time too) or to try and get it at retail one at a time and risk not getting the all

  5. I’m happy about the Zod from Superman II and look forward to pictures. Several reviews have had good things to say about the 12″ Ghostbusters and I’d really like a movie Zod and Superman in 12″ format.

  6. evil lyn is beyond great news… i kind of figured we’d get her in 2010 but not so recently… that’s four gals in a span of 7 months? and the two biggest of the motu series? skeletor has been itching for his favorite witch so i’m glad to hear we have a timeline on her… and while fan speculation on white flesh or yellow is fun, truth be told, i don’t care… witchever! 😉 i suppose as an old schooler, i should be pulling yellow, but seriously, white is fine by me.

    1. I think I’d be okay with both too. I don’t want a strictly Filmation color scheme, so if they do go the white route, hopefully they tweak the colors a bit.

    1. Hopefully, we’ll see him soon. I think Mattel has gotten burned one too many times by showing something that wasn’t quite right and they’re holding back now. We’ve seen a couple times where they have it in hand, but something is keeping us from the pics.

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