Ask Matty
November 16th Edition

Ask Matty
November 16th, 2010

1. SilntAngl asks: In a recent article on our site, we talked about the different bucks that could be used for the Legion. A lot of our readers were in favor of seeing the Legion done using the Sinestro buck and not the younger buck used for Kid Flash (it’s simply too small for teenage characters). Does Mattel still have the Sinestro buck available? We haven’t seen it since it’s initial use in 2008.

Yes, I still have the Sinestro buck available and will take this into consideration when we do Legion figures.

2. Mr. Rant asks: I know that Egon’s resealable package was an SDCC feature, but it was much better than the subsequent Ray Stantz packaging. Would Mattel consider going back to the resealable packaging for future Ghostbusters figures?

I hear you, but all of the GB figures going forward will have sealed packaging.

3. Manekochan asks: In the last round, you let me know we wouldn’t be seeing Plastic Man in the form of an eagle. How about Plastic Man shaped like a bucket with his face inside?

Ha! No on that, too, but when we do get to Plastic Man you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

4. Noisy asks: In the last round, questions about the range of the ball-jointed neck on DCUC figures were met with responses that articulation would be added/removed when appropriate. But to fans, this is a quality control issue. Earlier figures, like Aquaman or Blue Beetle, have excellent range whereas more recent figures, like Robotman, are permanently facing down. Has Mattel decided to limit the ball-joint purposefully or is this an error in production that can be remedied?

Neither really. It is handled on a figure by figure basis.

5. Vault asks: We have a Matty Shipping Calendar on our site that keeps track of Matty on-sale dates so fans know what to expect in any given month. We’re working on the 2010 calendar and are wondering about the remaining Movie Masters figures. Will those still be released in the same order as revelaed at SDCC despite the one month delay? Will you be announcing any Matty 2010 dates soon?

I’ll try to stay about 3-4 months ahead with release date announcements, so you should hear about January and February product soon. We’re still catching up.

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22 thoughts on “Ask Matty
November 16th Edition

  1. So from Mattel’s standpoint, they’re individually screwing up the figures in waves eight, nine, and ten? They’re admitting to repeating a mistake over and over?

    GET A CLUE, MATTY!! The figures don’t look up and down ANYMORE and we’re trying to get you to FIX IT!!

    Did he ever realize he was admitting that Mattel is screwing up the figures on a case-by-case basis?!

    1. I hear you, all of us here at IAT would really like to get that head joint back to it’s earlier range of motion, but we’re just not wording the question right I suppose.

      It looks like at least some of the figures in wave eleven have the same problem.

  2. I don’t know if you got a worse answer last time or this time on the head articulation issue, guys. Either way, it sucks for all of us.

    1. I do hope for a bunch of PM knick knacks, but I’m fearful the figure won’t have regular arms and legs too. I still want him to do vanilla poses too.

  3. Thanks for putting up that shipping calendar! It really helps!

    But you need to move that Batman off of today since it didn’t make it. 🙁

  4. Let’s all keep hammering them with the Sinestro buck for the Legion. (did even one person say they liked the kid flash buck for the Legion?….I’ve never seen anyone say that)

    1. That’s the plan! And, I don’t think anyone like thats KF buck. I might accept for really young characters like Damian, but it’s over-muscled at that size regardless.

  5. The point I want to make is the wording “when we do Legion figures” not “if”. This is the closest they have come to admitting that the LSH is in the mix.

  6. dude, that is great, he basically just said they’re botching the DCU necks one fig at a time… that is just great. i haven’t laughed that hard all day.

    dude, i don’t think you could be much more specific than you were, they either don’t want to answer you or are hopeless clueless as to what you’re asking… or they are actually deliberately limiting articulation to make looking up a “special feature.” and might i add, the confusion over this question is further exascerbated by the fact that matty says they read the responses to these Q&A’s and “they read fan posts”… well, if they read our words, why haven’t they clued in on this problem yet? or again, perhaps the resonse this time was a legit answer that they’re making looking up a special feature for special figures. i mean really, why would robotman look up anyways? ;p

    boy this Q&A was just a shoot down from the word go. sorry gang.

    1. If we can help to ensure the Legion doesn’t get KF bodies in any small way, then I’m happy.

      But the answers to the neck artic have really sucked the wind out of the last two Q n A’s.

      1. They keep saying that pictures help them understand. Maybe you could include a comparison picture. “This figure can look up. This one can’t.”

  7. um… i have to express a bit of confusion… they said they don’t have the rights to the “louis tully as 5th GB from GB 2” version of the character… why the f@ck not? first off, how does acquiring rights to a character not grant rights to a costume change? it’s the same louis that they had to get rick moranis to sign off on, we’re talking a wardrobe swap, not a new character… and if they have permission for some GB 2 figs, why wouldn’t they secure the CORE CAST MEMBERS FIRST?!?!? what the gonx is going on over there?

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