Most Requested Figures:
Bruce Wayne

Editor’s Note:After IAT disrespected Batman by not granting him a review, Wayne Enterprises completed a hostile takeover of It’sAllTrue.Net (We’re not sure why either!). This caused some articles, including this one, to be coerced out of our staff. A few days later, a federal judge threw out the acquisition based on Bruce Wayne’s inability to appear and the site reverted to its proper owners.

This week’s Most Requested figure is one DC’s oldest and most famous citizens. Perhaps more than any other one person, he has put DC Comics on the map. Since his initial appearance, he has propelled the company from its humble beginnings printing a handful of funny books, to the multimedia empire that it is today. For this, the company has even taken the name of the book he first appeared in as their own. Of course, we are talking about the world’s most famous billionaire, Bruce Wayne.

For decades, Bruce Wayne has kept DC Comics afloat with sheer willpower and stubbornness. Any toy line based on that company would be remiss to not include Bruce Wayne as an action figure. We know what you’re thinking – Bruce Wayne has had several figures already. But ask yourself this question, can there really be enough representation of such an important cultural icon? Of course not.
The decision for Mattel here is not “should we produce a Bruce Wayne” figure, but rather “in which of his designer clothes should he be showcased?”

There are a variety of options. He has worn the finest suits from the top designers. He could be featured in a jet-setting Fioravanti. Or meeting with heads of state in a Caraceni. Or perhaps just a night out on the town with a few women clad in his favorite Huntsman. No, none of these would do for a man of Bruce Wayne’s pedigree. Only a tuxedo would be appropriate.

A tuxedo si the only choice for the magnanimous Bruce Wayne. He would stand resplendent on any shelf in his black trousers and ivory jacket contrasting with his perfectly quaffed, jet-black hair. It would easily be the most important, essential DC Classics figure to date.

And Mattel should plan to insert him into a lineup immediately. The Wayne Enterprises Toy Division is always looking for new acquisitions.

13 thoughts on “Most Requested Figures:
Bruce Wayne

  1. Selfish much, Mr. Wayne?

    You should take your “Bruce Wayne to Batman” DCSH figure and like it!!!

    P.S. Nice BLUE hair!

  2. Blue hair? How old are you Mr. Wayne? Personally I’ve only seen bluish hair in my grandparents’ age group.

  3. dammit wayne!! you KNOW that stark enterprises has been lobbying for this site for some time!!! i’m contacting my lawyer!!

  4. Dear Mr. Wayne,

    Why does your company’s logo look a lot like Batman’s Bat-symbol?

    Also, I love your blue hair, very Punk-Rock.

    Sexily yours,

  5. I’m with you on Bruce Wayne. He deserves to be made into an action figure.
    A very suave, handsome, playboy-Bruce Wayne.
    AND… to go with Bruce… I would like to see a very attractive Vicki Vale added.

    They’ve got “friends”. Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen…who are there (or should be) to interact with them.

    Sure, there’s all those social commitments that Bruce has… and he should be at those social events that the villains attend to rob….

    And he has to drive the “Brats” car to the social events…with Vicki.

    …And he should be there to talk with Alfred, … share stories with his old friend Commissioner James Gordon… or,–Bruce should be prepared to go to see Clark in Metropolis…on World’s Finest business.

    Come on, …Bruce Wayne is a “necessary civilian” in this line. And, so is a “knock-out” Vicki Vale to go on his arm. She could also play the part of “damsel in distress” on occassion when she and Bruce are out together.

    (I would even like to see a young Dick Grayson but that may pull too many fans back into the ’50’s…so I won’t even mention it.)

    But a Bruce Wayne action figure is an “essential”. Plenty of agreement here!!

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