Most Requested Figures: Doctor Voodoo

Sometimes as toy collectors, we can look across our displays and only see the toys that aren’t there. They are the missing figures. The characters toy companies never got around to, never thought were important enough, or worse – the figures companies felt the need to show us at comicon in the “We’re Never Gonna Make These” case. Saturdays are for these figures…

This week is a request from the “We’re Never Gonna Make These” case. During this year’s SDCC, Hasbro revealed 18 Marvel Legends and allowed fans to choose a top three via online poll. When the results came in, I was lucky enough to have one of my choices make the cut (Valkyrie), but, like a stake through the heart of diversity, the other two top-spots were taken by figures that were already in the line. I won’t fault anyone who voted for Deadpool, but high eBay prices on the last one really didn’t justify his place as to the top vote-getter to me. That ML6 Deadpool is a great figure and a new Hasbro one will have to work very hard to top it. For Black Widow – well, that last figure wasn’t that great, but I still think we lost an opportunity to show the big companies we want some of the lesser known characters. For this article, we’re making the case for one of the 15 figures that didn’t make the cut, Doctor Voodoo.

We took our very own straw poll here at IAT and Brother Voodoo came out on top for this article’s focus. But this article can apply to any character from the SDCC Marvel Legends poll that lost out. Personally, I am crushed by being that close to Fantomex, Classic Ms. Marvel, and Constrictor. I don’t like when a company shows off figures that I can’t buy, even if they’re just “internal customs”. That’s one of the reasons this feature exists. I’m still perturbed with Hasbro over the Sigma 6 Joseph Colton (& Gorilla). And now Hasbro has shown us a dozen figures that aren’t going to reach store shelves.

The reason it’s just a dozen is because Hasbro will choose three more out of the fifteen to be paired up with the winners in the two packs. I’m not sure who they’ll pick. I imagine the McGuinness Hulk can pair up with Valkyrie. Wishful thinking tells me Fantomex could come with Deadpool, but I haven’t got a good guess for Black Widow’s two-pack partner.

So, I nominate Doctor Voodoo. Why? Cause he’s the Sorcerer Supreme. He’s making a big comeback in the comics right now (remember when I was talking about lead time yesterday?). And, well, because we can.

If you’re not familiar with Doctor Voodoo, well he just got a promotion from being Brother Voodoo and maybe you’ve heard of him. Brother Voodoo was created in 1973 and appeared frequently in the Marvel Horror titles during the mid 1970s. Originally, Jericho Drumm was a United States-educated psychologist that returned to his native Haiti to find his twin brother, Daniel, on the verge of death, murdered by another houngan. Jericho ends up merged with his twin brother’s soul and becomes a houngan himself after some intense training. He confronts his brother’s killer (with his brother’s help) and then goes on to protect his homeland from mystic attack.

Voodoo’s use declined with those horror titles, but he’s usually somewhere to be found in the big Marvel crossovers. Heck, he even was replaced by a Skrull. Then, with Doctor Strange sort of “abusing the office” during CW/WWH/SI, the Eye of Agamotto left him and the search for a new Sorcerer Supreme began. The Eye ends up with Brother Voodoo, making him Doctor Voodoo.

Now, you might be saying that he doesn’t qualify as a “legend”, but I say that we can’t take the names of these comic toylines that seriously. Not every DC Classic has to be a “classic”, nor does every Marvel Legend have to be a “legend”. If that were the case, we’d have wave after wave of the same handful of characters. And even if we may vote against diversity, I think we can all agree one of the great things about these lines is that the lower-tier heroes get a chance to sneak out with the Batmen, Iron Men, Supermen, and Spideys.

It’s likely that Hasbro has already selected which three figures will share those two-packs, but we’re taking a stab at suggesting Brother Voodoo for inclusion as one of the other halves anyway. If it is too late, then we’ll campaign for his placement in the next round of two-packs.

But which one of the remaining fifteen figures do you still want to see? Here’s the list:

Fantomex, Hulk (McG), Brother Voodoo, Warpath (X-Force), Ms. Marvel (Classic), Havok (Modern), Terror, Inc., Constrictor, Madrox, Paper Bag Man, Phoenix (White), Nuke, Wolverine (X-Force), Lady Bullseye, and Bi-Beast.

32 thoughts on “Most Requested Figures: Doctor Voodoo

  1. I can’t say Brother Voodoo is that high on my list, but there were some figures in that lineup that I can’t beleive lost to Deadpool 2.0

    1. I can’t say I didn’t believe it. I was suprised the Wolverine didn’t make it into the top ten. These end up being popularity contests.

  2. I seriously hope they don’t do Hulk. While I like the character, there are already too many of him out. Red Hulk/Target wave had X-force Wolvie in it so don’t even bother suggesting him. I would love to have paper bag spidey but he would probably do better as a mail-in or website exclusive. The rest seemed to be all pretty good choices and would make a decent wave. (Just stop releasing waves of 8-10 figures at a time) it gets too damn expensive and difficult to collect that way.

    1. They really should have just one for a wave.

      Oh how come none of these companies do BAF pieces in the 2pks?

      Matty could have sold a lot more 2pks with pieces of Starro in them.

  3. I’ll take anybody just to keep the line going at this point.

    I think Id rather have him as Brother Voodoo though.

    1. I kept the option open with the left half of the image. I just figured the internal custom was the Doctor version, so I hedged my bet.

    1. I feel for ya, I was surprised I got Valkyrie in at all.

      I think I might want to pick up his new book if my comic shop has some left…

  4. no way i can kobayashi maru this line up and demand 2 waves w/ every one in them, using MCG hulk and bi-beast as the BAFs?

    i like doctor voodoo, but to be totally honest, knowing hasbro’s “screw the pooch” approach to character likeness, i was uncomfortable voting on any of those choices based on “internal customs” cuz the toy you buy could look VERY different by the time execution happens. i.e. say you’re a crazed deadpool fan and you vote DP… what if he comes out looking like bucky? (soft features, bad paint, thin/flimsy articulation, creepy sculpt)… wouldn’t you feel like you wasted a vote?

    1. My policy is “if you show ’em, make ’em” so I’m in agreement.

      That’s true about the voting, but I think most of the votes were thrown away already. If that Deadpool movie actually comes out? Yeah. Glad we got him this time around. :p

  5. I’d like to see a headsculpt for this guy, should look creepy and cool. The rest of the body is just too plain to care about.

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