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Figures: Ecto-Cooler

Sometimes as toy collectors, we can look across our displays and only see the toys that aren’t there. They are the mis-

Wait, wait, wait. Yeah, it’s a toy blog, and yeah, we want more toys. Blah. Blah. Blah. But you know what else? We get thirsty too. And we don’t mean knock back a few and go on a drunken toy run. No, we’re talking about a drink from our youth. Heck, we’re talking liquid childhood here. It’s the 25th Anniversary of Ghostbusters, right? We’ve got blu-ray. We’ve got new toys. We’ve got minimates. We’ve got a video game. But you know what we don’t have? Ecto-Cooler.

So, Mattel, Hasbro, Playmates, Neca, Mezco? You can rest easy for now. It’s Minute Maid that’s got our full attention this week.

Here’s the sad thing you may not know, even though The Real Ghostbusters ended 16 years ago, you could have been buying Ecto-Cooler this millennium. Hi-C changed the name a couple times and kept it on the market as late as 2007. First as Shoutin’ Orange Tangergreen and later as Crazy Citrus Cooler.

With Minute Maid still producing this stuff as late as two years ago and now that we are smack in the middle of the Ghostbusters Renaissance, we have to ask where’s the Ecto-Cooler? The comeback won’t be complete until Minute Maid gets on the ball and joins the club. Sure, they could just bring back Crazy Citrus Cooler – we’d all know. But how cool would it be to get Slimer back on that box?

That’s why we’re pointing our Most Requested powers to Minute Maid this week. The Ghostbusters are back on Blu-Ray. Toys are back on store shelves. That third movie is out there looming, let’s get the tie-in machine revved up and get Ecto-Cooler back out on the shelves!

28 thoughts on “Most Requested
Figures: Ecto-Cooler

  1. I drank so much of that stuff its a wonder I didn’t pee green… seriously, I drank it well into the ’90s as a young teenager.. until it was discontinued.


    did anyone else notice the reference to it on the bio of the minimate slimer/louis 2-pack?

  2. I had this for special treats. Always yummy.

    As far as other retro tie-in products, I’ve e-mailed hostess several times about re-releasing the Turtle Pies… those were soooooooo good!

                1. You’ve got one post left after this and then we have to move on… LOL.

                  Not a big Hi-C/Capri Sun fan at all or just not that flavor?

  3. One of my kids brought in “Lavaburst” today as a drink for snack… It made me think of Ecto-cooler and how badly I wanted to send Lavaburst back and refute all other drinks until I got an Ecto-Cooler.

    But that would be mean of me. Still…. that was the best! Hi-C needs to bring it back!!!!

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