Ask Matty
October 1st Edition

Ask Matty
October 1st, 2010

1. Noisy asks: We love the He-Man stands coming this February on, but we feel odd placing our evil masters on the Castle Grayskull bases. Is Mattel open to the idea of doing a different set of stands for evil characters? Maybe something reminiscent of a certain mountain?

This is a great suggestion! We’ll have to look into it.

2. Vault asks: Diversity is one of the greatest aspects of the the DC Classics line, but there are still some decos of the A-listers I’d like to see on my shelves. Wave 12 seems to indicate that the overall line’s direction is moving to use the A-Listers as WGSH figures that aren’t part of the lineup. I think this is a great idea, but can we ever expect those A-list All-Star figures to be in alternate costumes instead of just rereleases?

We will continue to release not just A-list characters but many DC characters in multiple outfits, and not just through variants too! What outfits remains to be seen.

3. Manekochan asks: This is sort of a follow up to Vault’s question. Is Mattel interested in, or can Mattel even produce DCUC figures in alternate costumes that didn’t appear in the comics? Specifically, something like Superman-X from the Legion cartoon or the Justice Lords Superman from JLU. Are these non-canon versions within the realm of possibility, or should I be looking for a good customizer?

Mattel has been doing alternative decos for DC characters for years. A perfect example is the Dark Knight 5” line that includes many versions of Batman never seen in the comics or movies.

4. Rant asks: I feel a bit in limbo as a JLU collector. I know you can’t be specific about the future of the line, but perhaps you can tell us when can we expect to be given new items to buy?

We are working hard on new product. I can tell you that The Doom Patrol JLU set comes out this November on Stay tuned for more updates!

5. SilntAngl asks: I love the Ghostbusters Classics, but one of my favorite things from the old line and the minimates is missing: the proton streams! The light effects on the trap are great, but clip-on proton streams for the wands would be a neat effect. Has there been any discussion around the Mattel offices of such a wonderful accessory?

We have discussed adding proton streams. Stay tuned for more information in the future.

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36 thoughts on “Ask Matty
October 1st Edition

  1. I like the answer to number 3.

    “Will we get alternate-universe versions of popular characters?”

    “What’s that? More space/water/arctic/lava/jungle armor Batman? Coming right up!”

        1. Fourthed….I got nothing else. I found wave five so cosmic destiny say I won’t get wave 10

  2. I don’t want the repack all-stars to have different decos. I’m broke enough as it is.

  3. I wish we could find out about new JLU product.

    They’re working hard on new product? Did they even show anything new at SDCC besides the 4pk stuff?

  4. this is great news, you guys getting added to the ask matty chatsoup!! congrats!!

    any chance we can get a horsemen only Q&A section once a month? 😉 i know, i can’t just leave well enough alone, can i?

    or maybe an ask hasbro Q&A?

    better yet… ask NECA!

    no, wait, better yet, howzabout a “Usual Suspects” section, where twice a month, you guys feature a Q&A w/ a rotating cast of smaller companies (like NECA or the Horsemen or Mezco or Onell?)

        1. so, do we get a pile of shed snake skin for the snake men and then a glop of slime for the horde?

  5. Glad to know I’m not the only one hoping for clip on proton streams.

    And look at you kids getting in pro mix. Good work.

  6. Hey that’s awesome that you got on the Mattel question and answer list! So how do we ask questions? I’d like them to be asked if a blonde Teela might be done in the future as a re-release or bonus figure.

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