Most Requested Figures: DC Universe Classics Zebra Batman

You had to know it was coming.

When I set out with this handy Most Requested feature, I made a list of characters from various lines that needed to be made. Admittedly, this figure was not on that list. I’d guess it was because, even though I would’ve welcomed one in any line, I really felt there was no possibility. But circumstances arise, things change, and lists get updated. This may be a Most Requested Figure that divides the fanbase, but whatever side you fall on, you might not want to look directly at the image…

At SDCC, on preview night, the Mattel booth was flooded with toy collectors and their cameras. They snapped away at the offerings even though there was really very few new items. But tucked away with some 2ups of DCUC10 was this little gem: Zebra Batman.

Now if you don’t know about Zebra Batman, he appeared back in Detective Comics no. 275 (January 1960). In that issue, he fought Zebra-Man, a villain that irridiated his body so he could move non-magnetic things… magnetically. Batman was similarly irridiated and, after running away thinking he would be forced to live in seclusion for the rest of his life (and leaving young Robin in charge), he quickly came up with a way to dispense with the energy and stop Zebra-Man. That’s compelling drama.

Now, I know you probably had an instant judgment about all this. Either you wanted it or you wanted to never see it again. If you’re in the latter camp, I’m sorry, but we have to ignore you on this one. The Zebra Batman has gained a kind of quiet cult status on the internet over the last few years and that has culminated in not only this SDCC mock-up, but he also appeared briefly in the new Brave and the Bold cartoon (and Zebra-Man has two quick appearances for good measure). He may not be as crucial as Martian Manhunter or Kyle Rayner. He may not be as wanted as Zatanna or Raven. But he has something that none of them do: there was a mock-up of him in the case at the San Diego Comic-Con.

So what’s the story behind that? According to Julius Marx’s Twitter on the subject, Zebra Batman was “Not planned for any wave…yet. Just did it for fun and put it in the case. A nod to the Silver Age.” I’m not sure who exactly put that Zebra Batman in the case, but it caught the fans by surprise. It escalated to the point that, at the DC Panel, Mattel asked if anyone would want a Zebra Batman and the crowd responded positively!

So, it’s time Mattel. If you want to make the most people happy, do this figure in place of an All-Star Batman. That way he doesn’t have to be packed with a C&C piece and the people who don’t enjoy Zebra Batman can walk on by. But even if you do him as a regular in a wave, or an online 2pk, or whatever – I’ll be there and they’ll be plenty of people with me.

Update: On Facebook, Matty has responded to my Zebra Batman request. “If their is enough fan interest we’d love to do this variant for real!” The interest is definitely there, so there is hope for this Most Requested Figure yet.

*-Photo of the Zebra Batman mock-up is Courtesy of Michael Crawford and his amazing SDCC 2009 Coverage.

26 thoughts on “Most Requested Figures: DC Universe Classics Zebra Batman

      1. I’m really old because you probably don’t know about the “Psychic Friend Network” and it’s connection to Walk On By either. 😛

    1. I usually don’t find 60s Batman stories to be as interesting as equivalent Superman issues, but I saw a bunch of interesting covers while hunting down a large image of Detective 275.

  1. Make him a two pack with Zebra Man….what’s better than one zebra striped figure? TWO ZEBRA STRIPED FIGURES!!!!

    1. I thought about that. That’d be great with me. I also thought they could do a 2pk with a Lion Headed Superman for a Madagascar’s Finest 2pk.

      1. I love both those ideas! As long as we get a Zebra Batman, I don’t really care who they put him with.

  2. They need to do this. I’m surprised Mattel hasn’t jumped on the alternate Superman/Batmans yet. Especially the more popular ones like One Million and Kingdom Come.

    1. And the adult E2 Dick Grayson Batman?

      And don’t you think my Zebra Batman Logo should be utilized whenever he appears from now on?

      1. now you are talking, E2 Dick Grayson is one of my big wants…But he could be a two-pack alone. One in his batman style costume and him in his adult robin costume.

        1. Someone actually told me they didn’t want lame repaints of Batman… but then wanted DG in his Batman costume.

          I was like – hello? LOL

  3. I posted a comment on your Zebra Batman link to . Or at least my comment is awaiting moderation. 😛 Thanks for the link! I’m showing my support for a Zebra Batman!

  4. you people drive me crazy… remember when we motuc fans were complaining that mattel “killed teh lein” of 200X he-man what w/ the endless “ninja dayglo cyborg swimmer trousers and skirt he-man” and “roudy puffed pastry arm wrestling sky diver change counter skeletor.” yeah, well, you’re ASKING mattel to kill your precious DCU w/ retarded rehashes. i get that DCSH and DCU were technically, two different lines, but all told, in that scale and using the same bucks, you have what, 5 batmen already? come on guys, can’t we get martian manhunter and kyle raynor and guy gardner and maybe hades or dark angel before we get get zuit suit batman?

    and this is coming from an avowed batman fan who would EVENTUALLY not mind seeing zebra batman… just not soon! 😉

    1. Would you still love me if I told you I happily enjoyed Halloween Skeletor, Talon Attack Stratos, Ice Armor Skeletor, Blood Skeletor, Samurai Man-at-Arms, etc?

      1. blood skeletor? i didn’t even know some of those variants existed… and no, that’s not the stuff that makes me love you. 😉 that ear nibble thing you do though… yowza!!

        1. yeah but DR you are missing the simplest thing…you make zebra bats and pack him in the WGSH portion of each wave. Instead of flash for the third time give us zebra batman. He doesn’t take a character slot, he doesn’t force anyone to buy. That’s a win/win.

        2. Blood Skeletor was awesome. His armor was a deep crimson red.

          And if MOTU Classics doesn’t do a Snake Armor He-Man. I will cry. I sold my 200x one. I shouldn’t have…

          And my nibbling skills do know no bounds…

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