Matty on Facebook: A
Few Random Updates

Today on Facebook, Matty posted a few notes and responded to fan questions:

MOTU Reissue Packaging: Most of the MOTUC figures that are sold out will be back in 2010 with a slight package change. (which we will reveal next week!) So don’t feel you missed out. They will be back!

On Gleek: I can already hear the urban myths and rumors starting…

On Gleek (cont.): To ensure we had product to sell each day of SDCC, we divided product up by day so that fresh cases would be brought in each day. We knew from day one that we would have more Wonder Twins than Gleeks at the show and would sell out of Gleeks before the Wonder Twins sold out. And we did advertise this multiple times online and on message boards.

What we didn’t count on was one box of Gleeks getting buried in the stock room and not turning up until Sunday when we had sold out of both WT sets and Gleeks. Suddenly we were faced with a problem. We had a box of 100 Gleeks and no WT sets left. What to do?

In an effort to get these to fans, we arranged with a fan site (Fwoosh in this case) to distribute these Gleeks to fans after the show. We could have just kept this box and not told anyone and no fan would have known, but we had them and I wanted to get them out there. Fwoosh had a plan and it seemed like a good way to work with the fan community.

That’s the whole story. There is no agenda, it is as simple as one box getting misplaced and turning up after Wonder Twin sets had sold out.

And now you know the whole story!


More Gleek:

Comic Con security changed the rules on how we could sell and how we could give out fast pass tickets a total of 7 times throughout the show. We did our best to comply with them. Last year we only had two registers and not all the product on preview night. Things were better this year but not perfect. Ideally things will get better next year too. Our goal is to make as many fans happy as possible! We’re trying- really we are!

Gleeks on Fwoosh:It [Fwoosh] is one of the best sites on the web and they frequently post their reviews of figures here on my Facebook page, so we assume most Facebook users are familiar with them. If you were not, I apologize, but Fwoosh is a cool site, check em out! They do good stuff.

Blonde version of Teela: This would be a great way to refresh Teela again down the road, but no plans in the immediate future.

On Buzz Lightyear: A lot of fans have posted and written about the “Andy” foot Buzz Lightyear sold at SDCC. This figure is a convention “chase” version of Buzz, no different then when we did a statue version of King Grayskull or the slimed version of Grundy. The “Andy” chase version however will not be available through MattyCollector and is exclusive to the show. All versions sold on starting this Monday Aug 3 will be the standard version, not the SDCC chase version. Hope that helps!

On Vertigo/Swamp Thing:

That [A DCUC Dr. Manhattan] would be cool, but we don’t have the rights to Vertigo characters. See our pals at DC Direct for that!

We aren’t making Swamp Thing because (at least a the moment) he is not part of the DC Universe, he is part of Vertigo. If this changes and he becomes available, long live a plastic DCUC Swamp Thing!

David Voss, VP of Design, on the Art of MOTU book:

A note to our fans from David Voss VP of Mattel Designm Boys Entertainment brands

Subject: Designed @Mattel Vol. 1

In an effort to create clarity amongst our respected He-Man fans, I would like to explain the process and objectives of the Designed @Mattel Volume 1 (He-Man) book that was sold at Comic Con 2009.

I would like to first thank all the fans for their interest in the book and all the brands we have the privilege to work on here at Mattel.

The book was designed and developed internally at Mattel as a gift. This gift was to celebrate the amazing design talent on the team here at Mattel. The gift gave us the chance as artist to raise money for the incredible foundation of “Make a Wish”. It was an opportunity to share some of Mattel’s great art with our dedicated and passionate fans.

As part of this project we needed to consider our corporate responsibility as a design team, which comes with limitations. One of those limitation was the number of books we where allowed to produce as well as the price we needed to sell the book for in order to make a significant contribution to “Make A Wish”.

The Design team appreciates Mattel’s support in delivering the book and the wide group of Mattel employees that volunteered their time to help make the book happen.

I hope this adds a bit of clarity to our process and I look forward to the opportunity to deliver Volume 2, Design @Mattel and more exciting product for next years Comic Con.

Best Regards,


15 thoughts on “Matty on Facebook: A
Few Random Updates

  1. It’s really just some random info. The new packaging is of the most interest.

    No DCUC Swamp Thing is a terrible oversight and one that I hope DC/Mattel can come to terms on. I’d like to have a lot of Vertigo characters in DCUC from (Endless, Lucifer, Constantine, etc), but they’re not omissions from a DC shelf – Swamp Thing is. And what of the Phantom Stranger?

    I’m in-between on a blonde Teela, but there are some fans out there who would want here and that makes for a good unsubscribed bonus figure.

    I’m still confused on Buzz Lightyear’s Andy variant. I, like most people it seems, believed that the con version had the Andy signature and the wouldn’t.

    And a lot of talk about Gleek and the MOTU Art Book. I’ll just leave those without comment.

  2. “Our goal is to make as many fans happy as possible!”

    Sure it is. Exclusives and low print runs really help to accomplish that.

    And I’m not even one of the bitter people!

  3. well, i’m a bitter betty.. and i want a blonde teela or i’m tossing molotov cocktails!! assnuts!!! they can give me my original teela or i’ll yank their collective sacks off like a paper towel!!

  4. so.. I’m still confused by the buzz lightyear.. so not all of the SDCC lightyears have andy on its foot? it’s a random chase? but one you can’t see unless you open it (like He-Ro and his spell stones), thus negating to cool Buzz Lightyear package? *sigh*

    the gleek thing is still a debacle, the whole thing from what I understand was just a mess and a disappointment.

  5. Ok, to solve the whole Gleek thing.

    6 months down the line, how about re-doing the Wonder Twins without the electronic packaging and include Gleek.

    This way everyone will have their shot at the gleek figure and there would still be something special about all of the previously released versions.

  6. A blonde Teela would be pretty keen! I still want to see her with a long ponytail most of all though!

  7. No Swamp Thing irritates me to no end!

    It’s part of this ridiculous DC/Vertigo BS that Dadumbo pushes for the comics too.

    We’d better get Phantom Stranger. That he’s currently in Madame Xanadu’s book could be costing us.

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