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Matty on Facebook: DC 2010 Packaging

“Hey DC toy fans!

As we get close to 2010 we wanted to reveal the all new look for DC Universe toys from Mattel! Every DC Universe Classic and Infinite Hero figure in 2010 will be in an all new package which will include a DC 75th collector button featuring vintage DC art!

You’ll be able to start your 75th collection with Wave 12 of Classics, on sale in early Spring 2010. Enjoy the pictures below and happy holidays!


I love the skulls on the bubble…

If you look closely at the photos, some packages simply say “Includes Collector Button” while others are numbered (Iron’s box is pictured to the left). Since DCIH will also include the buttons in 2010. If you want a complete set, looks like you’ve got two lines to pick up.

The boxart on the card includes many characters that are already in the line, but again, if you look closely, you can see the Ultra-Humanite, Vixen, & Martian Manhunter pictured as well.

Check out Matty’s Notes Page for images of all the Wave 12 figures in package.

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