Ask Matty – December 15th Edition

Ask Matty
December 15th, 2009

1. SilntAngl asks: With Battle Armor He-Man being released next month there’s a lot of talk about Battle Armor Skeletor. One hot topic is what one accessory Skeletor should have to go with his damaged battle plates. Many fans are expressing a desire for Skeletor to come with a purple version of the ax (to mirror the He-Man) instead of an extra sword or staff. Is that something Mattel would consider?

Yes, we’ve seen this suggestion online. It is a very cool idea but nothing to confirm quite yet.

2. Mr. Rant asks: For the last few releases, the handling time (between order and shipping) has increased. Items used to ship out day of or within one day and now they’re being held for multiple days (up to a week, in some cases) before they ship. What has changed?

We’re working hard with Digital River to constantly improve this so that figures ship as soon as possible from the order date.

3. Manekochan asks: I’m still patiently waiting on Zebra Batman making his debut. What are some alternate versions of Batman that you’d like to see in the line?

Pirate Batman and Batman of Planet X would be very cool!

4. Noisy asks: For a custom, I recently cracked open the chest of a wave ten figure and saw the new tooling that now anchors the neckpeg in place. This anchor keeps the peg from moving and is the culprit behind the decreased range of head articulation in newer figures. I know inner tooling is usually done overseas, but can something be done to move away from this new internal structure? It is making the new figures head articulation subpar when compared to the older figures.

We’ll pass this comment onto design and make sure it is addressed. Quality is the most important thing.

5. Vault asks: The Supergirl & Lex Luthor 2pk is back on the schedule, but does it still include a special accessory as was originally intended? If so, can you give us a hint as to what it might be?

The pack will have 4 different colors of Kryptonite!

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58 thoughts on “Ask Matty – December 15th Edition

  1. Wow, they just came out and answered the Lex vs Supergirl question. I would love to see a Four Horsemen figure of the Gotham by Gaslight Batman, but know that the odds of that happening are pretty much zilch.

    1. I’m happy to get the four pieces, but I’d like some black and pink kryptonite too (assuming the four pieces are the four standard colors).

  2. so it only took what, 8 tries, to get them to understand the neck peg problem? but on the plus side, we FINALLY got through… good lord.

    BTW, why is everyone so lame as to ask for a purple axe w/ BA skellie? the correct answer is 200x paired swords!!! am i the only he-fan out there? why make up weapons where there are plenty of canon weapons to be done yet?

      1. Cause making the links on the forum open in a new window used up all my coding skills for the day? LOL

        It’s been fixed and the red links all directly link to the appropriate page now.

    1. I’d be down for a 200x sword, but we’re limited by Mattel’s tooling budget. Since the armor and the chest plates are all brand new on BA figures, Mattel won’t do a new accessory for them.

      So it’s not can we have a purple ax instead of a cool all-new accessory, it’s can we have a purple ax instead of another havoc staff or another purple power sword.

      Plus, I think I’m not alone when I say that a lot of us “slightly younger” He-Man fans who view the BAs as the more important versions have been wanting that purple ax for a long time. I definitely did. Them BA’s are just supposed to be ax fighters.

    2. On Figures.Com the neck peg issue is brought up and Matty again says that the info has been passed onto the design team. Let’s cross our fingers!

    3. That 200x swords were the most idiotic designs on that show.

      BA Skeletor should have his havoc staff just like the original. Period.

    4. It’s not making up a weapon. Skeletor had an ax instead of his havoc staff in the Diamond Ray of Disappearance. So, it’s not something completely made up.

      Also, who cares if it is made up. There’s no reason Mattel shouldn’t be creating more He-Man Canon.

      Also, also, repainted weapons are awesome, that’s why we want those weapons packs.

      1. ah… so one whole episode? color me corrected… 😉

        see, that’s the problem… the more times i buy a weapon, the less enthusaed i am about re-buying it… and desire a new weapon. the 200X swords have place (obviously mr hadley either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that the horsemen originally pitched that skeletor had won, had gathered both halves of the pwoer sword, hence the new mechanical sword that he-man had, as a plot device that would have been awesome, but ultimately, mattel abandoned that story idea)

        if i’m still expected to buy a weapons pack, i don’t want to already have three extra blasters, two suits of zodak armor, three sheilds and 4 battle axes in my collection. again, at 20 bucks a pop, w/ the suit of armor being new, but the big bulky fig being 100% recycled, i want NEW weapons. they can cut weapon corners when i get a fig that has substantial new tooling (like trap jaw)… if they want to re-use he-man’s axe for ram man, i’d be bothered by it, but i wouldn’t throw a fit.

        1. You have been corrected! 😀

          Anyway, I’m excited to buy a weapons pack, I want to have three extra blasters, two sets of Zodac armor, three shields, and four battle axes in my collection. Just provided they’re all different colors, or course. That was part of the old line’s and old weapons pack’s appeal. If I don’t get a blue power sword and a fuchsia power sword, I’ll be cranky. And that first weapons pack needs an orange shield and ax for Faker while we’re talking about it.

          If I thought it would do any good to champion a NEW accessory for the Skeletor, I’d be up in the front of the line with you – but no amount of us campaigning is going to get that Bonus Figure a new piece. If they get to it late enough that they’re willing to splurge on bonus figures, then maybe. But until then, ain’t gonna happen – the three bonus figures are super-cheap so far. And you may want duplicate weapons in the same colors laying around, but I don’t. New colors at least. Even if it’s a totally made up orange havoc staff.

          As or the 200x sword. There’s already a perfect place to get that accessory. That figure will re-use nearly all of Skeletor, with a He-Man bit or two, and need only a new head and cape. That should leave enough money for at least two accessories. Preferably, the two-prong sword and the vial of acid that destroys his face. Get it?

          And Ram Man has a unique ax and he’d better get it. I’ll take a gold one in a weapons pack too.

          1. besides, what did he DO what that axe? worked magick spells. what’s he do w/ the havoc staff? work magic spells!!

            1. LOL. You’re all over the place.

              First, it was lame. Then, it was value. Then, it wasn’t canon. Then, it was how many times you have a weapon already. And now, it’s that they serve the same purpose. Did you forget your anti-obstinacy pills today? 😉

              I’ve been there point-for-point, but now I just turn your latest back to you. He works magick spells with his havoc staff and with his axe? Okay, well, I already have his havoc staff… 😀

              1. dude, i’m over the place cuz there are like a half dozen reasons the swords are superior to the axe. i wasn’t saying i wanted another havoc staff, i was stating that the axe is redundant cuz he uses it the same way he uses the staff. the canon argument i conceded when shown the error of my ways, but the others still hold true.

                like i said earlier, i think it’s all moot truthfully, as the purple power sword is cheaper to produce than either of the options we’re proposing, and hence, is the most likely weapon. even though that’s more than a tad bogus for a twenty dollar figure.

                1. DR, you’re out arguing in front of the ax (we should get new tools) and behind the ax (it’s lame/redundant).

                  Though I agree with it, the front of the ax argument is brought down by it’s own idealism. If the bonus figures sell well enough and we know we can get new tooling with the bonus figs, then it’s back on. But until then it’s not valid.

                  As for your arguments undermining the axe itself? I just don’t agree with your opinions there. I don’t find a purple axe lame. I want multiple colors on multiple weapons. And I don’t agree that it’s redundant.

                  And I don’t think it’s moot either. I think the thread on the .org is strong and that we can get this done. Whether it comes with BA Skeletor or in a weapons pack, doesn’t really matter to me. Right now, I’m going after BA Skeletor and he if they go cheap and just do the sword, than I’ll start up the Weapons Pack campaign to get it. Along with Faker’s missing axe and shield.

                  1. “Whether it comes with BA Skeletor or in a weapons pack, doesn’t really matter to me.”

                    see, this is where we fall on different sides of the fence. every time i get that same axe, no matter what color it is or who it’s packed w/, the percentage chance that i’ll willing plunk down cash to buy one w/out a figure behind it goes down. and it’s a geometric rate, so this axe reduces chances more than the last one did. i suppose if the axe JUST came w/ BA skellie, i wouldn’t mind as bad… but knowing that they want to sell it to me AGAIN after that, makes me not want the weapons pack. i already have extra weapons starting to build up, especially since discovered that motuc’s can hold the old weapons… so that pack becomes less enticing as the fodder box fills.

                    bottom line, i want new parts as often as they make sense… and they make sense here. but apparently, i’m the only one who feels that’s the case.

        2. I’m aware of it’s origin, but simply being a 4H thing doesn’t rubber stamp it as amazing. That kind of thinking gets you the black hole that is Fantastic Exclusive.

          1. buddy are you talking to the wrong guy…

            but i’ll let that one slide and get back on point… the swords are sweet. they’re fast, they’re versatile, and the fit the new image of skeletor as a warrior and mage. plus, unlike the old mythos, were the sword was often just used to shoot bolts of energy (making it a projectile weapon) the 200X skellie used the havok staff as his medium for magick, and saved the swords for hand to hand battle… you know, like swords SHOULD be used. every one is entitled to their own opinion, but come on… those swords were cooler than you’re letting on.

  3. but given the reuse of the body, the BA armor and three plates are the only new parts being repped. if for example, we get an updated 200x he-man eventually, he’ll need a new pee flap, new armor and a new head… so he represents more new tooling than BA skeletor does… so he should get new weapons? cuz the shield and axe wold have to be different, but if we aren’t asking for new tooling…

    plus, skeletor never had an axe. there’s no reason BA skellie should come w/ one, other than you puny youngsters and you atteachment to accessories that never were…

    say, i wonder if matty would ever consider a partnership to make some of the fan-based projects out there “legit” in the franchise? like buying the rights to distribute the witching axe of ruination as a legit in canon weapon for BA skellie?

    1. Between asking for new tooling and not getting it or a classic purple ax and having a shot at it? Hmm… well, the thread about this on was split pretty evenly between our stances, so hopefully one of my Ask Matty brethren is ready to take up the new weapon position and champion it. Me? I’ll go for the shot.

      Anyway, I agree with your logic, but it requires a third option. Indulge me a moment, and tell me what’d you rather have as the accessory. Another havoc staff or a “new” accessory (by means of color)?

      And I do love the Witching Axe of Ruination (available at ), but I’d like to have this ax too.

      1. ah, but therein lies the rub… i’m asking for new tooling that makes sense in canon… you’re asking for a repaint of an item that does not exist in canon… not saying one or the other is wrong, but each has their points.

        to answer your question, the havoc staff wins. and no, i’m not being argumentative, it’s skeletor we’re talking about… the ax is he-man’s. remember when you told me how important it was to your childhood to get BA he-man and get him right, cuz he was YOUR he-man? well, imagine if we got a BA skeletor and rather than make BA skeletor, they gave you a blue he-man w/ purple he-man battle armor and purple he-man battle axe… just wouldn’t cut the mustard, would it? i’d wager mattel would favor the skellie power sword over the havoc staff anyways (smaller equal;s cheaper,) but if the choice for me ran between staff and axe, i would truthfully favor the staff. at least that belongs to skeletor.

        1. If they don’t do the axe here, and they should despite what the naysayers think, maybe in a weapons pack?

          Like I want Adam to have the full compliment of weapons in blue in the package, but the weapons should be pink in a weapons pack.

          1. Yes. I loved the old weapons packs and I want all those pieces in all those colors. Bring it on!

            I even want all the weapons that came with Grayskull in gray when they get them all done. A special Castle Grayskull weapons pack – they can tool the rack!

  4. Great job on question four, Noisy. I really appreciate how you’ve kept on this over the last few weeks. If future figures get their neck articulation back, I’m sending you a six-pack of your favorite beer!

  5. Personally, I’m thrilled by the Lex/Supergirl info. That is definitely something I’m looking forward to as a big Superman fan. The Kryptonite is a very cool addition.

    1. It’s a great thing for fans that still don’t have a lot of the DCSH stuff.

      They still need to get Batgirl II, and a black Catwoman back out there too.

      Any other DCSH that’s still really rare?

  6. I’m glad Lex/ Supergirl is back on. But, only if it’s the modern S’girl in her blue costume. I hate that animated-style, white t-shirt look. It’s completely ridiculous and the gloves kind of creep me out. Why does she wear those gloves? Is she going to do something bad when Superman’s not looking?

    As far as another Batman… Lord, why would you ask for another?! Sure, they could do something really different with lots of new tooling., like an armored version from “the Dark Knight Returns.” but, they’d most likely just issue a repaint and then we’d all be pissed off.

    I like the ax for BA Skeletor, but howsbout something completely different? Like a mace? Or that thing that looks like a mace, but the ball’s on a chain? If not dual-swords sounds pretty awesome, too. Okay, I didn’t really commit to anything here… I’ll bow to Raven’s better knowledge.

    1. It’s the modern Supergirl, so you’re safe. Though, I’d really like to get a 90s Matrix look. I haven’t been a fan of either costume since.

      LOL – we’re not really asking for another per se. (well, I want that Zebra Bats), we just like to throw in a more personal question each month to keep things fresh.

      I’d love to get something new from Skelly, I just don’t think it’s in the cards. He’ll be a bonus figure and if those are still running cheap, I think Mattel would just go with the sword (again), but I see the opportunity for a new color on something already tooled.

      And never bow to Raven, he doesn’t know anything. 😉 LOL

      1. he knows he’s already bought the he-axe 3 times and could have had it four if he’d bought he-man round 2… and will have 4 when he gets BA he-man. WTF dude? i don’t care if it comes in the color of jenna jameson’s taint, i only need so many axes. the weapon’s pack becomes irrelevant if we already have many copies of the same weapons.

        1. ” the weapon’s pack becomes irrelevant if we already have many copies of the same weapons.”

          One extra purple axe as opposed to one extra purple sword has no impact on the weapon pack whatsoever. You keep complaining about how many axes, but I have six swords already with a seventh on the way.

          I just don’t get your issue.

          1. dude, i was only saying that i think we’ll likely get another sword… not that that’s what i want. ultimately, i think we deserve the 200X swords.

            noisy said we should get the he-axe, but in purple. my point was that i don’t want the same weapons 15 times before we get a weapons pack full of the same weapons for the 16th and 17th times… no matter how many colors they cast that axe in, there’s a limit as to how many axes i’ll buy at 20 bucks a pop… and they’re working towards it. i know we’ve gotten lots of power swords too… i’m willing to be a tad more forgiving there since several of those are half-swords and the swords kind of are a central set piece in the mythos… but even in light of the number of classic swords we’ve been given, we already have the 200X sword. why on earth can’t we justify getting the 200X skeletor swords? to me, skeletor’s BA doesn’t present enough new tooling to say we don’t deserve a proper weapon w/ him, while noisy continually argues that is precisely the case, cuz the bonus figs are mostly rehashes to help them recoup costs for unique tooled characters… i feel like we’ve helped them recoup the costs by requiring two revisions to the production numbers and STILL mananaging sellouts in under a week. i want new tools dammit, and in better concentration then we’ve been getting them. i don’t mind sensible re-use here and there, but i’m not going out of my way to justify FOR THEM why they can resell us toys again. they’re doing just fine all by themselves.

        2. Hell, I’ll buy ANYTHING the color of Jenna Jameson’s taint! In fact, Matty should add her to the MotU Classics roster. I know she isn’t part of the “canon”, but the heck if she’s not a “Master of the Universe”! Removeable armor would be a must, ; ). But, no axe or sword will do as her accesory. Mistress Jameson would require a staff. A long, har… Waitasec, what were we talking about?

  7. The kryptonite should be cool, but it’s surely the same piece molded in colors.

    Does he have his gun?

  8. Finally! They answered the neck articulation without the figure by figure answer. Let’s hope they follow up on it!

  9. This may be the most straight-forward batch of answers I’ve ever seen come out of an “Ask Matty”.

  10. Well there’s a first time for everything….

    Considering how much people pay per He-Man figure there shouldn’t be any moaning from Mattel when we want more than one or two new pieces in these figures.

    Hell for the price they’re going for I’d expect both classic sword, modern sword, staff AND axe. Since I can only take being disappointed once a month I thankfully do not collect this line.

    I save my grief for the Ghostbusters series.

    and no word as to whether they’ll make enough DCUC this time?

    1. I wish it were possible to get all that stuff with each figure. We wouldn’t even need weapons packs then. It could all just be tossed in with the monthly figs.

  11. i remain vigilant with MOTUC but more or less given up on DCUC after Wave 13’s next 4 wave lineups leaked online. Of course, the usual Mattycollector website hijinx makes it harder and harder for Mattel to not piss off customers. They see it as a business and don’t care who buys the figures whether it be scalpers or real fans, as long as they buy in bulk (limit 10 per customers’ email address lol) and there are continous sell outs. All leading en route to the eventual live action movie which may or may not have a prayer to stand on if the movie going public suddenly turns its back on Hollywood remake mania in the next 3-4 years. Either way, MOTUC probably will end when the live action movie comes like Transformers Classics and GI JOe 20th anniversary did with their respective films this year or end prematurely if sales start sagging and Mattel doesn’t see the sellouts it anticipates each month.

    1. To each his own. I’m much happier with 13-16 than I was with anything this year. I feel like I have to choke down 11 and 12 to get to the good stuff.

      I would hope that Mattel would use the movie to bring classics back to retail along with whatever movie line, but you never know. I’m not expecting a MOTU movie anytime soon though.

  12. Great round, Noisy! Actual answers.

    It only took decades to get some non-green kryptonite too.

  13. Only want to say your article is astonishing. The lucidity in your post is simply striking and i can assume you are an expert on this subject.

  14. Okay, I figured out the perfect accesory for BA Skeletor: Dolph Lundgren’s head! No, this is not my suggestion for a MotU C&C, starting with the live-action version of He-Man. Just a pack-in for Skelly of Dolph Lundgren’s severed head. I forgave him for “Masters of the Universe,” but there is no way I will forgive him for “Command Performance!”

    If not, he should include an alternate Frank Langella head. Not Frank as Skeletor, just Frank, closer to his Perry White look in the fan-favorite “Superman Returns.”. Hahaha, merry Christmas, you basterds!

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