ItsAllTrue Review:
Ghostbusters Minimates

I admit it, I love Ghostbusters. I love both movies. I love the old cartoon. And, of course, I love the old toys. This year has been great for Ghostbusters fans: the video game, new hopes of a third film, Mattel announcing a 12″ and a 6″ line, and minimates. I told myself that I’d be fiscally responsible despite the sudden flood of merchandise. I told myself that I’d stop at the 6″ Four Horsemen figures. That I’d skip the minimates in particular….

Well, if you know me, you know that lasted until I found them.

I picked up five of the 2pks today at Toys R Us: Ghostbusters 2 Winston & Terror Dog, Slimed Venkman & Clear Slimer, Egon & Library Ghost, and the 2 TRU Exclusive Packs of Courtroom Venkman & Washington Square Ghost, and Gooey Ray & Exploding Stay Puft.

I know that minimates are usually a love or hate prospect. I’m in between, I see their limitations, but I also see their advantages. And these are Ghostbusters on top of that, so I really had no chance. Plus, I get to review them for It’s All True, so it’s like bonus-bonus. Now, this will mostly be a photo review. If you know about minimates then you know what to expect in terms of style, articulation, and paint.

Ghostbusters 2 Winston & Terror Dog

I always liked the darker costumes from the second movie better, so Winston gets extra points from me. Each Ghostbuster includes a non-removable proton pack, elbow pads, and a clip-on energy stream. I did pull one Proton Pack free and it did fit back on snugly, but I wouldn’t recommend it for all of them. The Terror Dog has a standard minimate body hiding under all those demonic K-9 parts.

Slimed Venkman & Clear Slimer

Venkman has the standard Ghosbusters parts and accessories, but his belt features a removable tape recorder. I was happy to get the translucent Slimer (I’m planning on picking up the SDCC Egon for the same reason). But I was disappointed with him when I got him out of the box. One, his tampo featuring the contents of his stomach was missing, and his base being clear green is… unsettling. I’m not sure what’s going on down there.

Egon & Library Ghost

Egon’s the one Ghostbuster in this wave that’s standard. First movie costume, no goo, no slime. He sports the basic Ghostbuters attire and accessories, but his belt clip includes a removable PKE meter. The Library Ghost includes an open book and fangs! I don’t think she had fangs, but it makes her a little more scary. Her claw hands are also a nice touch.

Courtroom Peter & Washington Square Ghost

I really didn’t need Courtroom Peter. I don’t mind getting the guys in the various uniforms. I don’t mind the Slime and the Goo versions (and probably pink slime here soon), but the Courtroom Scene might not be high on too many folks want lists. Still, the suited Peter comes with the cool Washington Square Ghost. WSG was much larger in the film, but he’s nicely done in this scale. The use of Slimer’s head/chest and the claws/feet give him an imposing bulky look.

Gooey Ray & Exploding Stay Puft

The cool thing about this Ray is that he’s molded white and the parts that show through the marshmallow are painted on. It really sells the look of this version. Ray’s like Winston with just the basic Ghostbuster stuff, but his jacket is sculpted to be a little more pudgy. Exploding Stay-Puft is a weird choice, but he’s angry and clear red so I’ll take him. I’m a sucker for clear toys. That wasn’t helping me resist these either.

Overall, I’m happy to have run across these today. I did want them and felt like I missed out when they sold out at many of the online retailers. Luckily, my TRU swooped in and made sure I found these. I’ve already gone ahead and pre-ordered some of the upcoming figures so I can get a complete GB team with matching uniforms. I hope that the minimates can get into some corners that Mattel can’t in the 6″ scale. It will help the momentum to keep me buying the highly sculpted 4H pieces and the ensemble that the minimates can quickly put together.

And my favorite thing to do with the minimates so far is to put them next to Neca’s Stay Puft Marshmallow Man…

11 thoughts on “ItsAllTrue Review:
Ghostbusters Minimates

  1. That last picture is freakin’ awesome!

    It was worth getting them just for that.

  2. Woah! I hadn’t even thought about them and the Neca SP! That’s awesome. Why you gotta be making me buy minimates?

  3. Aww Ebonhorn!!! You stole my comment!

    So I come up with a new one: I am ticked that Slimer doesn’t have his chicken in his stomach! (I think there was other things included in the stomach content… a bottle maybe to help him with the drawbacks of being a bus driver in The City?). It would have been so much better if he’d had his stomach stuff.

    Two cents added.

  4. yeah it was amc…I saw it was on and had to watch. I also purposefully watched to see if the librarian had fangs just so I could come here and post it.

  5. It’s the Ghostbusters Firehouse for the Real Ghostbusters line back in the 80s. It’s wildly out of scale for the mates, but it seemed appropriate…

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