Friday Five 8/28: Links You Need to Know About

It’s time for Five Links You Need to Know About. During the week, we see all sorts of cool or exciting things and we share those links here with our readers every Friday…

  • Castle Grayskull @ JoeAmaro.Net – Sometimes you see a custom and think, I might be able to do that. Or maybe I could get somewhat close to that. That ain’t the case with Joe Amaro’s work. He has created an in-scale and perfectly rendered MOTU Classics Castle Grayskull. You have to see it for yourself. And then you have to be depressed because you know that if there ever was a real one for MOTUC – it will never be that good.
  • Lego Robo Attack (8970) Review @ – If you haven’t seen Lego Agents, you’ve been missing out. Lego has had a ton of cool themes over the years in addition to their classic city, space, and castle themes, but Agents has made a quick and immediate splash with some innovative sets. The Robo Attack set features the Agents team having to take on Dr. Inferno in a giant mecha. I’ve been eyeing it whenever I hit Toys R Us, and now the OAFE folks have it hand and up for review. I love the robot, but I love the three innocent bystanders even more! It’s sweet.
  • Stan Berkowitz Interview @ WorldsFinestOnline.Com – Stan Berkowitz should sound familiar to you. If you’re not sure where, check some of the credits in the various DC Animated shows over the last twenty years, you’ll see him there. He’s also been working on the new DC Animated features and wrote the adapted screenplays for both the New Frontier animated feature and the upcoming Public Enemies one. Warner Bros. released the interview with Stan Berkowitz about his work on Public Enemies and WorldsFinestOnline is always the go-to source for DCAU news!
  • G.I. Joe Past & Present Rockslide Set @ TheTerrorDrome.Com – I’m including this link because I want to ask my readers what they think about this set. I want it, but I’m not sure if I can buy it or not – it may just be something I think is cool, but don’t need. It features Snowjob and the Rockslide (Polar Bear) vehicle as it first appeared back in the eighties and how it appears now. The box is in the old packaging style on the left and fades to the new packaging style on the right. I’m not sure if I’m going to pick it up, but it sure looks sweet. But if I did buy it, I’d have to open it… and then what’s the point?
  • He-Ro Contest @ PoeGhostal.Com – Poe’s got an extra He-Ro and he wants to give it to you! What do you have to do to get it? Well, it’s pretty cool – Poe’s looking for the best MOTU Classics inspired bio about Poe Ghostal, were he part of the MOTUC universe. All you have to do is head over to his blog and post in the comments section with your crack at his bio. The entries are hilarious so far!
  • There’s our five for today! Please check ’em out and let us know what you think! And if you have a link that you think should be showcased, drop us a line at

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    1. That Castle Grayskull is excellent. It’s a shame that mass production could never replicate it.

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