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Vault Review: MOTU
Classics Battleground Evil-Lyn

Some Thoughts on Clawful
& Faceless One in Package

I spent most of last week (my week “off” from doing reviews) updating the checklists at MOTUClassics.Com, DCClassics.com, etc. Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I was caught up, Mattel jumped right in and started filling up my to-do list! Mattel has posted two new MOTU bios on Facebook: Clawful & the Faceless One.

MOTU Classics Evil Lyn

Matty on Facebook: Evil Lyn in Package!

Gallery 1988: Great artwork, some hints, new accessories, and the May Club Eternia Figure!

Mr. Rant likes his women to have articulation

Matty on Facebook: Wave 11 Slightly Delayed, MOTUC & DCUC News in ToyFare #150