Mr. Rant likes his women to have articulation

Originally, my plan had been to take off until next week, but I've been drawn back early by the news from Mattel yesterday. For those who are unaware, many collectors have been having problems with their Goddess figures. I have. In fact, all the ones that came to IAT last week were affected. The problem is the neck peg is incredibly loose in it's socket. Basically, if you hold the figure by the head, you can shake her body like a rattle. Or, if you prefer, she's a bobblehead.

Now, this is annoying on a toy that costs over twenty dollars. And when people began to complain, Mattel responded with this:

ItsAllTrueReview: MOTU Classics Goddess

If you aren't sure where the Goddess fits into MOTU, that's okay. It's a bit confusing. You could say she was a work-in-progress stage as the creators of MOTU made their way to the Sorceress. The Goddess first appears, as the "Sorceress", in the first mini-comic and bestows powerful vestments onto a barbarian so that he may become He-Man. She appears again in Teela's mini-comic, now referred to as the Goddess, but with Teela's color scheme. After awhile, the cartoon comes along and replaces her outright with the falcon-themed Sorceress and left her consigned to MOTU limbo.